Planet Slow Mo Outtakes
Gav and Dan are extremely good at hosting their FIshows show. They pretty much nail every segment in one take making it really easy on the editors… lol jk.

  • N\A

    7:13 ok that was hilarious

  • fênix 07
    fênix 07

    "Sorry, i got lost in your eyes" They already made the fanfic by theirselves

  • sonal patel
    sonal patel

    Part : 45

  • sengchenteh

    I love it!

  • tryAGAIN 1987
    tryAGAIN 1987

    7:12 "ave a look in there..." And dan's face... "Oh f*ck, I can't believe you've done this..." Literally the best blooper to be honest...

  • Sep Fitz
    Sep Fitz

    Hahah the fake out takes were comedy gold. Comedy bronze at the very least. Accidentally bein on tele instead haaaha

  • Radical Larry
    Radical Larry

    4:27 🤦


    No brain cell was harmed in making of this video

  • Jeremy Clarkson
    Jeremy Clarkson

    4:25 XDDD

  • Zsu Pfenn
    Zsu Pfenn

    You Guys are idiots

  • Condescension

    "Hello, I'm Gav." "I'm quite cold." "Also... I'm me."

  • Suzanne Kratosmaker
    Suzanne Kratosmaker

    "I got lost in your eyes" You aren't the only one Gav.

  • Chad Moore
    Chad Moore

    You guys are pi$$ your pants hilarious! great chem and the s l o w m o is great.

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    Persian National - Persian learning

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  • Jason VonIrsik
    Jason VonIrsik

    Have y'all done slow mo wax hair removal?

  • lucio demicco
    lucio demicco


  • Rio Sol
    Rio Sol

    How much did converse pay you for that thumbnail

  • rawketboosters

    It's 2020 and 6:47 is basically against the law and 6:52 is how we interact now. 🤷‍♀️

  • Ferry Muhammad Nur
    Ferry Muhammad Nur

    The actual show that FIshows decide not to cancelled

  • roux man
    roux man


  • Yusuff Irfan.
    Yusuff Irfan.

    Imagine it's 2 am amd you are walking down the side walk and saw dan charging at full speed with a mile long hand shake at you, GOD

  • Spider Stan
    Spider Stan

    I thought I was the only one who sat on a desk like that.

  • Chuck

    "We're supposed to be outro-ing the bloopers and you're bloopering the outro!" Dan says, while making an intro

  • turuanu

    Wait, you blurred a man's underwear?? You blurred a bulge? Tell me it's not you, but some kind of weird FIshows monetized video restriction.

  • OrderlyHippo

    Almost lost my drink at 6:48



  • Angel Bear
    Angel Bear

    Drycleaners mending garments is pretty standard, afaik (at least in the US). I heard about one (no idea where it is) where they even add functional pockets to women's jeans that have the insanely evil "faux" pockets. True heroes!

  • MAS

    7:05 practicing social distancing you are I see

  • Volt Vortex
    Volt Vortex Link to “We’re All Heroes in Slow Mo” by The Gregory Brothers This is the channel trailer for the Slow Mo Guys that is posted as “unlisted” for some reason, but it’s so awesome!

  • Ethan McPherson
    Ethan McPherson

    2:27 gav's crown looks thin

  • Physics Demonstrations
    Physics Demonstrations

    What a bunch of nerds

  • Lường Thoa
    Lường Thoa

    So Funny!!!!!

  • GamingJ3sarasin

    6:50 2019: sneeze in his face oh thats funny. 2020 : sneeze in his face. OUT

  • Kain Of Legends
    Kain Of Legends

    6:48 Ah the before times, when this didn't have huge implications

  • Ava Backus
    Ava Backus

    No one: Me: Planet Moe zo

  • GrYm Fluxx
    GrYm Fluxx

    So this so where the writers of Tenet got their inspiration for inversion

  • Luke Meredith
    Luke Meredith

    What was the music playing when the boys were faking bloopers

  • _squarecube

    theres so much sibling energy in this video its unbelievable

  • AdamBG02

    6:53 2020 be like➡️↙️ ⬆️⬅️⬅️⬅️⬅️⬅️⬅️

  • 122bigbamboo

    I'm still waiting on the bloopers ...

  • Bk Kumar
    Bk Kumar

    Good morning sir

  • David Po
    David Po

    I would've kept the sleeve intact and just said, "Singapore fixed it." Or maybe "what happens in Singapore stays in Singapore."

  • michael rud
    michael rud

    British Jay and Mike Stoklasa

  • GTB313

    If he sneezed now he would’ve got canceled. 2020 problems 👌👌👌👌🛏🛏🛏🙄🙄🙄

  • GTB313

    If he sneezed now he would’ve got canceled. 2020 problems 👌👌👌👌🛏🛏🛏🙄🙄🙄

  • Paul Chauvat
    Paul Chauvat

    6:46 lmao 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Baldwin xu
    Baldwin xu

    Suddenly gravity has just increased tenfold and I can’t move

  • 07MDAH


  • Daisy Ramsey
    Daisy Ramsey මෙය මිනිසුන් බොහෝ විට පැවසූ ආකාරයේ හැඟීමකි

  • A_ s
    A_ s

    1:48 gav was so proud


    I know you called the slo-mo guys not this fast forward times but it’s going to take a long time to get to space

  • Nico

    How about a video called “lab coat rip in slow motion” since dan rips lab coats a lot

  • Literally Matty
    Literally Matty

    Good to know the handshake is a bit and not his actually handshake 😂😂

  • Nissan 300ZX
    Nissan 300ZX

    I hate your vids

  • Francisco Vasquez
    Francisco Vasquez

    Dan is an absolute unit

  • Insufferable Peter
    Insufferable Peter

    Please do a season 2 when Quarantine ends.

