How a Tranquilizer Dart Works in Slow Motion - The Slow Mo Guys
Gav and Dan learn about tranquilizer dart physics using slow mo as a helpful tool. Don't try this at home unless you have 400lb gorilla running at full clip towards you. Watch outtakes here!
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Filmed at 1000fps and 3000fps with a Phantom Flex 4K
How a Tranquilizer Dart Works in Slow Motion - The Slow Mo Guys

  • dan dandan
    dan dandan

    was 7cc of air the max preload you could put in the dart?

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    chabane abdelmoiz


  • Sergkpv

    Принудительная вакцинация

  • SY Gaming Official ✓
    SY Gaming Official ✓

    Me - I dont know what happens when a dart hits a human The Slow Mo Guys - Hold my cup of tea

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    AxZelll Or.

    No mames, lolitooooo! :v

  • A piece of cake
    A piece of cake

    8:53 LMAO

  • In Doge We Trust
    In Doge We Trust

    That's a nice load boys.

  • Exovius YTB
    Exovius YTB

    but if air is pushed inside the animal body isin't it dangerous for is life to get aie in her blood ?

  • KashelGladio

    You mean the fluid doesn't come out of the TIP??? My whole life is nothing but a BIG FAT LIE!

  • Tim Lopes
    Tim Lopes

    Did just hit at the very same spot as the red one ????

  • ggtheboi gg
    ggtheboi gg

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  • ggtheboi gg
    ggtheboi gg

    ✝️✝️✝️pls believe Jesus Christ with all of your heart and repent and I love ❤️ Jesus Christ ✝️✝️✝️

    • emz ponce
      emz ponce

      How does that connect to the video

  • Maximus

    13:15 Looks like papa smurf has had his way with you

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    Schwarzes Fleisch

    Beginning 4:11

  • The Number Crunchers'
    The Number Crunchers'

    @13:16 caught in 8K. literally.

  • Can Demir
    Can Demir

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  • Airton Maximo
    Airton Maximo

    can we use that to vacinate the idiots?

  • Mert “Vitallitte” Ayar
    Mert “Vitallitte” Ayar

    Captain Teemo like it.

  • Wigadama

    *_I wish everyone health and strength. Just live and enjoy, tell your family and friends more often that you love them, and be kind. After all, only memories remain in the world._*

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    Steve Bluhm


  • TiLapse

    If this was taught in schools I would willingly go to school even on weekends.

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  • Axl Metcalf
    Axl Metcalf

    Looking real close you can see a shockwave on the leather, that must be a factor with the bouncing rubber

  • Sab_Normal

    good solution for those who do not want to get the covid vaccine :P

  • Jake

    12:35 made me have to go pee


    5:15 i would never understand it my self

  • Carolina Angling. Co
    Carolina Angling. Co

    Can we please get a video with the pneumatic air gun with a tranq dart?

  • neksodebe

    4:44 here you go

  • Vedurin

    12:30 Laminar flow !! :-D

  • Lee-Mon Chu-Pao
    Lee-Mon Chu-Pao

    omg all in 8k i are crying, that's wondrrfull take my suscribe, mt like and my soul (ಥ﹏ಥ)

  • Simply_Insane

    “Ya gotta give it more beans!” *the most bri’ish sentence ive heard*

  • Jakzy

    imagine if there will be air instead of liquid and it will hit vine O_O

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  • kaiden douglas
    kaiden douglas

    @ 2:54 manz said “this is gonna make me nut”😂

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  • _ilyich21_

    Что это делает в моих рекомендациях ютуба?

  • Ihatezidiotz

    should have shot it into a zip lock bag that wouldnt pop. lol.. just saw the end.. just hear eddie murphy in comming to america yelling "in de face!!"

  • Mikhail S
    Mikhail S

    Wow... well ok. Wait, is he Hiccup who trains dragon?

  • Лютый Аниматор
    Лютый Аниматор

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  • wheatie

    just you wait unvaccinated people.


    8:52 Nice.

  • Bernard Haynes
    Bernard Haynes

    Is that Q's brother? from impractical Jokers

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    Егор Гавловский

    Жаль что нет субтитров

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    Steph Me 2

    No closed captioning... thanks ☹️

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  • PhotonsAcrossTheAir

    3:30 KLIPSCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  • Midgar W
    Midgar W

    Would have prefered you used a plastic bottle then a balloon so we could see the 'medicine' mix with the 'blood' better.

  • Bonolo Kaekae
    Bonolo Kaekae

    Dan is the one who always does the duties (action).

  • MKE

    I love Dan's humility even though he constantly shows an innate ability with doing the things.

    • Lasair System
      Lasair System

      Gav and Dan are honestly just, top of their fields Gavin is known as one of the best slow motion cinematographers in the world

  • easterriot1916

    But where are all the unsolicited tips about using a blowgun?!?

