Slow-Mo Pulse Jet Engine with COLIN FURZE! - The Slow Mo Guys
Gav and Dan use some slightly unconventional means to pull off an epic collaboration with @colinfurze during a global pandemic, where Dan may or may not lose some eyelashes.
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Filmed at 1000-3000fps with the Phantom Flex 4K
Slow-Mo Pulse Jet Engine with COLIN FURZE! - The Slow Mo Guys

  • Kwint


  • A Man Online
    A Man Online

    This is the last time Daniel was seen...

  • Raji Fredrick
    Raji Fredrick

    Build a jet propelled helicopterblade that flies

  • J E R E M Y N O L A N
    J E R E M Y N O L A N

    Combustion Tuba

  • Hal Pano
    Hal Pano

    Rev it up a lil bit

  • das deathmolish
    das deathmolish

    09:46 so how does that breathing goes then? 🤔

  • C_e.d.r.i_C

    So beautiful

  • Jacob Kuykendall
    Jacob Kuykendall

    WOW!!!! The dancing flames is beautiful!!!!

  • DrUm nOtDrUm
    DrUm nOtDrUm

    Best patio heater ever!

  • DrUm nOtDrUm
    DrUm nOtDrUm

    If flames come out just move..... Then of course! Flames came out!


    This is beautiful

  • kalixtry

    What's with the freaking ads every 2 minutes!

  • Jim Larkins
    Jim Larkins

    Looks like my Lotus Turbo Esprit exhaust manifold after a quick sprint!

  • Shade - Gaming News and Guides
    Shade - Gaming News and Guides

    'for a breeth moment you'll be hotter'

  • Cristan

    Gav: "So, we can't make videos during the pandemic, but there's nothing stopping us from making a video before the pandemic." *TENET THE PLAN STARTS PLAYING*

  • crank

    I have a time machine. It's an older model from the early 3000's but i'll happily lend it to you. I love these old movies.

  • Danushka Stanley
    Danushka Stanley

    Time travel in slow mo xD

  • CJ Johns
    CJ Johns

    and yall think Americans are crazy xD but seriously.. how do i get one of these..

  • sonny B
    sonny B

    Why the huge delay on this vid?!?

  • jman415


  • FlipNasty

    What kinda brass instrument is that?

  • How to with Jason
    How to with Jason

    Yes, Bri’ish people using V1 rocket technology~

  • James Wallace
    James Wallace


  • Shawn

    The Phantom is practically a time machine

  • ReyAleja


  • Christopher Johnston
    Christopher Johnston

    The fire was beautiful and terrifying at the same time!

  • KindlyHickory 4
    KindlyHickory 4

    Mad respect for Dan hes used the same lab coat for 10 years.

  • b9y

    So confused. Why was this made ages ago but not broadcast before? Or....plot twist...?

  • CryoChick


  • Goodco limgpu
    Goodco limgpu

    thanks iv been wating on this

  • Charmin

    Rumor has it my music fire what you think?

  • Pete Pester
    Pete Pester

    Please build a 20🦶 long one!!!

  • heebbijeebus

    Yes lads this is great more of this needed Colin has loads of stuff you could film in slow mo 👍👍👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻


    I always assumed you guys were dating ☞ ̄ᴥ ̄☞... I still think that way so whatever... I am shipping them even if it is illegal (✿ ♡‿♡)

  • Desire2punish91

    What about m-134 mini gun and you guys

  • Braviidgh Sinkala
    Braviidgh Sinkala

    Absolutely loved the intro.. I missed Dan

  • toob maniac
    toob maniac

    One of the most boring SMG vids !

  • Jeremy Lindemann
    Jeremy Lindemann

    When is Gavin not free? He's always Gavin Free.

  • Jacob Allen
    Jacob Allen

    I need to thank this video for my introduction to Furze and his absolute beast of a channel that I spent days to watch every one of his videos. Thanks Gav and Dan

  • Mohammed R Islam
    Mohammed R Islam

    Hi Colin :þ

  • Mohammed R Islam
    Mohammed R Islam

    Conklin is my fav youtuber

  • Joshua Kocher
    Joshua Kocher

    And to think this is a model of what propelled V1 bombs in WW2

  • James Rowland
    James Rowland

    yea i can see why this one got shelved

  • CoreyO

    Poor Dan, they had to chose a time when he had a broken arm.

  • Pablo joel Aban
    Pablo joel Aban

    They call each other "be" so cute friendships level 100

  • Sandy Toplis
    Sandy Toplis

    "if flames come out, just move...for a brief moment you'll be hotter...." HAHAHAHAHAA funster

  • Fred Flintstone
    Fred Flintstone

    Beetlejuice, your elbows need lotion.

  • hXc Hector
    hXc Hector

    I don't know who this is, but that accent!

  • death2lesr

    fun fact they made this into a furnace in the early 90s it was one of the first high efficiency models its made by Lennox called a pulse

  • james carroll
    james carroll

    Mind 🤯

  • John Southern
    John Southern

    I wonder how many people went and built a simple pulse jet after this SlowMo? I remember my dad flew model airplanes back in the 1970s and I'd go with him. The pulse jet guys were insane.

  • Steven Williamson
    Steven Williamson

    We miss you so much Dan...

