Ultrasonic Obliterator at 170,000fps - The Slow Mo Guys
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When it really comes down to it, in this video Gav is filming a vibrating stick in slow mo. However, not all sticks vibrate. Especially not as fast as this one.
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Filmed with the Phantom V2511
Ultrasonic Obliterator at 170,000fps - The Slow Mo Guys

  • Maple Leaf
    Maple Leaf

    I was curious about the real speed of this thing so I skipped through a bunch of the frames (between 6:13 and 6:15) and noted all the times when it appeared to be at the lowest position. Most time between those was indeed 35 ms, but one every 5-7 movements it was 29 ms. Must have something to do with that most of the time the camera doesn't capture the stick at its actual lowest point but just above it. So that made me even more curious about the average. So in the list below I set the start point at line 6 just after the 29 ms one, and up to line 30 including the 29 ms one. Result: 24 oscillations in 814.16 milliseconds or 29,478 Hz, so yeah even more 'definitely in the ball park'. 0 624 784.03 1 818.92 2 853.81 3 888.70 4 923.60 5 952.67 (-) 6 987.56 7 625 022.46 8 057.35 9 092.24 10 127.13 11 162.03 12 191.10 (-) 13 226.00 14 260.89 15 295.78 16 330.67 17 359.75 (-) 18 394.64 19 429.53 20 464.43 21 499.32 22 534.21 23 563.29 (-) 24 598.18 25 633.07 26 667.97 27 702.86 28 737.75 29 772.64 30 801.72 (-)


    This is how siatama punches will look like in slomo

  • ///M-Thusiast

    Fascinating. That sound of the timing was from the Videogame S.T.A.L.K.E.R btw, your PDA makes that Sound 😅

  • Crimson

    bro you got a huge nose couldnt help to notice it

  • Daddy Gamez
    Daddy Gamez

    these are awesome video Glad i found your channel 😁

  • Suicide Mouse
    Suicide Mouse

    Gav: Welcome to the slo mo guy? This is funnier then it deserves to be.

  • Vardhman

    6:48 now thats what boys do before new year

  • Vardhman

    Finally something small which small girls can use

  • XxCaptHowdy11xX

    do this in jello!

  • Carlos Martinez
    Carlos Martinez

    Is someone talking about the long hair?

  • J S
    J S

    It's a sonic screwdriver

  • Sp3NgL3R

    womans would be like but can u make that Ultrasonic Obliterator bigger

  • its.alexander.p 1
    its.alexander.p 1

    try it on a mirror or glass

  • Ignacio Díez
    Ignacio Díez

    Please do a laser metal cleaner

  • Zergidrom

    4:10 this looks like last scene from "project power" movie :)

  • Corey Malmgren
    Corey Malmgren

    You can actually weld metals this way as well

  • BexDoesStuff

    And suddenly I understand why when one of my college buddies touched the ultrasonic bit of their diffuser, she got nerve damage from it. Also, for lab equipment a magnetic stirrer could be interesting.

  • Axel Plays
    Axel Plays

    Its moving fast in slow motion now thats super sonic

  • Flux_Time

    I like how you clearly shaved right before this video and didnt clean your shirt lol

  • BlockFin

    Protip: When you measure cycles (like the vibrational cycle of the probe here), measure more than one and divide the result by the amount of measurements. If you measure just once and your measurement error is X, you get the whole error of X to the result. But if you measure 30 and divide the result by 30, you've got an error of only X/30. Love the video!

  • Frazer Goddon
    Frazer Goddon

    Crazy stuff , never thought of it as a weapon.

  • George Liquor
    George Liquor

    Ill get one for the wife


    Very satisfying videos nice👌

  • Eduardo Luna
    Eduardo Luna

    Wa happen with de other guy?

  • Pavle Gartnar
    Pavle Gartnar

    we saw to much

  • guddu boby
    guddu boby


  • Demitrius Grant (Grant's Vlogs)
    Demitrius Grant (Grant's Vlogs)

    I miss Dan

  • GKiddo

    Cavitation is actually steam not magic vacuum...

