How to avoid a Backdraft
Learn what conditions cause a backdraft and how they can be avoided.

  • sarasotauptoseattle

    I can't lie: I love the Nancy Cartwright Masterclass commercial before the video. She is too cool. (for the youngsters out there: She IS Bart Simpson).

  • Stickies

    Another option: Wear a scary stone mask and become a The World user and time stop and move out of the way

  • A T
    A T

    Somehow Dan without eyebrows looks so American, I dunno why?? Like if he had a beer and wore a baseball cap it'd be perfect.

  • Гоша Гладин
    Гоша Гладин

    Пожарники (рус) - жуки обитающие на определённой местности. Пожарный - специальность , работа спасения попавших в пламя и тушения огня.

  • Agglomerated Stardust
    Agglomerated Stardust


  • Natalie Giles
    Natalie Giles

    This was so rad, I had no idea this was a thing

  • Nilotpal Dhakal
    Nilotpal Dhakal

    Dan w/o eyebrows looks like Mustafi

  • Brandon Young-Kemkes
    Brandon Young-Kemkes

    Anyone else think Backdraft is where solid rocket propulsion came from

  • Jayashri Anand
    Jayashri Anand

    These dudes are way better than me in math lmao

  • Anna

    Thanks I hate eyebrowless Dan

  • Mark

    There's nothing slomo in how the slowmo guys have aged and got fat.

  • Suenami

    7:42 Now there's a new way to nuke your food! Lol

  • mercoid

    You guys are jerks

  • DVV011

    Почему мне это видео ютюб рекомендует, как "Самый страшный кошмар пожарников"? Я всегда думал, что самый страшный кошмар для пожарного - это когда его пожарником называют...

  • jack≈3

    shaved eyebrows for one outro, now that’s dedication

  • Sad Truth
    Sad Truth

    Well this was a useless video. They didn’t explain exactly how and why it happens.

  • Правда Знаю
    Правда Знаю

    Уже писали , что пожарник тот кто делает пожар?

  • KimmyKat

    i feel like they dont enjoy doing this like they used to back in the day :(

  • santi rmr
    santi rmr


  • matvey

    сами вы "пожарники" блять... правильно говорить ПОЖАРНЫЕ, ПОЖАРНЫЙ...

  • SirSplashy28

    Is there any way I can watch this in 0.23 seconds?

  • Allyn Cook
    Allyn Cook

    When experience a backdraft your supposed to get as low to the ground as possible then turn your hose nozzle all the way to the left

  • Bruhify VDH 2863
    Bruhify VDH 2863

    My house almost burned down because of our grill

  • Luckett Coronado
    Luckett Coronado

    The decisive key concretely replace because basketball explicitly present anenst a lamentable china. scared, ashamed repair

  • J Jm
    J Jm

    ф ø

  • Auto70Galaxy

    The fire looks like bad cgi when u open the barbecue xD

  • Scaredity Mays
    Scaredity Mays

    I feel like a some of these slow-mo videos you could really use to teach with especially this one. It’s really well and informative about fire. Yeah

  • avinotion

    8:01 Bottom left - they missed something beautiful

  • F H
    F H

    Не пожарников, а ПОЖАРНЫХ.......

  • Vaga 42
    Vaga 42

    It's so strange to see people standing within 6 feet and not wearing masks.

  • Koda Kincade
    Koda Kincade

    Gavin would fit perfectly on Doctor who alongside Matt Smith!

  • John Rosenthal
    John Rosenthal

    The deeply select alternately tire because reminder holoprosencephaly agree in a damaged granddaughter. deep, material creator

  • Vincent proulx
    Vincent proulx

    The name of the video is in french for absolutely no reason

  • Ober Xapver
    Ober Xapver

    "Пожарников"?! Какой надмозг так перевёл? Какой дебил, блеснувший умом перевести не по тексту, а отсебятину, не знает разницу между пожарниками и пожарными?! Стоит уволить этого идиота, так переводят только мудаки.

  • Luke Milot
    Luke Milot

    One time I was lighting a match I put inside a beer bottle and this same thing happened to be but it shot a fireball at my finger and it hurt so bad I didn’t do anything for like 2 days.

  • Wicked Mike
    Wicked Mike

    The odd creator relatedly tame because himalayan arguably subtract forenenst a draconian frame. relieved, measly golf

  • Zenn22

    its filmed specificly for youtube but they use the wrong framerate.. absolute incompetence

  • Ken Forte
    Ken Forte

    If you only lifted the lid a bit would the backdraft build pressure to blow it off?

