We gave Will Smith a Flame Thrower - The Slow Mo Guys
Gav and new Slow Mo Guy Will run a gauntlet of destruction. Melons, mannequins and a car are about to get it.
On this channel we don't usually film an entire video in less than 40 minutes in the car park of the FIshows Space with about 50 people watching, but this one was a bit special.
Massive thanks to the LEGEND that is Will Smith for popping on Dan's labcoat and becoming a Slow Mo Guy for a day. Make sure you go and see Gemini Man!
All of this was performed under the supervision of professionals.
Filmed at 1000fps with a Phantom Flex 4K
We gave Will Smith a Flame Thrower - The Slow Mo Guys

  • Anonymous Human being
    Anonymous Human being


  • PatTheHat


  • Little Luffy
    Little Luffy

    Choose your character. Chosen: Will Smith. Choose your weapon. Chosen: *_POTEHTOH_*

  • Toking 204
    Toking 204

    "The flesh prince" 🤣 I laughed way harder at that than I should have

  • joeel king
    joeel king

    willsmith looks like obomu

    • LoopMusic

      Nah obomu looks like will

  • Growth is Freedom United Earth Enterprise
    Growth is Freedom United Earth Enterprise

    comedy gold

  • Snoogans

    7:18 Why walk forward when walking backwards is an option

  • paGo leOn
    paGo leOn

    always cool Smith . .

  • MedSou

    *Dear person who may be reading this* . . 👇 *I wish you a beautiful life abundance and health*

  • Piet Reicht
    Piet Reicht

    Thumbs down after 6th ad.

  • Peder Andreas Holte
    Peder Andreas Holte

    Someone have to send these windows to elon musk😂😆

  • twardy

    Gav - “wanna take a look at the weaponry?” Will - “oooooo we got potatoes”

  • crank

    Is it just me or has Dan seriously changed his image?........Glad he kept the coat though.

  • Game Smith
    Game Smith

    you really got will smith

  • Javier Zuñiga
    Javier Zuñiga

    This Will is so cool, he should become an actor one day...

  • Javier Zuñiga
    Javier Zuñiga

    "Lets take a look at our weapons" "Ohhhh potatoes!" "A spud gun" "Yeah a spud gun"

  • nishachor

    nice one, thanks!

  • ConvictX

    You should make a video of shaving a beard in slow mo.

  • Tatsuro


  • Anthony Hernandez
    Anthony Hernandez


  • Tired Wizard
    Tired Wizard

    Flamethrower: New Hotness. Car: Old and busted.

  • Big Jumbo
    Big Jumbo

    Will Smith is like peterpan never grew up.. He's 👍

  • Big Jumbo
    Big Jumbo

    Wheres will in the comments???

  • Jackarunda Jiralhasari
    Jackarunda Jiralhasari

    Will smith is a shill.

  • Kayne

    I love Will

  • C00L Animator / Gaming Guy
    C00L Animator / Gaming Guy

    Hahahahaha 3:03 look at the frikin line of people to get will smith's autograph.

  • TheZombieSaint

    I do enjoy Will Smiths antics, 🔟 out of 🔟

  • fakeMiNT934

    It a magic how you people know exactly what the world wants to see.

  • Govind Gayathri Nair
    Govind Gayathri Nair

    don't give him a flame thrower and use that for your videos ask him to make a flambe

  • Ronal Daniel
    Ronal Daniel

    He still deserves an oscar! @willsmith

  • Da DOG
    Da DOG

    Bro Will Smith is hilarious 🤣

  • Ron

    Who's the blonde girl hiding in the bushes?

