1000 Paint-Covered Mousetraps in 4K Slow Motion - The Slow Mo Guys
After about 10 hours of setting mouse traps like an absolute Billy no mates, Gav sets off a nice fat colourful chain reaction that we can all sit down and watch together like a nice big slow mo family. This video is sponsored by Google One. one.google.com
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Filmed at 1000fps and 10000fps with the Phantom Flex 4k and Phantom v2511
Shot with the Bolt Cinebot
1000 Paint-Covered Mousetraps in 4K Slow Motion - The Slow Mo Guys

  • The Slow Mo Guys
    The Slow Mo Guys

    Glad I didn’t forget to record it. As with the last bunch of videos, I am solo because Dan cannot fly to the US at the moment due to Covid. He is however continuing to make excellent progress on his underground tunnel. Last I heard he was underneath Cornwall.

    • BlockParty!

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    • Nobody else but me
      Nobody else but me

      @BlockParty!OK well, you're coming across as a pre-programmed sheep. Since most people are and are incapable of thinking for themselves, we are all going to eventually lose the freedom we have to pursue what does sound fun. By the time people like you wake up, it'll be too late. Just ask anyone who has escaped any communist country.

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    • Nobody else but me
      Nobody else but me

      @BlockParty! I'm not talking about perception. I'm talking about documented, unconstestable facts. Also, I am not at all capable of taking away your freedom in any way at all, so don't even THINK of accusing me of doing so. My posting here, no matter what I say, cannot affect you one bit unless you let it. YOU are in control of your life and that's how it should be. But I'm not your enemy. The evil people who now control the world ARE.

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      @Nobody else but me hey now. Let’s be respectful. We are all free to perceive events in our own individual way. I respect your freedom to perceive them the way you do and even empathized with you. Please don’t attempt to take away my freedom to perceive them the way I do, or be disrespectful if I see them differently. That’s fair isn’t it?

  • joemad

    we're all relieved bro, as if that worked....NICELY DONE

  • Suzanne Fee
    Suzanne Fee

    Love this. So many good ideas

  • Hingridy Noemia
    Hingridy Noemia

    parece mina explodindo

  • Vincent's Dick
    Vincent's Dick


  • creeper kill3r
    creeper kill3r

    Does anyone know what song they used for the slow mo is... it sounds amazing

  • Joacim Byléhn
    Joacim Byléhn

    This was immensely satisfying to watch. I feel like this could be a apple commercial for the next iPhone and it’s cameras.

  • the walrus U.S
    the walrus U.S

    how has apple not hired you to do one of there phone backgrounds yet

  • nikki veterian
    nikki veterian

    6:40 and this is, ladies and gentlemen, how the Universe has REALLY started!

  • Suicide Mouse
    Suicide Mouse


  • Princess Leila
    Princess Leila

    Wow sooooo amazing !!!

  • Samson Soturian
    Samson Soturian

    It's like watching a rolling barrage...

  • NyaAnimeParty

    Твёрдый лайк

  • Buzz Lightyear
    Buzz Lightyear

    i hate it when someone comes into my house and places around 1000 mouse traps.

  • Gangasagar Ransarje
    Gangasagar Ransarje

    Mouse : Yeah you can use those for such purposes, happy me happy you

  • Eloise Thorne
    Eloise Thorne

    who else stuck around to watch him sweep?

  • Cody Burachenski
    Cody Burachenski

    Vietnam Flashbacks

  • Freddi Green
    Freddi Green


  • Gajanan Bhosale
    Gajanan Bhosale

    Ok it is getting... Better nad better... Like watching.. A ponytail bearded girl ... Setting up mousetraps

  • Archimedes Amazonas
    Archimedes Amazonas

    8:48 should be used forever as the definition of bliss.

  • Lucinat0r

    surprised Gav did not have a rubber mouse to use

  • adam3756

    That looked really cool! It was like a bunch of weird miniature paint bombs.

  • chem dude
    chem dude

    is this what MDMA feels like?

  • BrinyPaprika841

    whete is dan?

  • Joseph Anderson
    Joseph Anderson

    why aren't these videos uploaded in 4k?

  • ScottNJ

    Brilliant. Sorry, but I did laugh when one went off and pinched your hand. Love Slo mo.

  • Montgomery Afton (Dr. Malcolm)
    Montgomery Afton (Dr. Malcolm)

    This video gave me hope for life

  • Jonathan Rowe
    Jonathan Rowe

    Lab coat flaps.