    • GKiddo

      Bc of low pressure

  • Jason Hirsch
    Jason Hirsch

    "YOU SHALL MIX!". Best tasting oil/vinegar dressings I've ever had were mixed ultrasonically ... Never separated either.

  • A Twin
    A Twin

    I wonder what would it look like with ice?

  • High voltage
    High voltage

    Plasma ball in slow motion please

  • Jherald TV
    Jherald TV

    This reminds me of the mantis shrimp's devastating punch


    I'd love to make mayonnaise with this!! Satisfying

  • itsa me mario
    itsa me mario

    Where is dan?

  • K Udai
    K Udai

    Magic of 4K video: I guess Gav just trimmed his beard before the shoot, you can see remnants of his facial hair near his neck :P

  • Naren

    This is so dumb I can watch the video only in 60 FPS JK Now watch all the people get triggered 😂

  • Prakash Kamath
    Prakash Kamath

    americans are still proud and inert of using ft lbs system...........its Pain in A

  • Bhav L (Bhav)
    Bhav L (Bhav)

    Why is there hair on your t-shirt?

  • TubeYouGuru

    wheres the second guy?

  • Богдан Шевчук
    Богдан Шевчук

    My sister wondering where she can buy this thing

  • AppNasty

    At 8:00 if you imagine it's his hand then this becomes a completely different video.

  • FairBird

    please try with diamond.

  • Basic

    I'm sure you've heard of water hammer in pipes, but have you ever heard of a steam hammer? Get a bottle with a little water. Microwave until it's full of steam, turn upside down and place the neck into a bowl of ice water. Steam cools and shrinks, pulling water up into the bottle where it cools more steam, increasing the pressure differential and causing a runaway reaction. Pick a sturdy bottle or the bottom will be smashed out.

  • InkyBlur

    Great content! Thanks a lot for the video. By the way what is the music in the background?

  • Peter Swinkels
    Peter Swinkels

    I own an ultrasonic humidifier.


    I did not understand anything you said for most the video but that is cool

  • Utkarsh vishnoi
    Utkarsh vishnoi

    You could have used a laser to shine the light through the water droplet.

  • ChilledGamerTV

    He just shaved his beard lol

  • Mom Cramer
    Mom Cramer

    On a molecular level if it vibrates quick enough one molecule and atoms can vibrate past one another that's why it's easily making it through the wood. Like the flash from DC universe how he can vibrate and phase through objects

  • Mom Cramer
    Mom Cramer

    Oh my God this guy shaved his neck but forgot the very bottom of it it's sticking out of his shirt

  • Jaime Cohen
    Jaime Cohen

    oof terrible science on the period estimation-- you're at 3-4 frames per cycle! how can you guarantee you are stopping the image at the peaks! should have counted the time for 10-15 cycles at least and averaged it :p

  • Garrison Smith
    Garrison Smith

    Would love to see in slow motion the difference between a regular engine and a Hemi

  • AynenMakino

    I noticed on the single droplet footage that ripples form across it's surface before it's pulled apart entirely. These ripples must not only be absolutely tiny, they also move very fast. Can the moment the droplet disintegrates say anything about the maximum speed a ripple can have before it separates from the droplet entirely?

  • GoKu OP
    GoKu OP

    4:23 That's what she said

  • Jeff Cooper
    Jeff Cooper

    Cavitation in water is not a "void". It's a bubble of steam. It's also the reason the water heats up quickly.

  • MilesBellas

    The lighting needs improvement. Stands with lamps? IMALENT make powerful small flashlights FYI.. With water droplets there still is a lot of uncovered ground.... See CYMATICS. *Ripples on the water droplet = AMAZING !*

  • Lucas Brown
    Lucas Brown

    what if u touch it?

  • Maarten 22
    Maarten 22

    ultrasonic cutting knife?

  • Ruck Fules
    Ruck Fules

    I can now imagine how the Big Bang happened specially when water bubbles hits and become more tiny and scattering 360 degree !!!