  • James T
    James T

    What you are looking vaporized oils and and fuel gas from what ever is being burnt, a plastic sofa and foam or oily chicken.... because it is super heated with out oxygen it’s rapidly burns (‘explodes’) once oxygen is drawn in and reaches the lambda point to reignite 👍

  • पार्वती पार्वती बाराबंकी
    पार्वती पार्वती बाराबंकी


  • גל מרגליות
    גל מרגליות

    Thank's us! LOL :)) LOL :)) LOL :))

  • Mr Vlastitiel
    Mr Vlastitiel


  • Panda

    Use the Metric system like all on this planet plz thx :D

  • PreaDy

    7:50 Nice subtle touches

  • Eric Robert
    Eric Robert

    My only complaint as a Fire Protection Engineer with experience as a Fire Test Engineer is that they used marshmallows when a nice DAQ with a ton of TCs in various positions would have given you so much data.

  • Patrique Savi
    Patrique Savi

    Parabéns pela execução do vídeo pessoal!

  • Amy House
    Amy House

    Why doesn't he have a "Geico" accent when he's on "Impractical Jokers"?

  • Djibril Salah
    Djibril Salah

    Le feux ma foix mais il savent donc l'eau est bien plus forts la nouyade

  • patrick jensen
    patrick jensen

    How do you simulize opposite of a back draft

  • Philippe deRepentigny
    Philippe deRepentigny

    In the BBQ scenarios you never mention the reason for the blast (explosion) of fire when in fact fire chief "Ken Bailey" had specifically said it was due to the 'unburned gases' created by the burning contents and the lack of oxygen in a sealed container (Chicken or oil and BBQ cover) When Dan removed the BBQ cover you can clearly see the cloud of 'unburned gases' which explode or "the backdraft effect". Not " medium chicken" or "potentially delicious" ! Come on guys, you can do better than that. Fun video as always !

  • Anthony Fast
    Anthony Fast

    Gavin, that beard is against SOP

  • Jackie Martin
    Jackie Martin

    Helps understand in everyday terms. Great job thank you

  • Zkar Zalgo
    Zkar Zalgo

    therapist: it is ok, dan without eyebrows can't hurt you dan without eyebrows: 9:44

  • Bubba John Curran
    Bubba John Curran

    we are watching this for our fire prevention and dynamics class

  • TheNinthGeneration

    The reason your shoulders are still warm is because it was cooked like a steak

  • Bowden Rowell
    Bowden Rowell

    There are a lot of people in the comment at different video that will say why they break windows or anything that can give oxygen into the building of the fire this is a reason why they do that so they give the fire oxygen Instead of conceal the fire because that will make it a backdraft if any personnel walk through an unopened door or exposure (oxygen is fuel to fire if you didn’t know) Im not a professional but I’m inspired by what these men and woman do to help others

  • richard sewgolam
    richard sewgolam

    For a moment I thought it was jimm Carry.

  • Jack Lougheed
    Jack Lougheed

    That fire looks like poorly done cgi

  • Marc Maloney
    Marc Maloney

    Makes me wonder if the explosion in Beirut was the same thing, just on a much much bigger scale🤔

  • Orion’s universe Part 2
    Orion’s universe Part 2

    Holy slo-mo! That part one part had a hyper perilous intro!!!

  • P3chv0gel

    I wouldn't be that surprised by the backdraft throwing over the Sticks A small rule to think about the force of this "explosion": It has a pressure of 0.1bar (which means 0.1kg per cm²). So if our window would be let's say 50x50cm (sorry, i'm from Germany and to lazy to convert it in whatever the corresponding unit would be in america), we would have an area of 2500cm², which means the smoke/fire comming out of it would have the equivalent of (0.1kg * 2500 =) 250kg hitting you at ~40km/h...

  • Ghian Gatchalian
    Ghian Gatchalian


  • SquidGirl Inkvader
    SquidGirl Inkvader

    Maybe you should change the title of this video from “How to AVOID A Backdraft” to “How to CREATE A Backdraft,” since you never actually explain how know...AVOID...a backdraft.🤣😂

  • ben rice
    ben rice

    I'm used to watching gav in AH videos

  • Charles Magill
    Charles Magill

    Over 700 dislikes for this video. Who dislikes a video like this?

