Slow Motion Sneeze in 4K - The Slow Mo Guys with Dr Anthony Fauci
Somethings were never meant to be seen at 1000fps in 4K. I'd include this subject as one of them. Gav coughs, sneezes and talks in ultra backlit slow motion to illustrate the importance of wearing masks to prevent aerosolized particles from blasting out of your face holes. Who better to ask about the subject than Dr Anthony Fauci of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases!
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Filmed at 1000fps on the Phantom Flex 4K
Slow Motion Sneeze in 4K - The Slow Mo Guys with Dr Anthony Fauci

  • The Slow Mo Guys
    The Slow Mo Guys

    For those wondering why I didn’t show a masked sneeze as a comparison - I did try but I couldn’t make myself sneeze again in a mask before this video had to come out. I’ll keep trying and maybe put it on social. It’s an easy camera set up. I am letting my nose relax after huffing half a shaker of ground pepper 😂. As we covered in the interview though, it’s not sneezing that is the biggest culprit. Sneezing isn’t actually a symptom of COVID. The dangers come from the lax attitude one gets when people AREN’T coughing and sneezing. TALKING aerosolizes particles in an equally dangerous way. The sneeze is in this video because of the gross/interesting visual, but what we should take away from this is what the footage of talking shows.

    • rickie campbell
      rickie campbell

      That was the most exaggerated sneeze I've ever seen.. Almost comical.. Who sneezes that way

    • Jennifer Chase
      Jennifer Chase

      ​@Mark Hitchcock, Just Ignore that person. He/She has commented on another of other videos just to get seen. They're not worth your time!

    • Jennifer Chase
      Jennifer Chase

      @Daniel Masis, You're right. Back then, they didn't use masks, but they used Food Colouring. That was what clicked in when I saw this video right away.

    • Jennifer Chase
      Jennifer Chase

      @Joe Malone, For time, I was told to use a Sanitizer on a Counter. Leave it for three minutes, and then clean it off. Hands, wash your hands for twenty to thirty seconds. That's all I know because I'm not a Medical Professional. I'm going by what professionals have told me.

    • Jennifer Chase
      Jennifer Chase

      @Branden Wiler, If he'd do it again, that's what I'd be watching for. A couple of days ago I was constantly seeing and hearing the phrase "Double Masking". That's just for Homemade. Surgical Masks are triple layered regardless.

  • Palpatine

    Don't be stupid, i never wear masks, neither do my friends, i see them all the time. and guess what, we are still alive! LOL

  • Jesse Hester
    Jesse Hester

    Where's dan??

  • Nicole Waldrop
    Nicole Waldrop


  • Shepard

    3:04 - Thanks for my wallpaper!

  • Zman44444

    Look at Gavy’s mug doin a sneeze from his sklounst.

  • Austin The Red Engine 128
    Austin The Red Engine 128

    Why does he sound different

    • ThatOneGingerYouTolerate

      Because he has a gun pointed at him

  • Sir Finthenet
    Sir Finthenet

    At the 6:40 mark we learn that it is a good thing that Dr Fauci is speaking without a mask from inside a hermetically sealed and UV light flooded enclosure at the NIH because he would definitely be putting all of his coworkers at risk otherwise.

  • J-Will

    The whole purpose of wearing the mask was to isolate the virus. That didnt happen..If i get the vaccine shouldn't I be ammune? So if I get the vaccine why do I have to wear my mask if im " immune "? Dr dont even make any sense. That fluoride is really messing with yall head. Also the virus is 99.91% beatable but you take that vaccine its worse than being on death row and getting the injection 💉 💉 💉

  • Spaghetti the TenTac
    Spaghetti the TenTac

    You know, any Alaskan probably already knew about this. All I have to do is step outside right now and I can see vapor leaving my mouth with every breath due to the cold.

  • crank

    At this point in time 66 thousand people liked this vid............And the other 3 thousand were Trumpist's. Gotta love Fauci. He's a legend.

