1000 Paint-Covered Mousetraps in 4K Slow Motion - The Slow Mo Guys
The Slow Mo Guys
After about 10 hours of setting mouse traps like an absolute Billy no mates, Gav sets off a nice fat colourful chain reaction that we can all sit down and watch together like a nice big slow mo family. This video is sponsored by Google One. one.google.com
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Filmed at 1000fps and 10000fps with the Phantom Flex 4k and Phantom v2511
Shot with the Bolt Cinebot
1000 Paint-Covered Mousetraps in 4K Slow Motion - The Slow Mo Guys

  • The Slow Mo Guys
    The Slow Mo Guys

    Glad I didn’t forget to record it. As with the last bunch of videos, I am solo because Dan cannot fly to the US at the moment due to Covid. He is however continuing to make excellent progress on his underground tunnel. Last I heard he was underneath Cornwall.

    • Humble Mogwai
      Humble Mogwai

      Where you get those rad shoes?!

    • Alyshia Watkin-Salt
      Alyshia Watkin-Salt

      I need to check out where abouts he is under Cornwall, I can sharpen his tools or help him dig!

    • Hello Land
      Hello Land


    • Kenneth Williams
      Kenneth Williams

      Hope you guy's stay safe and stay healthy both you and your mates and families!

    • Martin Farias
      Martin Farias

      You should do slo mo of CD's cutting stuff at high rate of speed

  • Kimrcz

    That was astonishing Gav!

  • Jack Rogers, Jr.
    Jack Rogers, Jr.

    I’m glad it went off first try!! Didn’t have to go overboard and blow it up like a mythbuster!!!

  • MrAnd3rsson

    Honestly, I'm more impressed with the set-up then the slow-mo shot :O Surprised they didn't go off mid set-up

  • Hatman

    6:30 It's at moments like this i wish life had save slots.

  • Humble Mogwai
    Humble Mogwai

    Those Shoes are so cool!

  • Wesley Pruett
    Wesley Pruett

    i miss dan :( stupid virus .

  • Jory Barnes
    Jory Barnes

    "Probably not a thousand, let's call it...900." Okay, anyone else go through and count the mousetraps? There are (about, it's hard to tell) 30 rows, and I know for sure there are 30 columns. Exactly 900.

  • TheRustedProp

    cut yo hair

  • Peace Forever
    Peace Forever

    I will never go back to 1080p

  • Italia Ochoa
    Italia Ochoa


  • Happy Pickle
    Happy Pickle

    Wheres the other one

  • Radosław Gebura
    Radosław Gebura


  • Mihai Nedea
    Mihai Nedea

    It was also nice to have a camera to record from the top

  • Daniel Waye
    Daniel Waye

    Thanks for putting in so much time and effort for this. That sweeping shot was amazing!

  • Ryan Corriveau
    Ryan Corriveau

    928 mousetraps were in this if my counting was correct, plus the 5 he threw on them

  • The Muddler
    The Muddler

    My War.

  • Jeße J Farb
    Jeße J Farb

    We appreciate you too Gavin.

  • Gabitron88

    One of the best videos i've seen in a while. But bro, Gav, you doing ok homie?

  • Joanna Eastham
    Joanna Eastham

    So satisfying

  • pianobros

    4K tv? Lol nope same as usual - watching on a cracked iPhone on my couch


    That to me looked like an Airplane strafing run on a wooden roof. If you replaced the paint with different wood and dust shades and painted the traps to look like shingles

  • dzeckha2

    I count 32 x 30 aka 960.

  • panta enthusiast
    panta enthusiast

    i want gavin's shoes where do i find those!!!!

  • Anthony Ayala
    Anthony Ayala

    I've counted 928.. anyone else?

  • MoteKat

    10 Hours gone in just 10 seconds :/

  • Drgnflms7

    10hrs for 5 seconds of pure awesomeness! Thnx for the epicness

  • The RejectedKing
    The RejectedKing

    Where is dan

  • Ndwrd

    I watch these videos with double speed on, to take the fun out of watching them in slow motion.

  • Acid Reign
    Acid Reign

    5:13 imagine right now, an actual mouse came running in from nowhere...

  • Alex Morris
    Alex Morris

    i sticked with you

  • Alex Morris
    Alex Morris

    never lets me down on entertaining videos been watching for 5 years

  • BrownMan98

    Nobody takes Alen's cheese and gets away with it

  • Spectre: Zero Dark
    Spectre: Zero Dark

    8:00 is now my desktop background. So thank you for that :D


    @07:27 Matrix Neo dodging bullets on the left.