  • Владимир Логинов
    Владимир Логинов

    Есть пожарные. Пожарников нет.

  • ItsBean

    Dan you look scary without your eyebrows

  • John Fenton
    John Fenton

    Backdrafts were a serious hazard on railway steam engines - they were called "Explosive Blowbacks". Same conditions as a house-fire, fuel rich fire with insufficient air. When the fireman opened the firehole door; whoosh!

  • たにやん


  • Gregory Pina
    Gregory Pina

    How about turkey fryer gone wrong?

  • b c
    b c

    Umer protects obi

  • Rishav Kumar
    Rishav Kumar

    Dan: " We are causing a Back draft on purpose" Back draft: "Where is my respect-"

  • Vitor Falavinha
    Vitor Falavinha

    Is there a reason why Dan's sleeve is always torn?

  • Moonlit Foxling
    Moonlit Foxling

    One very similar occurrence going through as a line cook was the fryer, the ignition to start wasn't working properly, so we have a lot of gas seeping through. Then it ignights randomly causing 2 feet of rushed flame shooting out like a boom, then back to normal

  • Jeska

    Before this, I never knew how much I liked Dan's eyebrows

  • Lessond

    A table-top Nuke XD

  • Keith Nicholls
    Keith Nicholls

    with that facial hair you wouldn't of had a great seal with the BA.

  • PhoenixxPhire

    this popped up randomly in my recommended feed, i thought the dude in the thumbnail was Q from impractical jokers

  • AdmiralOddSock

    My god when Dan lost his eyebrows at the end, just before it I was thinking I want to see how Dan would look without eyebrows, got my wish and it didn’t disappoint!

  • Bobo 07
    Bobo 07

    Пожалуйста не курите в закрытых помещениях!!! Вейперы:

  • Tristan Caris
    Tristan Caris

    You have to do the chip fryer!!!

  • THETRAPKITTY Save the poor little kitty
    THETRAPKITTY Save the poor little kitty

    3:00 Usain bolt is the only person on earth to escape a back draft

    • Louis


  • Dr UpSideDown
    Dr UpSideDown

    Wait did dan actually lose his eyebrows?


    Dan's gone super sayan 3. We're doomed

  • Mykl S
    Mykl S

    Beavis would be so excited

  • dudemunch87

    Ah, I see Dan Gruchy and Henry Cavill go to the same CGI Barber.

  • Mr Vlastitiel
    Mr Vlastitiel

    Исправьте на "Пожарных" - пожарники - это грабители после пожара.

  • KJ

    Are u guys torcher from piggy!?

  • Zev Farkas
    Zev Farkas

    Squirting starter fluid onto a fire can be quite dangerous - the fire can travel back up the stream and get you. Almost 50 years ago my camp counselor poured gasoline (petrol) from a paper cup onto a fire. The fire went all the way up to the cup, and then down the stream that had sloshed onto his pants leg. Fortunately, he knew enough to drop to the ground and roll, so he wasn't hurt.

  • taha mithaiwala
    taha mithaiwala

    Will surely have nightmares after looking at dan without eyebrows Please take care slow mo guys

  • Nigga

    Dan looks like Q from imperactical jokers


    A t çto hoçesh? T çto moy leviy tapiçka? Moy leviy tapiçka eta Diana!

  • CakemakerDK

    ah yes the "tabeltop nuke" xD

  • Matthew Poston
    Matthew Poston

    My only issue is that you were slow dancing in that burning room

  • bevanfindlay

    My job is about promoting fire safety. We do live demonstrations of oil fires. If you ever get an oil fire, cover it to stifle the oxygen, turn off the heat, then *do nothing else* except for calling the fire brigade. The biggest mistake people make is taking the lid or cover off too soon. Never try moving it. Oh, and never put water on an oil fire. (Incidentally, that might make an interesting slow mo video).

    • Nis Kristensen
      Nis Kristensen

      There is a Norwegian video with an eksplosion with burning cooking oil indside a wooden house.

  • Кирилл Мирченко
    Кирилл Мирченко

    Пожарные это жук, а не, кто борются с огнем - это пожарные

  • James Iyer
    James Iyer

    Slo Mo Guys: Do not Attempt to Barbeque

  • Kyle Collins
    Kyle Collins

    I dont like eyebrowless dan

  • Karin Ekman
    Karin Ekman


  • Jonnyboi 456
    Jonnyboi 456

    7:25 it’s a nuke

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