    • AE0N

      How do political views have anything to do with a person's agreement/disagreement with content made on a global pandemic? And before you pull the "You're a trump supporter" card. I'm Australian and dont care for american politics. However, in saying that, Trump has done wonders for the american economy, well before Covid hit, its 'tanked' since. All politics are corrupt. Dont pick sides with people who dont care about you.

  • Everyday Zach
    Everyday Zach

    Okay, So maybe i missed it somewhere but, You showed the video of the sneeze without a mask (Which i think you purposefully had a mouth full of spit) but never showed it with the mask on.... seems weird not to show the comparison when you are trying to convince people to wear a mask.. don't get me wrong, I agree that people should wear masks in public but I would have liked to see the difference...

  • Loku

    show this to all the karens actually don't they will probably just destroy your phone

  • markman manmark
    markman manmark

    Dr. Simone Gold true Dr. fauci is a mason and gates his evil partner

    • markman manmark
      markman manmark

      @Labib Raffique don't no !

    • Labib Raffique
      Labib Raffique

      Why are u here



  • Максим Рябинин
    Максим Рябинин



    forever now everyone is dangerous? clowns you two. complicit yall are



    • AE0N


  • Ron


  • David Adebiaye
    David Adebiaye

    That's disgusting in slowmo

  • pejnismiggle

    This guy saying that "The Young Population" isn't appreciative of the efforts being done as compared to Elderly. It's not majority Young People, it's mostly people ranging from their 40's and up, typically up to 57 years of age. These are the real culprits of "MUH FREEDOMS"

  • Bear

    Okay this video is really nice but does ANYONE know where he got that mask from? I love the look of it

  • abd rahman garnaouy
    abd rahman garnaouy

    What i learned from this video is two avoid talking with someone saying number four in front of me

  • Christian David
    Christian David

    anti maskers wont even watch this. sad part. and if they do. they become more stupid to find more reasons to not wear a mask...

  • Victoria Eads
    Victoria Eads

    Best holiday gift ever to Dr. Fauci and the world? 95% + efficacy on the first two American vaccines, with other similarly effective ones being developed worldwide. 💜 Dr Fauci! We wouldn't be anywhere near as well off without you, Doctor. I know things are grim right now, but I also know thatv we would be far worse off without you. Thank you, doctor.

  • Liam Whitehouse
    Liam Whitehouse

    Yes masks

  • Vivian Hernandez
    Vivian Hernandez


  • WarriorOfPeace

    Try this staff with schlieren optics. This would definetly look awesome!

  • janet fish
    janet fish

  • Braelyn Hunt
    Braelyn Hunt

    I got what u need 🪒

  • gaming with eggs
    gaming with eggs

    fouchi on a couchi

  • Spacevanillas

    Oh My God SlomoGuys, You got into politics too? You guys are into science, Why Not Show The Hole of Mask under microscope and size of virus itself, in that hole can fit 15.000 viruses, so people will know that wearing that not protecting, but obeying like slave and dog, Shame!!!

    • Labib Raffique
      Labib Raffique

      Oh nooooo we have to wear a piece of cloth that helps prevent the spread of a virus, I'm soooo enslaved look at me I'm oPrEsSeD

    • Ironyology

      oxygen is 10,000x smaller than viruses and has trouble getting out of the mask. it's about air flow and reduction. This isn't a political issue this is a public health issue. Be responsible please

    • Aaron Gothmann
      Aaron Gothmann

      How is this political? Please explain that to me. The only reason people say this is political is because your leader made wearing masks a political issue. This is straight science being confirmed here. You're clearly offended for no reason.

    • VideoMixor

      I believe they are forced to show, because they influence 14 million people, just enjoy the show

    • VideoMixorz

      agree, there is no escape from virus if someone is in room, that is slavery and Obedience symbolic, don't ask, don't question , just do, to bad SloMoGus got paid to promote Shhhh.. cover,

  • a a
    a a

    "I'm going to make it look really gross!" hahaha

  • AB's Diary
    AB's Diary

    I think you must also make a slowmo video of while talking as well.