  • #ALph

    Google upload speed limit -_-

  • Syah Ruddin
    Syah Ruddin

    Its so beautiful

  • James Bevan
    James Bevan

    Please watch demolitionranch can a solid glass ball stop a 50cal there is something going on that needs a slow mo

  • ChipChomper

    Nice shoes

  • Ryan M
    Ryan M

    Looks like when the Power Rangers are ready to start a fight.

  • Yanger Mollier
    Yanger Mollier

    Hello slowmo guys. I watch ur videos regularly. can u kindly suggest a camera with high fps (preferably reasonable price)

  • EVA_Unit_4A

    6:01 Gavin appreciates me. He even said it!

  • mila

    watching gavin push them towards each other was possibly the most stressful thing ive seen all year

  • oneABOVEaLL 96
    oneABOVEaLL 96

    Guys please do a video on one inch punch, I really wanna know fast it actually is.

  • Michael Roban
    Michael Roban

    What happened to Dan?

  • BIG Wojo 68
    BIG Wojo 68

    I swear every episode Gavin's nose gets bigger and bigger.

  • Boo Sulley
    Boo Sulley

    Windows windows windows windows windows windows windows windows

  • blueduck54

    10 hours set up. I must admit it made for an amazing 5 minute slow mo 4k with added youtube 0.25x speed

  • lalle5000

    3:34 Electroboom!

  • Medijocre

    All ur slowmos can be used as a wallpaper

  • xebulba

    Our parents had Kodak moments. We have COVID moments. This was brilliant!

  • Albert van Lingen
    Albert van Lingen

    The whole time I imagined super mouse running through it in slow mo for mouse action movie 🤣🤣🤣 worth every trap 😅

  • Sakonema

    Count them. 6:00 to stick with it.

  • Nerd

    Why is it 50 fps and not 60

  • LeRoman GameWorld
    LeRoman GameWorld

    It’s so weird Coming back to this channel and see how they changed...

  • Dylan Crow
    Dylan Crow

    Not me smiling bc Gavin was happy I stayed to watch him set them up

  • Tech29

    Dude, you spent 7 hours setting up 1000 mouse traps. You need to reevaluate priorities; Go to pub, meet a gal and have her help you out setting those traps together while listening to music, drinking a little wine, and trying not to set them off while half drunk. It was like watching 1000 fire crackers go off at the same time.

    • Tech29

      Go to pub, start chat with a gal talking about your you tube channel and the fancy camera setups that you have. Talk to her about frames per second, the size of the zoom lens (important :-), and the resolution of image sensor (quality, that's important too) and then start shooting (videos) while making sure the subject is still in focus.

  • UnearthlyChild

    He is slowly turning into Jesus.

  • Allen Nguyen
    Allen Nguyen

    Loved the video, really reminded me of OK GO type of content

  • Ursh anabi
    Ursh anabi

    does anyone remember that kids book "where the wild things are" I think Gav could be in it

  • TLnn

    You forgot to mention, NO mice were harmed in the making of this video. On the other hand YOU were!!....”OUCH!!!!!” 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺

  • Sonya Cowles
    Sonya Cowles

    I was hoping you'd run it backwards, too. Chaos back into order.😊

  • ProfessorM.

    multiple colourgasms

  • Guigolin Music
    Guigolin Music

    3:35 reminds me of electroboom

  • Fender Morsink
    Fender Morsink

    it just looks like a huge collerful artilery strike in bf1

    • LightSwitch

      lmao i thought it looked like a plane spraying gunfire onto the ground in bfv

  • SolarPlanet

    the aot opening in real life

  • Shmitty

    the dedication

  • HamTransitHistory

    Astrid should tell Hiccup it's time to trim his beard

  • Jacob Kuykendall
    Jacob Kuykendall

    That reminded me of an earthquake splitting the ground open.

  • IrfanChaudhry

    Amazing Capture A recent visit to Murree / Isb and Peshawar have captured the journey Please do Subscribe / Like and Share if you like here it is fishows.info/post/htagqtyWl33O0c0/videot.html

  • good vibes1111
    good vibes1111

    That was absolutely amazing and you're very funny great job 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  • Nathan Daniel Sison
    Nathan Daniel Sison

    So beautiful

  • Zaddis

    *Sees gav with beard and hair* Me: *PFFFT*

  • Loose Beacon
    Loose Beacon

    Iraqi people giving a description of life there

  • B. J.
    B. J.

