Filming at 1000fps in Reverse - The Slow Mo Guys
Gav tries to film a cheeky slow mo guys video, but someone has already done it... sort of. Own Tenet now in 4K UltraHD Blu-Ray \u0026 Digital: Thanks to Warner Bros. for sponsoring this video. Follow on Twitter -
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Filmed at 1000fps on the Phantom Flex 4K
Filming at 1000fps in Reverse - The Slow Mo Guys

  • The Slow Mo Guys
    The Slow Mo Guys

    Dan and I are still bound by covid travel restrictions and cannot film together. I’m beginning to forget what he looks like 🙁. I need to go and watch some old videos. - Gav

    • Jatin Saraf
      Jatin Saraf

      Why not Filming Some Chemical Tests containing Colour change...? Give it try 🙌

    • First In Last Out
      First In Last Out

      video call to Dan

    • Kim Juana Lehmann
      Kim Juana Lehmann

      we miss him too, Gav, but you were brilliant in this one

    • Corey Potter
      Corey Potter

      Hopefully they ask you to help with the Flash movie

    • Dhillon Flora
      Dhillon Flora

      Drive a car through different types of glass

  • Irfan

    Can you capture a light speed in Slow mo

  • Mads06

    This. Was. So. Dang. Cool. Tenet was a great movie.

  • Bart Knol
    Bart Knol

    Casually saying "I think we're getting good at this" when you actually have recorded the most parts already is brilliant

  • Content I make for myself
    Content I make for myself

    Can't believe I missed this one! Amazing!

  • space tech101
    space tech101

    you guys made more shock-waves in science experiments progression than anyone... that being said i hope people take after you two lol, love what you guys are doing, never stop asking them crazy questions haha :D

  • Ivan Kacarski
    Ivan Kacarski

    That's very impressive

  • 火村、


  • ibrahim mahrir
    ibrahim mahrir

    This is actually better than Tenet

  • Yassinius

    Nice, this video is just as confusing as Tenet

  • Wigadama

    I wish everyone who clicked on this video the most love, peace and abundance. You’re so much closer than you realize.

  • william hines
    william hines

    Tenet in a nutshell:

  • Matthias Sermant
    Matthias Sermant

    Dude..... Tenet!

  • Galaxy Gamer
    Galaxy Gamer

    Well this isn’t an Armageddon of confusion.

  • Peter Shen
    Peter Shen

    Funny how I was going to relate this TENET, BUT THE WHOLE VIDEO IS SPONSORED BY WARNERS BROS 😂😂😂

  • John Parker
    John Parker

    Looks great!👍🏼😎


  • Peace

    Nobody: FIshows compression: 3:18

  • Alex Purvis
    Alex Purvis

    I got some Vsauce vibes here, anyone else?

  • I am a twat
    I am a twat

    the glass one looked like when you build something in a lego game

  • Yagi Dojo
    Yagi Dojo

  • DifferentName _64 (Ginger Fam)
    DifferentName _64 (Ginger Fam)

    What was the ice swan for then?

  • sed lerd21
    sed lerd21

    Brilliant video this 👍😃

  • sed lerd21
    sed lerd21

    You said glarss buddy. Its just glass. You said catch just fine.. Why didn't you say cartch. Hahah soz never mind.

  • sed lerd21
    sed lerd21

    There's that long a again flaarsk. It's just flask buddy. Like.. Task.. Past.. Dan. Not tarsk. Parst.. Darn. **tut**

  • spookq

    How did I not see this till now

  • Ultimate

    Plot Twist: He actually spoke all the syllables in reverse and nailed it.

  • Kirkland Funz
    Kirkland Funz

    That’s was probably the most satisfying video ever made

  • Sirflappington

    Gonna be honest, watched half of tenet, had not idea what was going on.

  • claycon

    Cool concept & great execution! The reverse trimming made my nose itch

  • Colin Anderson
    Colin Anderson

    3:04 This looks and sounds unnatural

  • loloKenneth

    3:15 should be your new intro..that looks dope.

  • loloKenneth

    Mate, filming first the outro then intro must be mindblowing while editing the video..loving it.

  • Benjamin Das David
    Benjamin Das David

    Best promo for tenet

  • Ignacio Catalán
    Ignacio Catalán

    i can't imagine how hard this must have been to script

  • Pat Paulo
    Pat Paulo

    This must have taken quite some planning! Well done

  • XxzedloxX

    This video is amazing

  • LuminousMagic

    I love that he scripted this video backwards😅🙏

  • 509g1

    I Wana see it in Normal forward play now lol and that technically means he's got no beard after this even tho it seems like he has lmao. That was done amazingly

  • Incognito •
    Incognito •

    Русские здесь НАААХУУУУУУЙ????

  • We eb
    We eb

    What about Gavin paid

  • GippyHappy

    Even though I knew he was already sponsored by Warner I really thought for a sec we were going to get a dollar shave club as when he started doing the beard.