  • Ashley Broening
    Ashley Broening

    And we appreciate you too, Gavin ^_^

  • MessiahMiguel

    What’s the song name?

  • muddin muddin (muddin)
    muddin muddin (muddin)

    wasn't impressed reset it lol jk was awesome :)

  • Rc Crawling Around
    Rc Crawling Around

    the mouse trap wars lol

  • Robin Prager
    Robin Prager

    What happened to Dan?

  • Mr.Snake

    Have you guys even done a slow mo video of shooting a firearm of some sort at a slow mo or phantom camera that is behind bulletproof glass?

  • Whats-My-Fandom

    6:51 Just noticed your shoes! LOVE! Very beautiful result!

  • xaflam

    that's more artistic than a banana scotchs on a wall !

  • Fantesy-Cherry - Melon-Dreamer
    Fantesy-Cherry - Melon-Dreamer

    6:35 it looks like a forbidden rug

  • 10k subscriber without video challenge in 20days
    10k subscriber without video challenge in 20days

    Watching it in 2x😂

  • Cesar Andres
    Cesar Andres

    6:05 i always watch from end to finish

  • PeacemakerPRSF (LonelyWolf2089)
    PeacemakerPRSF (LonelyWolf2089)

    where is Dan?!?!?

  • Niklas Bergner
    Niklas Bergner

    I forgot how much Gavin looked like Rasputin some moths ago. 🤣


    Great experiment!

  • Mike Sookun
    Mike Sookun

    That is a Guinness world record right there.. And that was your chef d'oeuvre. Really really really beautiful and creative. I love it..

  • MindblowingToast

    So that's how they did the Battlefield animations haha

  • Vibhav Sahasrabudhe
    Vibhav Sahasrabudhe

    The efforts he has taken alone for this video is absolutely ❤️❤️

  • Kyjha Henry
    Kyjha Henry

    waht happen to dan

  • Yogesh Rupani
    Yogesh Rupani

    Happy Holi !

  • Mound'N

    I thought there was a sponsorship message from electroboom incoming when that music chimed in where he put paint on the traps.

  • Matthew

    Where is Dan?

  • Jonathan Andrews
    Jonathan Andrews

    Wow! Cool footage.

  • Laughter The Clown
    Laughter The Clown

    6:17 Ngl this looks beautiful with the different colors! ☺️ Would be a good credit background sequence. Well done gav! 👍

  • YRCloggers

    Excuse me but why does gav have a beard, that’s Dan’s thing

  • 116426853786909798816

    I like google cloud, but honestly - for large data projects i use resilio, it works by syncing a folder (of any size) with any number of peers (it's based on P2P - just like torrents, it optimizes fastest data transfers), it's my little magic trick with large video projects and such. I just give the access codes to my client, and they're constantly updates with new data, any time I need to send them something, it helped me MASSIVELY. And also it's free! You just need your own hard drive and the client needs their own space or hard drive. But, yeah, I also use google, mainly for docs though. Cheers Gavin, amazing project as always!

  • Joe Barrett
    Joe Barrett

    The world is a better place for having guys who do these crazy things.

  • Jimbro

    Is anyone else thinking what the heck them shoes are? Lol

  • Zelvin

    Gav is starting to look like jesus

  • Wigadama

    I hope you doing well and have an amazing day as well! Stay safe and stay relaxed 💕

  • Oliver Sarosh
    Oliver Sarosh


  • GaLazY_X

    Imagine playing this video around New Year's (Sadly i did not)

  • Ruv

    7:20'i heard this in a Yandex ad

  • David Beckstrom
    David Beckstrom

    I love how this looks like a minefield going off

  • Fern and Bacon
    Fern and Bacon

    The simple ideas are sometimes the most beautiful

  • Artemis

    I feel the loneliness of Slow Mo Guys without Dan :(

  • Amy Woolner
    Amy Woolner

    I appreciate you too, Gavin

  • legendwicked95

    This is incredible

  • Todd Howard
    Todd Howard

    Absolute mad lad.

  • MJ D
    MJ D

    I have the same kind of plastic bins as Gav, makes me feel special.

    • Hunter Peterson
      Hunter Peterson

      K then


    Hope he can fly soon

  • Andrew Cheshire
    Andrew Cheshire

    I appreciate you too, Gav.

  • 7249xxl


  • Stuart Hamilton
    Stuart Hamilton

    Ok now you need to go though and sort all the paint out bag into it's relevant bag, good luck! :) More seriously though, that was oddly satisfying.

  • Grim _
    Grim _

    When did Jesus take over this channel?