    • Apache Attack Helicopter
      Apache Attack Helicopter


  • Nathan Storer
    Nathan Storer

    Might be interesting to see a tweeter in slow-mo

  • Sander

    Can you etch stuff with this?

  • tankeryy

    7:27 "now we're going to learn whether an apple enjoys being vibrated" ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • MegaPG

    my mommy has one of these but the tip is bigger

  • Cockatiel Time
    Cockatiel Time

    Wheres your bro you fell out?

  • Trypo Phobia
    Trypo Phobia

    ok calm down boys i know what yall are thinking

  • LightingTheCat

    3:58 thanos

  • Kyle

    What happened to Dan?

  • Mr Bushi
    Mr Bushi

    i miss Dan

  • Klever Avila
    Klever Avila

    The charming octopus concretely slap because desk initially share forenenst a loutish radiator. oafish, volatile chronometer

  • Scott Bilger
    Scott Bilger

    Could that thing stir a jar of peanut butter?

  • Gustav Gnöttgen
    Gustav Gnöttgen

    If you want to emulgate liquids in the kitchen - like dressing, or to make mayonnaise obviously - you can use milk and mayonnaise. A little bit is enough to get the mixing started, and you can use regular mixing methods. It's not comparable to this nice toy though, I want one!


    Hadron collider, that would be good to see in slow motion. Get one

  • Lee Maitland
    Lee Maitland

    ... and that's how baby rabbits are made.

  • Jack -
    Jack -

    The wood board answered my question: would it hurt if you put it on your skin..

  • Martin Fleetwood
    Martin Fleetwood

    What happens if it hits a piece of tempered glass?

  • Dakota Barvian
    Dakota Barvian

    Try this one with your new camera please. You said it was your "fasted capture" minus the speed of light video. Talking about the camera in your Apple spinning video

  • McKay Bowman
    McKay Bowman

    You should do a slow mo of a dentist drilling a tooth.

  • Paul Votaw
    Paul Votaw

    You need a Magic Arm to hold that Nitecore flashlight up!

  • Daniel Haj
    Daniel Haj

    Try putting it on your teeth

  • ravindu migara
    ravindu migara

    What about the camera flashers the speed lights ? Dslr camera flashlight?

  • Karel “Waterman” Hoogendoorn
    Karel “Waterman” Hoogendoorn

    Within the very limited range of my chemistry knowledge, it looked like the sugars in the apple were caramelizing,

  • Vansh Anekar
    Vansh Anekar

    John Lennon can't find his glasses y'all

  • Accalia Murray Music
    Accalia Murray Music

    THIS is how we cook the internet chicken! We slap it with dozens of these machines

  • Vivek P
    Vivek P

    How about creating a slow-mo video on a centrifuge machine!!?

  • Berat Güler
    Berat Güler

    9:32 best part

  • EVGRN Haze
    EVGRN Haze

    use it on your teeth

  • battleship Strachan
    battleship Strachan

    My 6.0 diesel mixes oil and water

  • not a clock
    not a clock

    Minecraft and gd players: :D

  • Pablo de Sarasate
    Pablo de Sarasate

    i bet dogs can hear it

  • Matched Player
    Matched Player

    8:44 the forbidden drill

  • sami

    4:15 This reminds me of the big bang. Maybe the dark matter is actually a very high frequency vibration which is splitting everything.

  • Typh Vam
    Typh Vam

    So, this applied to a knife, and you would have some serious cutting power? sharpen it, sharpen it

  • Talia WTF!?
    Talia WTF!?

    Not gonna lie I had some thoughts after first about how strong this thing vibrates.. I rethought some things after it burned the apple... and the wood... Ouch.

  • David Furor Curser
    David Furor Curser

    vibrating is a lame super power they said

  • Rohan Barnard
    Rohan Barnard

    Today on The Slow Mo Guys... We make mayonnaise.

  • Wonkus Bonkus
    Wonkus Bonkus

    Imagine how quickly you could make angel delight with that thing!

  • Joshua Collins
    Joshua Collins

    A lab vacuum filter, might be interesting in slow motion

  • ememe


  • ememe


  • FourDFoxey

    now what happens with a finger :D?