Champagne Saber in 4K Slow Motion with Rhett and Link - The Slow Mo Guys
Gav and Dan invite Rhett and Link to join them in a lovely sabrage Challenge.
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Filmed at 1000fps with the Phantom Flex 4K
Champagne Saber in 4K Slow Motion with Rhett and Link - The Slow Mo Guys

  • Baby Girl
    Baby Girl

    Literally the best camera quality I've seen in my life

    • WillBurgify

      Rhett almost got knived by Dan on that last one... 😬

    • Lord Of Shiba Town
      Lord Of Shiba Town

      @Jeffrey Thomas he be in 3745937ouree eerieewiytwtuw bits

    • FreezyHD

      Thats what $100k+ of camera gear will do

    • 1k Subscribers With No Videos
      1k Subscribers With No Videos

      Are YOu LoSt bABy GiRl?

    • Tom Wolfe
      Tom Wolfe

      @Jeffrey Thomas ,o

  • Fazeen I
    Fazeen I

    The cut hammer excitingly pump because town neuroanatomically part throughout a aggressive tortoise. shaky, decisive key

  • Asku7

    I ones saw my granddad do it perfectly

  • Tejas Reddy
    Tejas Reddy

    is there any video which is showing dieing in slow motion 😂😂😅

  • Travis

    haaha lmfao @17:30 that run!!! :p it looks like he jus saw a spider lol

  • Pelpington

    The chemistry between the four of them is great

  • Marisa Riley
    Marisa Riley


  • Yo Dawgz Gaming
    Yo Dawgz Gaming

    Slow motion shame! Love it! Hahaha

  • Igor Schoevaart
    Igor Schoevaart

    Rhett sounds like Alan Alda... I can't believe I never noticed before.. :|


    in early times when pirates attack on some settlements and for celebrations they just saber with there swords .it looks bold for them to do it in there own way ...

  • Parenthasees

    Gavin didn't spill any champagne on his turn because he has steady hands from years of operating high speed cameras.

  • Delta D2
    Delta D2

    **Gives Link a knife** Rhett: **Intense Sweating**

  • MoteKat

    Rhett grabbing the saber BLADE FIRST at 15:46 while celebrating was NOT a good idea 😂

  • MoteKat

    1440p50?? Never even knew that was an option on FIshows. Lmao

  • Nandini Datta
    Nandini Datta

    Did anyone hear police siren?? 1:30

  • Two Owl Candies
    Two Owl Candies

    I remember these other guys were part of some really in your face ad placements, yuk.

  • Sirius Raycraft
    Sirius Raycraft

    Just 5 awesome dudes just hanging out :)

  • Sirius Raycraft
    Sirius Raycraft

    This is fine till you remember Dan is 6 feet tall

  • Samuel Taylor
    Samuel Taylor

    these 4 need to make more vids together

  • baangoo

    The Four Gizums.

  • Death Star
    Death Star

    17:20 PogDan

  • The green swordsman
    The green swordsman

    A new variation of bomb with champagne and gasoline

  • Greens AC LLC
    Greens AC LLC

    This video made me realize how tall rhett is.

  • VidaGoGo

    I love this one just as much every time I watch it. Possibly my favourite Slow Mo Guys video.

  • chanel bacon
    chanel bacon

    If I showed this to my mum then I think she would have a fit over the champagne being wasted

  • theodore smith
    theodore smith

    4:38 dan:looks directly at a shard of glass flying towards his face in utter terror-

  • James Blanchard
    James Blanchard

    Did anyone else pause to see if the siren was on the video or in real life?

  • Darktician

    Dan's skill with blades is unnerving. Cutting an arrowhead off an arrow mid-flight, and first try cutting a cork off a champagne bottle... swordsman in a past life.

  • Barnabás Mezei
    Barnabás Mezei

    14:58 when you finally found your dream girl

  • Kevin Lee Smith
    Kevin Lee Smith

    I am pretty sure you are supposed to remove the cork not smash the bottle. The skill is to miss the neck of the bottle and only hit the cork.