  • Pak Hang Studios
    Pak Hang Studios

    Probably the most grossestes sneeze ever since world war 2

  • Many Lek
    Many Lek

    My brother never cover his mouth when he sneeze he also sneezs on the floor eww

    • Many Lek
      Many Lek

      I meant hes sneezes go on the floor

  • Hallvard Søderholm
    Hallvard Søderholm

    You guys should start using that clip before showing stuff in slow motion.

  • Iqtrab Fatima
    Iqtrab Fatima

    some people in the comment section need therapy jesus

  • Ken Chapel
    Ken Chapel

    wish you would have asked him about his and NHI's role in working with the Chinese to set up their bioweapons lab in Wuhan where this virus escaped.....he was way to quick to say the CCP was being transparent.....blood is on this man's hand....then his lying about not wearing the masks early on.....more blood on his hands......but, you seem to be a fanboy of his...

  • Mya Saini
    Mya Saini

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  • Grimm Animates
    Grimm Animates

    They even added weird music..

  • synth15

    oh god the volume is so low

  • luwen Hu
    luwen Hu

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  • James Taber
    James Taber

    This has been going on since mankind began. So what?

  • Devin Robinson X
    Devin Robinson X

    Good evening, How do I got about using this video for a presentation?

  • Mary Newman
    Mary Newman

    This was an excellent demonstration, more people need to see this. Thanks so much for taking the time to make this video...

  • CJ Todd
    CJ Todd

    Not sure why I decided to watch this while eating.

  • Socialism Killed 200 million So Far
    Socialism Killed 200 million So Far

    Nice to watch you slow-motion sell out your soul.

  • avinotion

    We know what the most frustrating thing really was. And he can't say it.

  • Amol Shrivastava
    Amol Shrivastava

    The video title should be " How corona virus transfers "

    • avinotion

      All videos with such a title are automatically demonetized. So it can't be.

  • Zyan Hynes
    Zyan Hynes

    where is dan

    • conner cradic
      conner cradic

      Dan was in england when everything locked down so hes stuck.

  • Tidesrollin

    Thanks for the INFO GATEKEEPER!!!

  • Shane Kräuchi
    Shane Kräuchi

    5:25. Couldn't have said it better myself.

  • ZaK K
    ZaK K

    Dr. Fauci is awesome. If he wasn’t in the position he is, the US would be 100x worse right now.

  • renegade637

    The best thing that can be done is to give the vaccine to the most vulnerable. In this case, those with pre-existing respiratory conditions (and whatever other conditions are exasperated by the virus) and those over 65. Then, go from there.

  • Evan Castella
    Evan Castella

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  • robert perry
    robert perry

    this video should be seen all over trumps supporters rallies,ads everywhere,this just shows how this virus is spreading with out masks on,wow thank you,this was really gross but alot of people need to see this,again thank you

  • sid L
    sid L

    even using that mask to sneeze, you still wouldn't be able to see the particle size necessary to push your motive that it helps prevent the spread of covid in that trash mask. I hate all these fake PPE that is out that doesn't do anything for you, like your mask. When everyone is wearing an nk95 mask.

  • Justin Whalen
    Justin Whalen

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    DJ M.O.D.

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    jon hosfeld

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  • Ивайло Атанасов
    Ивайло Атанасов

    Commenting for the algorithm so more ppl see this

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    Crypto -videos and more


  • Ivy Crane
    Ivy Crane

    One: ew. Two: nicely done.

  • Ethanleeut

    Anthony fauci wrote a paper in college about how many off the deaths in 1920 weren’t the Spanish flu but were cause of lung infections from masks

  • Nicholas Shillcox
    Nicholas Shillcox

    Look at that chest hair

  • Glenn L
    Glenn L

    Now what you should do is have two people face to face, about 4ft apart, having a conversation and see if they are actually swapping spit while talking to each other!

    • Glenn L
      Glenn L

      @conner cradic Well that’s the whole point of the experiment! To see if minute particles of saliva can transfer just from talking to each other without a mask.