  • Feña B
    Feña B

    1:43 actual 10 year olds 😂😂😂

  • Juliette Osborne
    Juliette Osborne

    why would they fix the lab coat that means there really nice

  • True MvM
    True MvM

    The funniest thing is how the test tube ripped Dan's pants off

  • Siddhant Thakur
    Siddhant Thakur

    6:48 not so funny anymore Just after that there's the social distancing.. dan had to go away into the TV! 😂😂😂

  • coloreo666

    You *_NEED_* to do an episode of Gav throwing snacks at Dan's mouth in slow mo!

  • BlueMarshmallow

    silly sausage

  • DeGing Not
    DeGing Not

    My subscription is based 100% on your performance in this episode because it is wat makes u funny :)

  • Samoht

    didnt even notice the hand think the entire series xD

  • KarlTheAttackBucket

    4:51 So wholesome.

  • Anxious Blobfish
    Anxious Blobfish

    Dan looked completely wrong with the wrong sleeve ripped!

  • Hank Anderson
    Hank Anderson


  • LeDocteurGonzo

    2:10 pause ... you're welcome

  • Skorc

    we need 7:18 for slow mo footage

  • Aaron Lundqvist
    Aaron Lundqvist

    I love how Dan is walking 250 meters with his hand out for a handshake xD

  • Keith Purdy
    Keith Purdy

    Your sense of humor is on point I think we should hang out. Lol No but really Gav your crack me up to. Dan reminds me a bit of myself. Great series. Best was the viper.

  • SmashedPotato86

    I couldn’t stop laughing when Dan sneezed on gav 🤣🤣

  • Sebas7710

    Please don’t put your legs on the table again. You’ll dirty it.

  • ASK2286

    I never noticed there was a weird handshake thing

  • Luke H
    Luke H

    “It’s a little cat.”

  • DiveNL

    Gav - “Hello I’m Gav” Dan - “I’m cold”

  • Doctor Dweeb
    Doctor Dweeb

    I laughed my head off on some of the scenes. I love the slow mo guys

  • Haza

    "Scrolling down the comments while listening to the music" squad

  • Michael Exman
    Michael Exman

    Body armor not lab coats

  • pigggey

    that bridge at 1:20 looks like something you would build in poly bridge

  • Crossfire20

    Why does dan look so out of it in 1:13? Is is because of the haircut? Idk but he looks so much different here than during any other time. Oh wait I see why; where is his eyebrows?

  • Chiming Liu
    Chiming Liu

    comments seem to be made to another vid. weird. I was searching for eyebrow jokes....

  • Lorenzo Young
    Lorenzo Young

    6:49 Watching this in March 2020 and seeing Dan sneeze at Gav almost gave me a heart attack. lol!

    • Keeper

      Yeah, didn't age well.

  • MontubeQC

    j'aimerais voir le tir d'un avion Warthog

  • Ke Man
    Ke Man

    I still want to know who gave these 2 blokes permission to do this stuff

  • Crazy Brit - Nasa Fan
    Crazy Brit - Nasa Fan

    That kittycat NAILED it's lines.

  • Fabian McLaughlan
    Fabian McLaughlan

    Loved Gav’s joke at 1:47 more than it deserved haha

  • dean bradley
    dean bradley

    1:15 - has Dan had a face transplant!?? 😲😂

  • Oksh YT
    Oksh YT

    what i have just watched


    Esta en Inglés no se puede traducir

  • Ayush Champ
    Ayush Champ

    Season 2??

  • Thicc Boiii
    Thicc Boiii

    Dan is like me. A deceptively athletic thiccie boi. Respect

  • SleppyKitty

    oh, im definitely basing my subscription off of this stuff. Its the best. And I like slowmo

  • frogsoda

    "Colorfullest" should not have been a blooper!

  • Simon M.
    Simon M.

    you really did no slo mo of the maltese catch?!

  • Luke Glover
    Luke Glover

    Poor Dan. So he had no proper jacket the entire time because he ruined the wrong sleeve the first time haha He should have just not ripped it again once the dry cleaners fixed it. :P

  • savannah

    i want gav’s sneakers @1:43

  • Jordan Ezell
    Jordan Ezell

    1:12 I will never see him like that again...... soooo tear inducing.

    • Carlos Marques
      Carlos Marques

      You know what episode it was?

  • Larry Harrison
    Larry Harrison

    Can you prove that the earth is spinning by using the North Star, Polaris.

  • drumkid330

    The Danshake