Spinning an Apple until it Explodes at 28,500fps - The Slow Mo Guys
Compressed air can be used to levitate rounded objects. Sometimes said rounded objects start spinning so fast that they give up on being round objects. Gav films all the action over 1000x times slower than real time. Check out KiwiCo.com/SlowMoGuys and get your first month free!
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Spinning an Apple until it Explodes at 28,500fps - The Slow Mo Guys

  • The Slow Mo Guys
    The Slow Mo Guys

    Dan is still unable to enter the US by air due to Covid. Don't worry, though. I've heard reports that he went underground and started tunneling this way in April. - Gav

    • Anime Board Gamers
      Anime Board Gamers

      Will Dan be tunneling in Slow-Mo? We would like to see that happen. Please ❗🙏

    • Nithin V
      Nithin V

      someone pick him off Long Island then, either ways he'd probably go for the ferry

    • Alen Mathew
      Alen Mathew

      Seems you guys soon design a particle accelerator.

    • Jay Beep
      Jay Beep

      Good, because Slo Mo Guys sounds so much better than Slow Mo Guy ;) we miss the witty banter and dashed good looks!

    • Ford Pinto 1970
      Ford Pinto 1970


  • Sag Norm
    Sag Norm

    when the apples rotations per second matches the cameras frames per second, it appears like a blurry non rotating apple.

  • Mya

    so if u think abt it non-newtonian fluid is similar to the affect on items from wind? cuz even if u rolled something, anything that’s rolled, it can be rolled at the same speed. doesn’t necessarily mean it’s heavier or lighter. right?

    • Mya

      and gravity. wind and gravity that make it similar too non-newtonian fluid

  • Mya

    is this why things float in the air? cuz of the force of the air back on what’s being thrown?

  • Mya

    they’re just air bending

  • Patriot1

    WHOA! Your reaction is as interesting as the Apple exploding! You closed your eyes waay later than the Apple exploded - really cool video

  • ikxM mass
    ikxM mass

    Yo lemme buy that klipsch speaker you have there.lol

  • TCG Productions
    TCG Productions

    4:12 *Everyone Liked That*

  • Ashu

    9565 RPM a day, keeps and Apple away!! 😂

  • The What is Normal show
    The What is Normal show

    Gavin looks like john lennon in this video

  • Quinn Puffer
    Quinn Puffer

    That Apple was spinning 53.182 mph (85.5881326 kph)

  • Out of Logic
    Out of Logic

    New way to slice apple

  • The Flopping Doctor
    The Flopping Doctor

    PC gamers: Ha! I have the highest FPS than all you other console players SlowMo Guys: Are you sure about that

  • Abhinav MV
    Abhinav MV

    " How to cut an apple" Google : Cut it with a knife Bing :

  • fluffle puff is amazing
    fluffle puff is amazing

    rotating slighty more than 100 rotations a second near the end.

    • fluffle puff is amazing
      fluffle puff is amazing

      oh he says that later in the video, nevermind. its 109

  • Kristopher Pontilla
    Kristopher Pontilla

    See how he react too late XD

  • A T
    A T

    The kitty playing with the glowing pendulum was too precious!!

  • Amir F
    Amir F

    It fun watching human processing speed at 2:11. The apple explodes and has almost gone out of the frame. Then he closes his eyes (subconsciously presumably) which is already too late anyway. Then he realizes what just happened.

  • littenger

    Apple slices easy

  • K

    Wow that's bananas 🤓

  • kkonstantinosss2

    This wasn't a red apple, it was a red-lining apple

  • not your face
    not your face

    2160p I never thought I would see something better than 1080p

  • Kyle Gregory
    Kyle Gregory

    Wow Gav looks so different especially after finishing watching the super slow show

  • Wacky paintings
    Wacky paintings

    Imagine if there was a big worm inside that apple.

  • George bradley
    George bradley

    U could shave your beard/ hair in slo mo

  • Splincir

    I love the sound on the last start up. Like some kind of space age engine starting up before rocketing to space. Or master chiefs shields charging up.

  • ColToons

    Imagine taking a walk in your neighborhood and you see some dude hovering an apple.

  • Obamium

    Alternative title: nic cage abuses apple with telekinesis

  • ‍1marcelfilms


  • Jackofallmotards

    Didn't realise Jesus was a slow mo guy

  • NJOYtommy

    impossible not to laugh at that face

  • RaptureCalf

    If an apple was spinning that fast on the road I wonder how fast it would travel but I’m definitely not gonna do the math on it lol

  • essential oils
    essential oils

    Yeah but how fast can you spin a beyblade until it explodes

  • François Flibotte
    François Flibotte

    Your reaction! 🙌

  • Golden Player
    Golden Player

    Rotate a metal ball

  • Nathan Atwood
    Nathan Atwood

    Where’s Dan ?

  • Vuyolwethu Tshirana
    Vuyolwethu Tshirana

    🤣Your reaction was so slow...

  • Aldo

    how would it be with an onion or an orange 🤔🤔🤔

  • MrRootbrian RB
    MrRootbrian RB

    That apple just... split!

  • uzbecka

    Wonder what the nope speed of a watermelon is

  • shmuel gruber
    shmuel gruber

    ממש מגניב

  • MoteKat

    I thought Rhett from GMM was back on TSMG 😂

  • 171 476
    171 476


  • Madhankumar M
    Madhankumar M

    In 10,000 FPS we reacted to the blast, before he did😀,. Thanks for making such good videos for us.🙏

  • akupehsluarketatAR

    That apple spins faster than the crankshaft in my car.