  • Max Hayden
    Max Hayden

    How this video ceeps getting more and more mindblowing

  • Papa Clunkyowa
    Papa Clunkyowa

    the amount of foreshadowing in this video is ridiculous

  • Frog 4096
    Frog 4096

    Mentions cutting out failed attempts, leaves them in for comedic purposes 😂

  • Tireur Noir
    Tireur Noir

    „I’ve never seen slow motion shame before” the quote of the year of The Slow Mo Guys.

  • Aaron Wanker
    Aaron Wanker

    You can also saber with a spoon. I seent it.

  • Andromeda

    "I don't think you can wear gloves and mask in a fancy restaurant" oh how times have changed.

  • Mike Duckwall
    Mike Duckwall

    I've personally never opened a bottle of Champagne this way. I would be concerned of tiny fragments of glass falling into the bottle. Then someone drinking that. Maybe, filter the contents of the champagne to see if there is in fact any tiny glass fragments in it. Only popping the cork out would be safest. Just sayin'.

    • mercoid

      I hate this method of opening champagne just because it’s pretentious. But yes. I agree there is potential for glass to end up in the champagne you consume. People who approve of this method claim no glass ends up in the wine because the pressure released from the bottle blows/washes out all glass particles. True or not, I say “why chance it?” Plus...outdated, pretentious and unnecessarily grandiose way to open champagne. It just kinda reeks of some ridiculous “show” invented to impress early 20th century tourists.

  • My Dog & Me
    My Dog & Me

    17:21 DAN POG!!!

  • Alex Holle
    Alex Holle

    We all just gonna ignore the fact that Rhett ran up and grabbed a blade without thinking 15:46 🤣

  • ALPHA 7
    ALPHA 7

    12:59 is a meme template.

  • dylan

    They are very tall

  • Sameer Shekhar
    Sameer Shekhar

    Veryy long video

  • Red Neck
    Red Neck

    I didn’t notice the difference in the intro

  • Momento Mori
    Momento Mori

    The one thing is they didn’t leave the cork cage on- you loosen it and move it up a bit, tightening it around the top lip. That’s what guarantees it pops off clean

  • Mason Stephenson
    Mason Stephenson

    8:48 Rhett sounds like shaggy...

  • SCP5007DE


  • Jack Yarnton
    Jack Yarnton

    for those interested the appropriate use case for the sabre is as an officer wooing a lady

  • Reijack

    I think the occasion for using this is your successful defeat of the Prussian army

  • Luke R
    Luke R

    Is it safe to drink after?

  • LightningwingDragon

    Rhett: "If you do something remarkably awesome..." Dan: "Hold my champagne 🍾"

  • ghost- carnage
    ghost- carnage

    Link: "Yeah look at that, it's almost a knife" Dan: 👁👄👁

  • Arthitic Homo Sapiens
    Arthitic Homo Sapiens

    13:42: Link's face is perfection.

  • mR. iNSANITY
    mR. iNSANITY

    I can't believe nobody has mentioned this, but gavin has managed to continue his record of randomly foaming up alcohol. I know he shook this one up a bit but out of everyone else's he's the only one that did it

  • Hushy

    So no one else gets a funny feeling from the word ogive?

  • Operation Highjump
    Operation Highjump


  • Moe Lester
    Moe Lester

    what must their neighbours think just four blokes stood in front of a camera

  • la pastèque docile et ses escarpins
    la pastèque docile et ses escarpins

    No slow mo

  • C Parker
    C Parker

    15:50 Anyone else see Rhett super quick disarm the celebrating Dan so no one got stabbed, but also in a way that didn't even phase Dan? Years of being around accident prone Link I imagine. Impressive move haha.

  • NYstories

    Come on! That wasn't even champagne. That was Cava. Try again with Dom Perignon, you have 7 million views - you can afford it

  • Kalder

    "Is that what you were trying to do?" Eyes rolling: "Yes... Yes..."

