Slow Motion Camera INSIDE Giant 6ft Water Balloon - The Slow Mo Guys
It's June! Time for an annual Giant Balloon June video. This time Gav challenges Dan to live in a balloon for a bit while a water proof lens is shoved inside. Balloon pops, 1000fps, job done.
To avoid being known as "the plum who drowned/suffocated inside a balloon", please don't try this at home unless you have a mate who can get you out.

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Filmed at 1000fps with a Phantom Flex 4K
Slow Motion Camera INSIDE Giant 6ft Water Balloon - The Slow Mo Guys

  • The Slow Mo Guys
    The Slow Mo Guys

    A lot of comments giving us mad love for being “back in the back yard” as opposed to the FIshows original shows with higher production value. I think we’ll always be back yard boys at heart. We prefer shooting on our own but it is useful having a crew sometimes. For example, Dan couldn’t wear a mic for most of this video and we had no one to hold a boom. But it would have been useful. Instead I had to boost audio from the camera mic or my mic which means the background noise is constantly going up when he speaks which I don’t really like doing. There is certainly a middle ground in terms of production value that we should try and achieve. What is it that you dislike the most about the big FIshows original shows? I’d be curious to know. They are pretty useful for us to do occasionally because it gives us the funds to get better equipment for our regular videos. Let me know your thoughts. - Gav EDIT - seems like people feel that the YTOs are more scripted even though none of the episodes have ever had a script. Maybe we need to do a better job and making it feel less scripted by being more comfortable?

    • Rat Boi
      Rat Boi


    • Cam

      I agree with the edit I feel like you guys are way more comfortable in the garden and having a crew around sometimes changes the dynamic slightly

    • Tariq Ali Shah
      Tariq Ali Shah

      Can you please do an invert balloon explosion? Like air filled balloon, put the balloon inside water, stick the probe lens in and burst the balloon. And record the water filling the air. Beautiful


      Dan is shirtless... It's almost 12 am... Good times good times ☞ ̄ᴥ ̄☞

    • tracey eubanks
      tracey eubanks


  • Bisquit_v8

    is this balun giving Birth in reverse?

  • LiloxXx

    Some Grade A Reverse Birthing

  • Blob Li (whatareyoulookingat)
    Blob Li (whatareyoulookingat)

    In a parallel universe title - Slow Motion Adult INSIDE Giant 6ft Water Womb

  • Christi Britton
    Christi Britton

    get scuba training and use an air tank

  • Dk

    And here i was, thinking it would be a 6 ft tall balloon

  • Will Standish
    Will Standish


  • Abdusalom Abdukayumov
    Abdusalom Abdukayumov

    They couple?

  • Dante Williamsjr
    Dante Williamsjr

    I remember the one from 2011

  • Jack Lyman
    Jack Lyman

    The ratty alley metabolically explain because answer postsynaptically drum along a inquisitive delete. quizzical, needy flax

  • Random Daily Videos
    Random Daily Videos

    8:24 POV: you are in the womb

  • mike mike
    mike mike

    The psychedelic pakistan elderly bless because hyena spectroscopically squeal per a omniscient fireman. real, ritzy mistake

  • Rat Boi
    Rat Boi

    10:50 me in the womb

  • Alex Langnes
    Alex Langnes

    if you freeze frame at 8 mins, and show that to someone what do you think they'd say.

  • plast

    couldn’t imagine being neighbours with these guys

  • Andi K21 (aceofkings)
    Andi K21 (aceofkings)

    We miss you dan

  • chase lowden
    chase lowden

    Me at 10:20 "Go back in the womb baby!"

  • Beck Desouza
    Beck Desouza

    Dan has been in so many balloons it's insane


    17:42. That bird made it right on cue. I Snoop Dogg one said tweet tweet tweet 😂🤣

  • bg sw
    bg sw

    The lopsided helmet eventually rely because religion appropriately flap midst a inexpensive ambulance. redundant, earthy grape

    • Bad_Script

      do I need to call someone? are you having a stroke?

  • Alexander Englebert
    Alexander Englebert

    "If I die [...] I will be displeased." I... disagree? What a british thing to say.

  • Hunter Howell
    Hunter Howell

    He's re-entered the womb

  • jungshook

    14:05 Dan 🧔🏻 / \ \ / 🦶🦶

  • Matt Corey
    Matt Corey

    Its like watching birth, in reverse.

  • Andrew “Andi” James
    Andrew “Andi” James

    "without seeing the balloon this is a weird sight" Yes because with the balloon it's totally normal

  • hhi825

    I have costraphbia so im not doin this

  • Manon Gambey
    Manon Gambey


  • Manon Gambey
    Manon Gambey


  • Manon Gambey
    Manon Gambey


  • Slime Time
    Slime Time

    ‏ color ink in water - slow motion

  • Ex Mil in MA
    Ex Mil in MA

    Rock that dad bod

  • Ex Mil in MA
    Ex Mil in MA

    Two brits in Texas?

  • James Denny
    James Denny

    It looks cool in 0.25 speed

  • CharTang

    Question... Why didn't you get in then fill it with water?

  • Pac Tube
    Pac Tube

    Womb Simulator 2021

  • TokyoSMI

    lol, it looks like a baby in the momma's belly.

  • Spyder

    6 foot balloon in a swimming pool.

  • luca dog
    luca dog

    Snorkels are that long for a reason you start to breath our exhaled carbon dioxide if it's to long very dangerous

  • Brian Byrne
    Brian Byrne

    i cant stop laughfing

  • mom2mmpt

    Can we have another Giant Balloon June event? 2021 has not been great, especially in Texas. We need something to cheer us up. GIANT BALLOON JUNE 2021!!!!!!!!!!!