    Very cool! 😃 Luckily, no mice wandered onto the scene before the grand finale.

  • Jonny Watts
    Jonny Watts

    Is he on drugs? Seriously

  • J T
    J T

    1.1k thumbs down at this point ... is that the number of blood-thirsty maniacs upset that 900 mice didn't die in filming or simply the number whiners that thumb down anything that alone makes their life worth living?

  • Andrei Arseniu
    Andrei Arseniu

    This was the cheapest video you've made ! :))

  • DestinedGamingYT

    It's satisfying to see the mousetraps hit each other.

  • Ari Heinonen
    Ari Heinonen

    That was art exhibition for mouses ;)

  • gavin's view
    gavin's view

    hello gavin my name is gavin i like siance

  • Fung Chi Leung
    Fung Chi Leung

    Dangerous , dust explosion probability ! do not do it again !

  • Mr Keith
    Mr Keith

    I saw a video in school where these guys took a room full of set mouse traps with 2 ping pong balls on each. Then they threw one in the middle of the room. It was cool.

  • Halfdan Ingolfsson
    Halfdan Ingolfsson

    That was A LOT of pent-up nervous energy!

  • Oustade Bii
    Oustade Bii

    Welcome to the Rambow Nation

  • Zeba Fatima
    Zeba Fatima

    Hey can you change your look to the past one.

  • lone wrecche
    lone wrecche

    Lol "but it is 2020." he said, unaware of the atrocities that 2021 would bring the world.

    • lone wrecche
      lone wrecche

      @Callum - カラム Democracy being dismantled, police states being imposed, freedom being denied. economies crushed, demons created out of neighbours... Are you too woke to notice?

    • Callum - カラム
      Callum - カラム

      What atrocities

  • Jeremy Mitchell
    Jeremy Mitchell

    Simple video idea.. drop a glass of champagne to see what happens to the bubbles in free fall

  • Opalite The Fox
    Opalite The Fox


  • Ioan Foreau
    Ioan Foreau


  • phoenixash Delfuego
    phoenixash Delfuego

    10 hours set up...........were you also setting it up in 4k slow motion?

  • Yussuf Muse
    Yussuf Muse

    Wherez the other guy?

  • Dante Armstrong
    Dante Armstrong

    2:54 = Audible pain 2:59 = A C C E P T A N C E

  • Real Detective51
    Real Detective51

    The “accidental” stepping on the still set up traps at the end was so obviously fake. I hate when creators try force gaffes. “Where to start?” Give me a break. I really like this channel, but come on. Makes me wonder what percentage of what he does is genuine. I know Dan is the funny one, but he didn’t have to stage that to help make the video.

  • lightningjet

    This is a great display of what Bidden is going to do do to gas prices (explode)


    Please make a slow motion video on paper tiering. 🙏🙏🙏


    Most of that was in fast-mo...

  • Heather Gibson
    Heather Gibson

    I don't really care why or how he did this, so skip to the action at 6:45. The slow mo was too slow.

    • Rainbow Angel
      Rainbow Angel

      @Heather Gibson I know that everyone may not like something, and that's okay. Sorry if I came out as toxic 😅, didn't really mean it that way.

    • Heather Gibson
      Heather Gibson

      @Rainbow Angel I get it, really. You create something, and you want everyone to like it. That's not always the case. Different opinions, criticisms, and rejection are all part of an artist's life. We chew the meat and spit out the bones, develop a thick skin, and if we allow it to make us strong, we use it to improve. Carry on.

    • Rainbow Angel
      Rainbow Angel

      @Heather Gibson I know, but like, it's kinda rude to just throw it out there ya know. Sorry, I just flew off the handle when I read your comment.

    • Heather Gibson
      Heather Gibson

      @Rainbow Angel LOL What are you? The FIshows video police. I'm sure with a little therapy you'll find a way to deal with it. Difference of opinions are how adults express themselves.

    • Rainbow Angel
      Rainbow Angel

      That... This is just a little rude ya know? He spent so much time working on it, do you know how long it takes just to upload footage? My 15 second long videos take at least half a minute to upload, and the longer ones take more that 7 minutes. This is a video over 10 minutes! Imagine that! Not only does the uploading take long, but so does the camera ajusts, the time it took to set everything up! If it's "too slow" for you, go watch their Super Slow Show, the frame rates are much faster.

  • Deppressed Ham
    Deppressed Ham

    *forgets to click record*


    Can you try about the Speed of sound? JK

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