  • Torexeon

    NSFW 😆😂😂😂

  • Alex O'Brien
    Alex O'Brien

    us being shocked about somthing being 60 fps when OUR EYES SEE THOUSANDS OF FRAMES PER SECOND

  • FDreviews316

    yup because i definitely take tranquilizer darts for granted on a daily basis

  • رامي Rami غريفات Grefat
    رامي Rami غريفات Grefat

    I watch you on X2 speed.

  • Cursed Combine
    Cursed Combine

    How are you not verified

  • RamadaArtist

    There are so many things I now understand much better now about the mechanics of the Metal Gear Solid series.

  • toppips1

    NSFW hahahaha

  • James Frazier
    James Frazier

    The NSFW mark at 8:51 got me. That was hilarious


    My physics teacher told about you visualise surface tension.... And now I am subscribing you

  • D32L14N

    13:13 best part of the video xD

  • Kanchan Jangid
    Kanchan Jangid

    Seeing dan in the starting of video looks like experiment has been already done

  • Gum Bum
    Gum Bum

    4:45 for anyone who has no time

  • Sam Moeller
    Sam Moeller

    I love how good Dan gets at things he never has to do again.

  • Felix Schoeller
    Felix Schoeller

    sheesh poor animals lol

  • Jacob Martin
    Jacob Martin

    The slow mo guys forgot to bring their super slow mo camera? 🤔

  • inzayn.1d

    Big Brain me - plays video in 0.25 speed

  • A Z
    A Z

    When he accidentally paints his face with the blue liquid 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

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    Capricorn Dancer

    I just randomly found this video today. These guys are amazing. Liked and subscribed! 👍🔔

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    I'm nurse so yeah 💋✨✨✨✨✨

  • Simon Farre
    Simon Farre

    "That's so quick" they say, not realizing it's emptying it's content into the air. Of course it's going to be quick. Emptying into muscle is going to take longer.

  • Trevor Daniel
    Trevor Daniel

    when it comes out it looks like a missile

  • Alxtel - In a Nutshell
    Alxtel - In a Nutshell

    The last time I got a vax, I also got a rash for 4 years with it

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    ClonaClox9999 / Celery (Clona)

    I thought you lived in Texas

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    Kulsoom Azhari

    I've seen it I've decided I don't want it near me

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    Malcolm Swint

    why are you wearing shorts if it is cold outside?

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    Guillem Vidal

    It's amazing how they manage to get 13 minutes out of a TOP 1 minute video.

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    their chemistry is as dead as my grandmother is

  • Zakir Khan
    Zakir Khan

    Nice explanation. Never knew

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    You’re here for 4:46

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    rupert ronnie

    Here you go unexpected recommendation youtuber 4:46

  • Random Picks
    Random Picks

    Wow. Amazing

  • Fireball XL-5
    Fireball XL-5

    Bad test. The end of the needle was in the open air instead of a muscle tissue analog.



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    Heather Barber

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    When corona first started…

  • ThatGuyNamedAA

    Wow this is amazing! *Finds out you can play it in 8k 4320p* WHAT THE

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    Cant we use these against covidiots with vaccines into them perhaps cos they think they have right not to wear a mask ? ⱼₖ

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    Friday Californiaa

    5:03 After one year of governmental lockdown... 😂😂

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      what is

  • Opposite Opinion
    Opposite Opinion

    ahahha that 8:51 made my day

  • Bryant Zadegan
    Bryant Zadegan

    4:00 "maybe I've just got really weak lungs" // "well you do have a bit of a cough at the moment" in hindsight, all I can think of is covid blowing through the dart tube. Glad everyone turned out okay a year later.

  • Aldora Daroda
    Aldora Daroda

    Are these guys together?

  • Foy

    Ok i always wondered how those darts worked, so i enjoyed this

  • Donald Duck
    Donald Duck

    That’s why I use FIshows.

  • Saul Toro
    Saul Toro

    another fun fact, the normal hole of the needle could not be used in its normal fashion to administer the tranquilizer due to the pressure difference between mode of travel and the injection site. once the dart is released from the blow gun, the liquid would begin to expel out the tip and losing fluid before making contact with the target. this is because the dart is lightly pressurized to eject the fluid without having someone press the syringe to force it out by hand. the tip is also at risk of being plugged by skin or whatever it may puncture through, like tough scales, or thick hide, that suddenly the only hole of escape for the liquid is plugged and the tranquilizer will not inject the liquid even though proper contact was made. so the tip is plugged intentionally, and used as a spear point to penetrate a hole for the whole needle to pass and then the side hole is rigged to release the cover once its at a deep enough level into the target that the liquid can release. the only downside to this design is you have to rely on over shooting with force than undershooting because if the puncture only barely passes the tip, it may not trigger the slide off cover for the side hole and the tranquilizer will most likely just fall off it its dangling from the somewhere. i must admit that all of this is entirely my own conclusions based on observations from the slow mo videos shown here. so i am pretty sure i have no idea what i am talking about :D

    • Cryies

      Makes sense.

  • Sprxgs

    this is crazy

  • IndissPlayz

    is it weird that Gav kinda looks like Daniel Radcliffe to me? yeah i think it is