  • Garrett Redden
    Garrett Redden

    Those kicks are fireeee

  • Plutonium

    he said he appreciates me:)

  • Sourabh Pure
    Sourabh Pure

    Where is your friend ..? Why you make videos alone now ? I hope everything is fine there

  • Carsten Koloc
    Carsten Koloc

    I do enjoy it.😜👍🥁

  • W.J.R. Halyn
    W.J.R. Halyn

    You DO know this has been done before? Like, way back in the 1950s!?!? Disney, of all things, illustrated the principles of chain reactions in a short movie called "Our Friend the Atom 4 of 5 - Nuclear Reactions", where they put two ping pong balls each on a series of mousetraps, to illustrate how released neutrons hit other atoms and THEY release neutrons, etc. Quite fascinating, for its time. They ALSO used slow-mo when they played the reaction series a second time. I remember my dad telling me about it in the '60s, and then finally seeing the actual video, filmed in a room with mirrored walls, was pretty amazing for its time. Yours was, however, definitely the more colourful of the two sessions. But I can't help wondering how yours would've looked: A) in a more enclosed space to contain the flying traps, and B) having ping pong balls IN ADDITION to the coloured powder. THAT would've been awesome!! The Disney people had their mousetraps placed at random angles to each other with space between them all; yours are neatly lined up... more "energy dense", as it were. 03:07 - You called it "about a thousand". From what I can count on the screen, you seem to have an array of 30 rows times 15 wide.... a mere 450 or so. (YOU didn't count 'em?) I'm visualizing a setup of about 50 x 50 mousetraps square (total: 2,500), edge to edge, like yours, but touching (or nearly) on all four sides, with a couple ping pong balls AND coloured powder on each trap, in a small space only slightly larger than the floor space used by all the mousetraps, with a ceiling about 6 feet or so above them, forcing the released kinetic energy to remain focussed within that space. THEN film it at several speeds as the first ball is tossed into the traps zone! It would be a landmark in awesomeness. I'll even come down there and help set traps, just to see this thing live!

  • vlad luck
    vlad luck

    he looks like tom hanks in cast away with no wilson

  • Ruben Fletcher
    Ruben Fletcher

    Dude, cut the hair or tire it out of your face. Please!

  • TourPace64

    Mechanical, wind-up mouse, pointed directly at the traps!

  • Nisrasha

    Isn't anytime a pretty inconvenient time for an earthquake

  • Speed Cheetah1
    Speed Cheetah1

    Amazing.Good determination.Good job.

  • Steven Kline
    Steven Kline

    No one gonna talk about them shoes omg there amazing!!!

  • uko

    Image doing all this and didn't hit record.

  • unachieved

    you earned that grin at the end, the effort in this video is phenomenal. cheers mate

  • Camtis XR
    Camtis XR

    Bro how scared was gav the putting that powder on thesre traps. 1 mistake and its all gon

  • BlockParty!

    Setting up those traps must have felt similar to setting up a domino effect. I’d love to film my domino toppling setups with Phantom cameras. The iPhone slow-mo just can’t compete 😂

  • Ron Michel
    Ron Michel

    and we appreciate you!

  • Kaine

    I feel like this is Cast Away in a parallel universe

  • Rune H
    Rune H


  • Luca Capezio
    Luca Capezio

    This looks like a Coldplay MV

  • Pauluz de WebKabouter
    Pauluz de WebKabouter

    After seeing this ad with movie, I ordered 2 times the 2 TB storage!

  • Ry's Entertaining Entertainment
    Ry's Entertaining Entertainment

    You all rock!

  • Solair Studios
    Solair Studios

    I appreciate you too Gav.

  • PRODUCTIONmYOWN Herr Direktör
    PRODUCTIONmYOWN Herr Direktör

    How is Dan anyways? Would be nice to hear from him. Little hello-im-fine-how-are-you kind of video greetings perhaps?

  • Jef Natuurfilmer
    Jef Natuurfilmer


  • Dave k
    Dave k


  • Hamann9631

    I recently had a great idea. You did the gun race video where all modern cartridge style guns were racing (actually thier bullets). How about a lock time race. Lock time is the time from pulling the trigger to actually firing. It is definitely slower with the only technology like match lock and wheel lock.

  • asordid reality
    asordid reality

    Every time the time lapse cut back to real time I had a mini panic moment, thinking that you were going back to real time to show a catastrophe...!

  • GippyHappy

    Poor Gav, having to do all this on his own. If you got even one person to help it would have taken 5 hours instead of 10. But I admire the dedication.

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A Year Later ...
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