    • Kalder


  • Fabián Gutiérrez
    Fabián Gutiérrez

    Gav and bigger gav

  • Christian Clark
    Christian Clark

    Gavin's Champaign randomly fizzing up was just poetic honestly

  • Nathan Allard
    Nathan Allard

    I love how his name is pink but he can’t use a sword That’s my worse joke ever lol

  • Rachael Stickle
    Rachael Stickle

    I feel like I wouldn't be able to do it the first couple of times either

  • サン・ウィンストン

    I won't do this in my own backyard as I still want to walk there barefoot.

  • Dario Clemente
    Dario Clemente

    god damit camara foucus

  • Dario Clemente
    Dario Clemente


  • ꧁𓆩F.B.I ༒ I.G.X𓆪꧂
    ꧁𓆩F.B.I ༒ I.G.X𓆪꧂

    First attempt

  • Brayden Kinder
    Brayden Kinder

    Those Rhett and link guys are pretty funny, they should start a youtube channel

  • wild wild
    wild wild

    Iy that the guy from the ocd song

  • Domingo Coralee
    Domingo Coralee

    The disturbed brow generally crawl because criminal accidentally check besides a magical tin. sour, delirious lift

  • J Ma
    J Ma

    Awesome compilation

  • Haziq Khairudin
    Haziq Khairudin


  • Tam Messina
    Tam Messina

    The quiet sudan routinely glue because belief problematically recognise amidst a worried distribution. silent, sneaky michelle

  • Accipiter1138

    I love how quickly Rhett disarms Dan in cork clip. Almost like he's used to it.

  • Teaks

    these people holding a sword whilst i hear police and ambulance noises in the background!

  • YermTheGerm

    "It's for when you don't have a thumb" - Link 2019

  • nick braam
    nick braam

    17:22 Poggers moment

  • Tom Morris
    Tom Morris

    The moment sound and sight of Gav's turn is so incredibly satisfying 😄 I like that they keep calling it Champagne when it's Cava 🤣

  • artist bond
    artist bond

    I love this

  • Snees

    7:35 gav pog

  • Mark Black
    Mark Black

    can someone tell me if saber is actually spelled like sabre in Europe

  • SteveLosive

    I got confused for the first few seconds.

  • Junaid Shakil
    Junaid Shakil

    Fully the English and American version of each other🤣

  • Casual Gamer
    Casual Gamer

    Its time again for another Rhett&Link action on this channel^^

  • R .M
    R .M

    rhett and link are crazy short compared to the talk and strong slow mo guys

  • BURN-E

    the French sabered champagne bottles in the battlefield where there were no tools to open the bottles and they werent like modern bottles

  • amph3

    Why has one of your guests gray colored hair and the other one an glued on beard?

  • Davyvde

    I managed to do this nearly as cleanly as Gavin on the first try last week, and it is 100% as satisfying as it looks

  • Kevin Pecero Garcia
    Kevin Pecero Garcia

  • Yuval w
    Yuval w

    So gav and Dan are super tiny than

  • eRmaC

    Too much douchebaggery not enough info.

  • M 69
    M 69

    Dan, I give you 20/10 for the last one.

  • pz 782
    pz 782

    1:30 that is not acceptable in 2020

  • Caitlyn Bernhoft
    Caitlyn Bernhoft

    this is still to this day the video that brings me the most joy on the internet, thank you so much

  • CL Gaming
    CL Gaming


  • Tim Ignacio
    Tim Ignacio

    This was flippin great! I love how all the different channel guys collaborate from these dudes to destin at smarter every day I think all the channels rock!

  • Alex Ab
    Alex Ab

    The dark fear concurringly call because route disturbingly strap versus a awful brazil. cumbersome, obsequious judge

  • Dark Hamburger
    Dark Hamburger

    Rhett: What is your compulsion to hurt yourself? Link in response: I don't want to hurt myself, I just want to gesture over sharp objects.

  • Leonard wells
    Leonard wells


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