  • Philip Ponce
    Philip Ponce

    What about if you put somethig tu turn agaist tha turns of eatrh at same velocity . something that can be older in one day but if you puti backwards will it get older. I hope you understand the idea

  • Haristic

    This camera is worth more than all my organs.

  • Lanu Vdw
    Lanu Vdw

    Bro my games doenst even run on 40 fps

  • Francisco Ariel Prado
    Francisco Ariel Prado

    que clase de brujería es esta?

  • Seth Gibbons
    Seth Gibbons

    That is so cool...especially the super slow one!

  • Jan Lloyd
    Jan Lloyd

    *hello internet, I’m Jesus.

  • Steleo Soram
    Steleo Soram

    2nd jesus christ

  • Blue Ninja
    Blue Ninja

    The aftermath looked like a gun fight on the roof

  • bUbBle gUm
    bUbBle gUm

    nope speed lmao

  • Mohd Waseem
    Mohd Waseem

    At 1000 fps stil slow why?

  • BeboPlays

    gav, the homeless rich scientist

  • Doug Zwick
    Doug Zwick

    6,565 happens to be the number of frames in the video for the song Bad Apple!! from the Touhou series.

  • Cinek1251

    It's funny to see how much delayed our reaction is to the actual action. I bet a fly would have reacted much faster to the exploding apple:)

  • Cruz Nunez
    Cruz Nunez

    Do an orange next. And a grape. And every other round fruit :)

  • Czech Death
    Czech Death

    WHAIT WHAT? I mean centrifugal forces, are no brainer, but LEVITATING AN APPLE by spinning it by compressor blowing air on it? I never seen anything like that ever xD

  • alamir888

    You’re amazing

  • Ashwin Anil
    Ashwin Anil

    gav's starting to look like gavid duetta tho

  • Russian Cheems
    Russian Cheems

    If that really is spinning at 28,500 FPS, then it’s spinning 28 times faster than what the eye can see (max is 1,000 FPS)

  • Vito Davi
    Vito Davi

    Ur scrolling here for this: 3:50

  • Baus 8780
    Baus 8780

    nice Navein in the background : )

  • Aakash Thakur
    Aakash Thakur

    Dr Jekyll

  • Un Apodo Tremendamente Característico
    Un Apodo Tremendamente Característico

    "Sure I knew if you spin an apple fast enough it explodes" (Me, trying to fool myself again)

  • ZenGeekDad

    4:35 - jump to the apple breakdown

  • syam S Gopal
    syam S Gopal

    Fuck....I have only.. mutated cube apple

  • Nicholas Marchesani
    Nicholas Marchesani

    Did anyone notice the stem split in half on the second apple?

  • Nicholas Marchesani
    Nicholas Marchesani

    I love how his cat shows up during the sponsor

  • sahil poharkar -119
    sahil poharkar -119

    After looking at thumbnail Why did i thought he is that dude perfect guy 😂

  • bahhaziz

    What made you think it would explode ? 🤔 It's hard to predict .. and harder to even think the apple would stay levitated if you blow the air in an angle

  • Jimi Tu
    Jimi Tu

    *Where's sam?*

  • Art Brown
    Art Brown

    Spin a tomato!


    Imagine quicksilver passing.

  • Len Vogels
    Len Vogels

    The apple rotates faster then most cars rev limiter

  • Shmexer Meister
    Shmexer Meister

    3:20 ahahahahahahah lol

  • Y F
    Y F

    GG! ;)

  • Jocelyn Joseph
    Jocelyn Joseph

    The graviton at the center.

  • Arda Arslan
    Arda Arslan

    what if he is doing it with his mind?

  • Alexis Quim
    Alexis Quim

    me: did that apple truly spin at 6565 rpm? nope:

  • Hawkshadow56

    Gavin should replace his slow mo theme with the song from Ilos in Mass Effect 1 for a video and see if anybody notices.

  • Tenesmus

    The real sponsor of this video was destin .

  • Juho Virtanen
    Juho Virtanen

    Have to admit, this is the first apple I see redlining at 6,500 rpm.

  • Jared Shiver
    Jared Shiver

    2:45 - a phrase I never thought I’d hear Gavin Free say, as someone from Alabama.

  • 11Hourr

    almost looks like it broke up Fibonacci style, as far as the size of the pieces.

  • The Sangson
    The Sangson

    Watched the sponsored content BECAUSE it was in the end

  • Furn

    So 108 rotations per second is the limit

  • Furn

    It's not the same with Dan

  • grlg2

    Wow 6500 RPM Redline.

  • Preston Cottingham
    Preston Cottingham

    I was going to rewind to see in slow mo but then I realized that’s what I’m here for

  • Lorenzo Waller
    Lorenzo Waller

    You should try this with one of those aluminum polished balls please

  • The power of god and anime
    The power of god and anime

    How to slice apples *[advanced mode]*

  • Fender Morsink
    Fender Morsink

    Gav:"that is bacon!" me:"no dum dum its an apple"


    How is this possible??? I'm floored

  • Peter Bear
    Peter Bear

    Gav, you really need to buy your own 2511 at this point.

  • Mustafa Bozdoğan
    Mustafa Bozdoğan

    why not an orange


    FUNNY CATS WITH SOUND EFFECTS fishows.info/post/pKyPnc2bi3m7068/videot.html

  • Baby Pyscho
    Baby Pyscho

    I love it when were not even close to speed of light matter itself starts to break apart reminds me of einstein E = mc2

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