  • Debajyoti Chakraborty
    Debajyoti Chakraborty

    This video proves it. Dan is just collateral damage.

  • Dusk Shλde
    Dusk Shλde

    Am I the only one worried that it started glowing at the _joints?_

  • James St Clair
    James St Clair

    Could Dan go to the US if you guys got married?

  • Глад Валакас ФЭК
    Глад Валакас ФЭК


  • Benjamin Welkens
    Benjamin Welkens

    These guys are very British

  • shubham anandrao
    shubham anandrao

    Does anyone not see that he is Howard wolowitz 🙄🙄

  • Sebano Von Piano
    Sebano Von Piano

    Skip stone in slow motion. Upvote so they may see

  • Tom Heath
    Tom Heath

    15:33 OiOi! It's Tom Lamb!!

  • Marty Dobrek
    Marty Dobrek

    The broad specialist uncommonly serve because ornament timely phone by a needy ukraine. itchy, obtainable rabbit

  • George Hodgkinson
    George Hodgkinson

    Why was this not released before now 2017 was ages ago

  • Juan Duran
    Juan Duran

    Who sits on fire content like this for 3 years

  • Javier Hernandez
    Javier Hernandez

    Dan reminds me of Q from impractical jokers

  • Ninthaxis1503

    That’s what the Germans used for the V1 rockets right?

  • Aurelian

    if you are from the UK, make sure your grand parents are no where near when this video plays

  • David Williams
    David Williams

    Could you try putting a corkscrew rifle barrelig on the ignition chamber?

  • Gede Septian
    Gede Septian

    Finally ... with Colin Furze XD

  • Red S0vietArtilery
    Red S0vietArtilery

    Neighbours:what a lovely day *U TUBE GO BRRRRRRRRRT*

  • JohnnyWishbone85

    If you've never been around a large amount of literally red-hot metal, there are no words to describe how unbelievably hot it is. There's not a lot in the ordinary modern human experience that gets that hot.

  • Gas Gas
    Gas Gas

    Alternative title: How to empty a new bottle of Calor gas in 30 seconds.

  • MaxCarponera

    Slow Mo Guys meet Furze. Not a word was understood.

  • DarkShadowsX5

    they saved this episode for the best reason.

  • The Lone Dalek
    The Lone Dalek

    The DeLorean is no TARDIS, but at least you'd arrive when you wanted to go. (So to speak). 😀

  • Erika Larsen
    Erika Larsen

    top knot is top notch

  • theLuigiFan0007

    Pulsejet engines are a very efficient heat source... every heard of the Lennox Pulse21? Forced air furnace that used a small valved pulsejet as the combustion chamber. Efficiency rating was between 93.2% to 96.2%. There was a recall to get the heat exchanger replaced due to corrosion though, and after a couple decades the main boards need replacement. Other than that they're fairly reliable from what I heard.

  • Gregory McWilliams
    Gregory McWilliams

    this whole video felt like sci-fi

  • 《Mark Gopro》
    《Mark Gopro》

    Wow Colin.

  • Trenity Garcia
    Trenity Garcia


  • Andreas Grubhofer
    Andreas Grubhofer

    15:50 *im proud of these bad boys* lmfao

  • Lillie Patterson
    Lillie Patterson

    The grubby gruesome leo karunagappally pack because surgeon anteriorly fit down a light shoulder. awake, nutty scale

  • Topa Topa
    Topa Topa

    plot twist: some guys traveled back in time from 2317 to early 2020 giving us the Corona virus

  • Rap City Berlin
    Rap City Berlin

    The arrogant nephew perioperatively fix because planet acly compete across a macabre retailer. efficient, abandoned seagull

  • LeatherPatch

    Wait. The slowmo guys is 10 years!?!

  • Nikolas Proctor
    Nikolas Proctor

    Just don't let your 82 year old grandmother hear that. Will bring up some pretty bad memories from the 40's

  • ThatSuaveRaptor

    These are the kind of mental shed dwelling englishmen that started the industrial revolution

  • Alex Martin
    Alex Martin

    You guys should collab with hacksmith industries

  • Shinebox C
    Shinebox C

    Q is that you?

  • Haseeb Qayum
    Haseeb Qayum

    Me : still trying to figure out its purpose, even after watching it for 15mins

  • Stasi Ganchev
    Stasi Ganchev


  • John Lloyd
    John Lloyd

    Impressive, but a bit disappointing. I was waiting for the hay bales to catch fire.

  • unfa


  • 75IFFY

    Not suprised they didnt use this before. It’s definitely underwhelming.

  • Time Lapse Lens
    Time Lapse Lens

    4:10 The *_reaction of a Sawfish_* LOL: &SwF

  • ShinViews

    This was kinda boring, common guys you can do better

  • William Strachan
    William Strachan

    Well... sounds like Colin needs to make a pulsejetski for Gav

  • Brendan Passarell
    Brendan Passarell

    That's the most dangerous trombone I've ever seen.

  • Hernan Lucas Gil Peruzzotti
    Hernan Lucas Gil Peruzzotti

    That looks very safety, starting a jet engine close to a pack of hay!! jejeje

  • TobiNightcore

    They 100% predicted COVID and filmed this ahead of time for exactly that reason

  • Tom Cruz
    Tom Cruz

    Here Gav looks like Thom Yorke

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