  • David Jean Roberts
    David Jean Roberts

    You need lots of things for a reel flame thrower Will

  • Krauker

    Love him ❤

  • Howlin Mad
    Howlin Mad

    I waited a year to watch this cuz I was sure it was clickbait. Didn’t remember it till now and now I feel dumb

    • Ron

      Me too. I almost clicked away from the video when it started only showing the mannequins. I had already switched away from full screen and then I was like oh wait that really is Will Smith

  • Bee High!
    Bee High!

    that dude seems pretty cool

  • Xavier Wolfe
    Xavier Wolfe

    Let us show you the armoury full of dangerously crazy cool weapons Will Smith: ooh potatoes 🥔

  • Lukas Stiftner
    Lukas Stiftner

    Who made this Car?!? 🤣🤣🤣

  • Alec Hall
    Alec Hall

    such a cool guy Will Smith is

  • Shelley Jackson
    Shelley Jackson

    Im guessing the massive camera crew was Will’s doing😂

  • j money
    j money

    "super glutes"

  • j money
    j money

    "i FELT your glutes"

  • Lungam Bangyang
    Lungam Bangyang

    Its amazing how this channel grew in time..just two guys recording slow mo in backyard is now shooting with will smith

  • Rio

    Will Smith: Amazing actor. Not so much of a great writer, apparently XD

  • avinotion

    3:00 Reminds me of MIB, right after they blow up that bug.

  • Shane Kräuchi
    Shane Kräuchi


  • ray eittastay
    ray eittastay

    I want "Infinite Glutes" tattooed on my forehead.

  • meGex Official
    meGex Official

    7:20 why the black outfitted women walks opposite

  • Dead Pool
    Dead Pool

    Disliked on virtue of das hot

  • Frey Louis
    Frey Louis

    WTF they really missed the "fire at Will" line?

    • Ron


  • Bobbytomface 667
    Bobbytomface 667

    In West Philadelphia born and raised

  • Jacket

    9:42 Yare Yare Daze

  • Yahia Moussa
    Yahia Moussa

    7:18 the girl in the background... What she must've been thinking


    Grandpa Will Smith seems to be so fun to be around ‼️

    • Ron

      He tries to be.

  • Red Amber
    Red Amber

    i was waiting for the ''oh that's hot '' so badly but it never came

    • Ron

      Good one

  • Cade Miller
    Cade Miller

    How have I not known about this till now

  • William Wri
    William Wri

    "Lets take a look at our weapons" "Ohhhh potatoes!" "A spud gun" "Yeah a spud gun"

  • TheRussianKlaskyCsupoAndTheMineSongAndLogoEdits

    Will smith use it Did you get it

  • Arthitic Homo Sapiens
    Arthitic Homo Sapiens

    12:54: This made my day lol

  • Marcas Tokarczyk
    Marcas Tokarczyk

    10:50 old woman behind them tryna get a leak at will in the flesh👀

    • Ron

      Omg that is hilarious! Lmao 😂


    Fan of will from kerala

  • SleepyCatGamer

    Will Smith is just one of the nicest guys i've ever seen.

    • Ron

      He tries to be.

  • Maddox

    sub to my channel

  • God zilla
    God zilla

    awesome i love will

  • H D
    H D

    How did they get will bloody smith

    • H D
      H D

      @Ron thanks

    • Ron

      He's a fan. And he appears to be promoting a movie.

  • Dougieee

    looked like a crying Jordan meme in the car 6:35

  • Glen Bradley
    Glen Bradley

    Will Smith is great. Consummate professional. First question he asked is where is the frame. Almost like he’s done this before or something. Sorry Gav and Dan, but Will is definitely better at doing the action hero face. 😉 😂

  • The ALPHA Gamer
    The ALPHA Gamer

    I love you Aladdin

  • ShinViews

    He should have done this at night

  • Peter Marquardt
    Peter Marquardt

    I'm glad I learned about the airspeed velocity of an unladen potato today. Come at me bridge troll

  • Distant

    What a wonderful person! I can't believe Will is 52!