  • G B (CyanCloud)
    G B (CyanCloud)

    Now it's just the slow mo guy

  • محمد الخالدي
    محمد الخالدي

    The creator of the idea is hellish

  • Saurabh Gawande
    Saurabh Gawande

    @3:26 I wished it was an Avengers Endgame logo

  • Ana Carolina
    Ana Carolina

    makes me sad this didn't get as many views as it should have. an absolute masterpiece!

  • Chewy 1128
    Chewy 1128

    Oooh, backwards

  • NIP TV
    NIP TV

    Interesting concept. Makes me think of a puzzle game with similar mechanics, where you need to deduce the order of events and do everything in reverse =D

  • SnowChild4180

    I miss Dan in this but Gav did a good job with this, especially due to it being a sponsored video.

  • Potato_Ffritzz


  • Kiki Aleaki
    Kiki Aleaki

    This is better than the movie

  • Jesse RiZu
    Jesse RiZu

    0:57 you can clearly see where his skin get some sun and where it didn't because of the growned beard LOL

  • Galex


  • 28. Md Areeb
    28. Md Areeb

    Did for this video he had to speak 🗣 everything backwards.


    This is really cool. Why so few views?

  • krisisplaying567

    Raid shadow legends should sponser him

  • Marauder

    what is the music that was used for breaking the vase? I must know.

  • Seguro Dental
    Seguro Dental

    I liked this video more than the movie tbh

  • Luis Solís
    Luis Solís


  • Raijinmaru

    love the video, hate the acting

  • dandymcgee

    This is very confusing.. you must have written down everything in great detail before filming any part of this.. there are so many points of no return, haha.

  • Paul Canning
    Paul Canning

    Love the beard tan line!

  • Evyatar Kaufman
    Evyatar Kaufman

    This video probably take a long time to make

  • Miran Games
    Miran Games

    movies sux tho

  • Nintense

    tenet, the worst film ever made

  • Shawn Collins
    Shawn Collins

    You must have had a ton of fun filming this

  • Frithnanth Caleb
    Frithnanth Caleb

    This Shows some of tenets flaws, it lacket a Lot of Reverse gore and blood splatter

  • Mikaylan Kunnie
    Mikaylan Kunnie

    Here before 1 million views👇

  • Firmansyah

    Mind blowing

  • The Fantasy Experiment
    The Fantasy Experiment

    So amazing. Nice shot

  • Diesel Dawg
    Diesel Dawg

    Oh, so that's how Merlin packed his tower in 'The Sword in the Stone'. And how Dumbledore fixed the livingroom.

  • Ameya Dandgawhane
    Ameya Dandgawhane

    Sooooo.....basically Dan has Abbachio's stand ability...Hmmmm..... So life really IS a jojo reference🤔

  • Damian Brown
    Damian Brown

    More videos

  • Painfoot

    I know this is a fake video because Gavin is using a phone with a case on it.

  • MysticJonin

    My head hurts 😵

  • Lagi Bernapas
    Lagi Bernapas

    When reverse make you like a hero

  • Alessandro Petersen
    Alessandro Petersen

    Good good good

  • Gabriel Pinheiro
    Gabriel Pinheiro


  • Gear and Outdoor GER.
    Gear and Outdoor GER.

    Looks like a science version of Blues Clues for adults

  • A Bit Of Everything
    A Bit Of Everything


  • Marcus Lindgren
    Marcus Lindgren

    The sad realization that a lot of people don't understand how this was made, and ignorantly think it's heavy editing, possibly CGI etc. That's truly depressing and infuriating.

  • 8d Wings
    8d Wings

    What a shots 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 Better than films 🎉🎉🎉

  • Random Uploads
    Random Uploads

    The amount of effort in this video

  • Саша Карпоченко
    Саша Карпоченко

    OMG it's real best Slow Mo video in my life

  • Volt Vortex
    Volt Vortex

    Slow Mo Guys song Link to “We’re All Heroes in Slow Mo” by The Gregory Brothers This is the channel trailer for the Slow Mo Guys that is posted as “unlisted” for some reason, but it’s so awesome!

  • Jones


  • Jeyanthan

    It's like a new version of timetravel

  • Ethan McPherson
    Ethan McPherson

    3:54 I can see Gav has a bald patch.

  • Victor Rossignon
    Victor Rossignon

    That footage is actually better directed than Tenet

  • Super Boy
    Super Boy

    Gavin has superpowers to make things reverse (Reverseman)

  • Sinuos

    The music, where do i find it?

  • RJ C
    RJ C

    I want to... braid his hair

  • Coleman Studios
    Coleman Studios

    Sweet hair.

  • eve akane
    eve akane

    Ron Weasley?

  • RadLikeRichard

    You should call this video “Inversion at 1000fps”

  • Dingo Jo
    Dingo Jo

    This would have been confusing to make. 😅

  • NGC 7635
    NGC 7635

    Tenet is the smartest stupid movie of all time. If you don’t get it, it’s 5/10 but if you actually think hard enough about it, it’s 8/10.

  • مشهداني

    عراقي مر من هنا🇮🇶

  • Zoo Hair
    Zoo Hair

    I want the beard back.

  • Akashdeep Singh
    Akashdeep Singh

    Who is watching it in 8k resolution