    • conner cradic
      conner cradic

      You actually think saliva is being swapped?

  • SevyGod

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  • BB BB
    BB BB

    I am so ready to fear the air I breathe and every single microscopic particle. During the sneeze you failed to show the velocity that the sneeze particles exited behind you escaping from every gap in the mask and contaminating the air behind you. Really solidify the fact that no symptoms means no disease.

  • Brendan E. Casey
    Brendan E. Casey

    You are disgusting. Thanks for the slowmo 4k video of it.

  • Coleco Vw.
    Coleco Vw.

    123, 456, Covid is coming to get you.

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    Torr Medan

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  • G.I. Jew
    G.I. Jew


    • Aaron Gothmann
      Aaron Gothmann

      Explain how people are brainwashed because they decide to wear a mask? What is it you think the government would be gaining by making everybody wear masks if you think it's so unhealthy? I'm genuinely interested why this is so important to people like you that you insult people simply for wearing a piece of cloth on your face. Lol

    • G.I. Jew
      G.I. Jew

      @Joseph H Not asking you to trust me, but I love how you openly admit that you let the government brainwash and control you like the power-bottom you are. Keep wearing your submission muzzle, you won't catch me dead wearing one.

    • Joseph H
      Joseph H

      and I should totally believe a clown on the internet instead of a health professional right? your comment makes me sick

  • Faith M.
    Faith M.

    Some dude in my class would always sneeze WITHOUT covering his mouth. He just sneezed to the side or towards the ground. (This was before corona) I was thinking "Dude?! You're going to get everyone sick!" Funny thing is, he is 16-17 years old. SMH

  • Isabella Torez
    Isabella Torez

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  • Matteo Wyllyamz
    Matteo Wyllyamz

    Fauci Ii3dd to us about the effectiveness of masks.

  • adintest

    3:45 : POP cat

  • Fran C
    Fran C

    3:50 :c

  • Eithan Lifshits
    Eithan Lifshits

    People: we need a vaccine! Vaccine: gets invented People: well now I'm not doing it.

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    Chris George

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  • Sebano Von Piano
    Sebano Von Piano

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  • Huey Tran
    Huey Tran

    Why did I decide to eat while watching this

  • JustSomeGuy

    Idea for a video that might save lives. Slow motion close up of anyone blowing out candles on a birthday cake. Not very sanitary..

  • Jeph Jumonong
    Jeph Jumonong

    Have u tried to slowmo a sneeze with an n95 mask?

  • PineappleXo

    In about the first 3mins into the video, when you coughed into the mask.....could the particles be lint and/or dirt-dust?? comin off from the force of your cough.

    • Jade

      Yes, the particles would be dust, lint, and a very trace amount of spit, bc while the masks inhibit most release, a tiny amount does come through. But the point of the mask is to contain as much of it as possible. So, wearing a mask, if you cough, what little that is released shouldn't cause any harm to those around you, even for face-to-face interaction. Without the mask, you can essentially cough into another person's mouth from a comfortable distance (for those who don't properly deflect their coughs/sneezes), but with it, there's no transmission. Even without the masks, that's why we're so disgusted by those who don't bother to "cover their mouths", and having worked customer service, those who don't cover up are usually the ones who should.

  • SpookyJohnathan

    Sneezing is a liberal myth.

    • conner cradic
      conner cradic

      This comment with the pro is too perfect

  • Paul Kenyon
    Paul Kenyon

    Oh great! Another fear mongering video!

  • BonezToPeaches

    Vaccines are the only way to clean ourselves from this virus

  • david mainord
    david mainord

    be careful CCCP is watching

  • Stephanie Fowler
    Stephanie Fowler

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  • Rhinojaxx

    idk why i'm watching this while eating

  • DSD

    Bro you look like Obi Wan Kenobi

  • Hannah Paige
    Hannah Paige

    my dude........i gagged and couldnt finish ahahah

  • Roach Guthrie
    Roach Guthrie

    This fauci guy flip flops so much on the mask thing