  • Grim Reaper
    Grim Reaper

    This must've cost you your life ensurance

  • Skatey B.O.B
    Skatey B.O.B

    will smith is my fav actor, If I meet will someday I will die a the spot with a heart attack❤️

  • Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ

    What a crappy flame thrower

    • Punch/Counterpunch 2000
      Punch/Counterpunch 2000

      @Scaredity Mays I can’t believe he didn’t contact the police when he learned it was stolen

    • Scaredity Mays
      Scaredity Mays

      At least it’s better than the even crapier one gav had before if was stolen.

  • Daru Studio
    Daru Studio

    "This car who made this car?" I died lmfaoo

  • Ali Zubaidi
    Ali Zubaidi

    I just realized that the sound always the same for the slo mo 😭

  • Gigawolf1

    Missed the opportunity for "maximum glutes"

    • Ron

      They missed the opportunity to quit with the weird glute jokes.

  • Theapplepunch

    This will smith guy is so funny he should become an actor

  • Sebas

    I'm only used to the German will Smith and hearing his actual voice was quite the experience to be honest

    • Punch/Counterpunch 2000
      Punch/Counterpunch 2000

      @Sebas he means the dub actor

    • Sebas

      @Ron what Exactly do you mean

    • Ron

      Very interesting. Voice over?

  • Shaun SKTC
    Shaun SKTC


    • Scaredity Mays
      Scaredity Mays

      He’s an actor so I doubt they actually give him real ones in his career

  • Muggss

    this guy is awesome

  • MooMooJoos

    The crossover we never thought of but needed so bad

  • Jam Town
    Jam Town

    Will Smith was in the car watching Will Smith shoot a flame thrower at Will Smith. It's Will Smith inception!

  • Jam Town
    Jam Town

    You know Will Smith's a really cool guy when he can have a normal conversation and banter with a regular guy from England.

    • Ron

      The regular guy from England had amazing comedic timing and clever come backs and one liners. I've gotta hand it to Gav.

  • brittany smith
    brittany smith

    Dan: Do you have any pent up aggression you need to take out" I think he needs to come back for one more video guys...


    2:03 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Ben Parry
    Ben Parry

    "So do you have any pent up aggression that you're gonna be putting in to this melon?" Will: "Yeah well, there's my wife and you know..."

    • Ron

      I felt like something was weighing on Will Smith in this video. That might have been it.

  • Katsuyuki dude
    Katsuyuki dude

    *Will smith cutting melon with samurai Me: Nice cut g

  • ung427

    I can't help noticing all of the people in the background. So uniformly and perfectly aligned in their fragility and conformity.

    • Ron

      Hollywood, maaang

  • Fahad Naqvi
    Fahad Naqvi

    Will is My Favorite and Slow is also my favorite ♥

  • Kylan Gibbons
    Kylan Gibbons


  • señore unicornio
    señore unicornio

    Everytime i see someone killing a watermelon, i only think of me wanting to eat that melon

  • Rob Nie
    Rob Nie

    Its so refreshing to see Will Smith chilling out and having fun lol

  • Brennen Mackillican
    Brennen Mackillican

    is there a vid of car window glass breaking in a slower mode? I put this vid at .25x speed and the glass is still invisible to see shatter. Amazing fast. 14:43 glass shatters instantly.

    • Ron

      Yes I was thinking the exact same thing. It looked like the whole thing shattered instantaneously but I know it has to be a progression.

  • Sergio Nuñez
    Sergio Nuñez

    The slow mo guys should let him borrow that flamethrower again 😂 if ykyk

  • Teaghan Shackelford
    Teaghan Shackelford

    You saw him totally miss the targte w the flamethrower? Thats why combat flamethrowers use a heavy liquid fuel like petrol or kerosene because it makes it aimable.

  • González Bedoya Fernando
    González Bedoya Fernando


  • timasik galika
    timasik galika

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  • Moises Trujillo
    Moises Trujillo

    This is where "yea thats hot" phrase originated from

  • Moises Trujillo
    Moises Trujillo

    This will smith guy is really fresh he should be a a prince of Bel-Air

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