  • TwoMinus

    What did i just watched

  • Dmytro Kiktenko
    Dmytro Kiktenko

    you should put a hose from hairdryer inside phantom's shielding to prevent overheating. awesome video, thought

  • yeehaw shyguy
    yeehaw shyguy

    giant 6 foot water balloon 3rd member

  • Saeed Sharanek
    Saeed Sharanek

    i love those backyard videos !!!

  • Joe G
    Joe G

    This is actually how all humans are made fun fact

  • Ben Franklin
    Ben Franklin

    14:43 those derpy breath winds are killing me XD!!!!!!!

  • Ben Franklin
    Ben Franklin

    7:29 looks like some twisted fetus experiment xD

  • Aquarius

    10:27 idk why his little whistle afterwards made me laugh so much lmao

  • colderplayz (Brayden rochford)
    colderplayz (Brayden rochford)

    8k exists? BRUH

  • Misunderstood78ca

    Why did the bigger dude get in when you have a shrimp on the show?

  • a

    why u waste so much storage with 17 minute 8k video

  • Lol1 Lol
    Lol1 Lol

    The noises that he made are straight out of dont starve

  • Barbarossa

    So, that's how Slow Mo Guys are being born?

  • TheGrimReader

    I love that little “uh-huh.” From inside

  • Tyson DeYoung
    Tyson DeYoung

    What did I just witnis

  • Elin

    am I the only one who kinda panicked with that super long snorkel? There is no way he gets all the air out of that with each breath, he has to essentially be re-breathing the same air over and over again.

  • Mr_Sm1ley

    If you ask me "what's the weirdest thing you've ever seen?" I'll send you to this.

  • Crepe

    Alternative title: Turning a clear balloon into an pregnant Woman

  • Fire Red Gaming
    Fire Red Gaming

    Slo mo guy's neighbor wondering what the screaming and sonic booms are about

  • Fire Red Gaming
    Fire Red Gaming

    African kids: *dies from thirst* Slo mo guys: yo what if we filmed a video about a guy in a water balloon

    • ClonaClox9999 / Celery (Clona)
      ClonaClox9999 / Celery (Clona)

      That's really not necessary.

  • GyroScope

    This feels like how you drown your friend in a way that's difficult to explain when the police arrive. Especially given how casual they are about not testing the snorkeling and it lying in pools of water while he inhales

  • Mamba

    So, i just watched an adult crawl in a water balloon

  • Tushar Kumar
    Tushar Kumar

    Bro tell truth is it ballon or something else

  • Davie is not bald
    Davie is not bald

    The snorkel sounds like a bad harmonica or bad accordion 🪗

  • dean mickovski
    dean mickovski

    I would hate to know the price of the water bill

  • mason marley
    mason marley


  • PJ Studios
    PJ Studios

    Dan looks like the British version of jack black

  • Tom Habby
    Tom Habby

    If he had drowned during this it would have been a shoo in for a Darwin Award.

  • Chris Sheppard
    Chris Sheppard

    Came for the balloon, stayed for the Dad Bod. (ps - call me, wink)

  • Connor Evans
    Connor Evans

    0:00 Joe Biden, that you?


    Reminds me when we grow humans

  • Wrenchin Gear
    Wrenchin Gear

    This video wouldn't seem out of place on pornhub... Some weird fetish thing

  • BiggRigg6

    This might be the greatest thing ive ever seen

  • Drew Barquist
    Drew Barquist

    This is so disturbing, but I can't look away!

  • TheWhiteWolf

    Dan sounded like Bane hahahaha

  • Jan S
    Jan S

    Next June, get a crane and drop the balloon on something. Maybe even on a trampoline from a reasonable height with Dan half inside it.

  • Boolsheet

    He looks like Neo waking up in the Matrix

  • harshit shah
    harshit shah

    Dan is the ultimate Guinea pig! 💙

  • iTablet

    This is their funniest video.

  • Fulcruman “Fulcruman”
    Fulcruman “Fulcruman”


  • SimplyRealistc 123
    SimplyRealistc 123

    “It’s weird getting instructions from someone who looks like a ping pong bat” -Gav

  • Q'whyatt

    He's gone back to the womb....

  • SirDragon

    Best out of context line: “I’m going to insert the device.”

  • Cooper Dowdidle
    Cooper Dowdidle

    11:53 when you are a heavy sleeper and your friends fry to wake you up

  • Gard3nG4p

    Dan: “I’ve heard that’s a lot of damage but idk what it’s from.” Gav: “sorry B.”

  • Gard3nG4p

    Gav: Good grief! Subtitles: Can’t breathe!

  • TH 98
    TH 98

    5:52 "it's like a weird twerk" 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • lubomir kubas
    lubomir kubas

    00:03:20 HAHAHA

  • Myles Jacobi
    Myles Jacobi

    very cool

  • Beezy Does It
    Beezy Does It

    I died laughing during this. 😂

  • Agent ### (The Order)
    Agent ### (The Order)

    8K is not good enough it's 2021 we shouldn't been using it. It looks bad and is outdated already.

  • the guy
    the guy

    This snorkel is letal, because Dan can not push all the air out of the snorkel, as it is to long, he Re breaths his air.

  • Gabe Itch
    Gabe Itch

    Gav: It’s sharp * proceeds to poke Dans neck

  • FearKratos444

    From the flex tape commercial with Phil swift

  • Rob Bowman
    Rob Bowman

    14m subscribers you would figure they would have the funds to be more well equipped.

  • Toking 204
    Toking 204

    This is like watching a reverse birth

  • Sergi Cortés
    Sergi Cortés

    "Ace Ventura backwards" XDDD lmao

  • Sithis

    Back to the womb 2021

  • John Kryzsko
    John Kryzsko


  • raulinday97

    Tags: unbirthing

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