Spinning a Million Sparks - The Slow Mo Guys 4K
Gav and Dan brighten up a pitch-black quarry with millions of flying sparks. The use of a shop fan in this manner will absolutely NOT cool you down. This video was sponsored by Google. Check out the Google Pixel 3a at this link - store.google.com/product/pixe...
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Shot at 300fps with the Phantom Flex 4k
Spinning a Million Sparks - The Slow Mo Guys 4K

  • The Slow Mo Guys
    The Slow Mo Guys

    Watch this video in 8K for full glory. Much less compression than 1080p and 4K... If your internet connection and GPU can handle it, that is.

    • Bruno Carol
      Bruno Carol

      Gl to My iPad ( it can run the 2000+p

    • ZappyyZ

      took my 8 core i7 9700 to 100%

    • Lewi Pacheco
      Lewi Pacheco

      it is stuck loading when i select it

    • leonard wayne
      leonard wayne

      Been watching in 240p

    • Rick Astley
      Rick Astley

      How to say "you are fking poor" in slow mo guys style

  • Severus Snape
    Severus Snape

    90s power rangers megazord battle:

  • Samson Soturian
    Samson Soturian

    Baklava is an Arabic pastry. They're pretty good.

  • MentleGen


  • Nolden Hernandez
    Nolden Hernandez

    that has to be one of the most romantic background ever just remove the fan but mainly remove Dan

  • Matt McGrory
    Matt McGrory

    Props to the person who counted the number of sparks

  • subZero Electronics
    subZero Electronics

    FIshows compression really lets the pixel live up to its name

  • Duner250R

    What is creating the sparks?

  • Robert Jess C. Hoover
    Robert Jess C. Hoover

    Looks like Mars

  • Samurai Prod.
    Samurai Prod.

    literally doctor strange

  • Ee Ee
    Ee Ee

    Hold on how did they plug it in...

  • Juan Coetzee
    Juan Coetzee

    this is what i want to do with my friend at 3 am

  • The Cando Railfan
    The Cando Railfan

    Selling out to Google is pretty sad.

    • SCar98

      what are you on about

  • Hyperevo2

    1:02 guess I’ll suffocate

  • titanium arrow
    titanium arrow

    do 8

  • Neez Duts
    Neez Duts

    Adding the interstellar docking music when they’ve taped the phone to the fan blade would be legendary


    Dr.Strange: "Iam Doctor strange" Dan : "Oh! you are using made up names. then... Iam Dr. DAN"

  • jack0cat

    Having the phone attached to the fan reminded me of the re-entry of the Apollo command module.

  • biken karim
    biken karim

    Like a meteors

  • Chris Browning
    Chris Browning

    Coolest thing I've seen you guys do! Now I'm off to go modify a ceiling fan.. 👍

  • Luckless Rain
    Luckless Rain

    2:40 does this look like that James Bond picture to anyone else

  • Zachary Oates
    Zachary Oates

    Just wanted to say thanks to the Slo Mo Crew. You all have brought much happiness to my life. My wife passed recently and we both enjoyed watching your videos together . So I always enjoy the antics, while imagining her laughing and watching along with me.

  • iTablet

    The Pixel shots look ridiculously bad in comparison.

  • Lucas Valente Guerra
    Lucas Valente Guerra

    No brasil nois faz isso cm a mão mesmo e nois ja faz a mto tempo KKKKKKKK

  • aniello perone
    aniello perone



    It’s doctor strange 😂


    2:43 Doctor Strange!?!?!?!?!?

  • Finn Baikie
    Finn Baikie

    If you make your eyes go blurry at 5:25 it looks insane!

  • Jack Cooper
    Jack Cooper

    2:40 "On your left."

  • crystal gamer
    crystal gamer


  • TheHacker

    i can load 4k but not 8k

  • Phillip [TEC]
    Phillip [TEC]

    To be fair, it IS weird that balaclava and baklava are almost the same word.

  • Kiya Williams
    Kiya Williams

    Fire bending

  • Max Deyes
    Max Deyes

    I'm re watching this to compare it with the new videos without the fat squaddy being rude to locals. It's better without the fat squaddy. Keep stretching time. You do not need the chubby excuse for an Englishman.

    • Fire Hedgehog
      Fire Hedgehog

      You mean Dan, Dan who was in the British Armed Forces and knows a lot about various firearms, and because of that, he uses the firearms used in their slow motion bullet shots?

  • Faker Maker Props
    Faker Maker Props

    2:45 doctor strange starring dan

  • Taraka Vinay
    Taraka Vinay

    3:44 god spinning "universe creation" Wheel

  • Aritra Roy Choudhury
    Aritra Roy Choudhury

    it's like dr strange's sling ring portal

  • th3_PWNzR

    2:42 Looks like Doctor Strange opening up a portal somewhere 😂😂

  • Trey Soto
    Trey Soto

    Famous last words: its 3am and im on my back in a quarry

  • C. Осборн
    C. Осборн

    Mmmm, Balaclava, mmmm

  • Kamil Śmierzchała
    Kamil Śmierzchała

    Watch with Interstellar music theme in background :p

  • Gratten Jenkins
    Gratten Jenkins

    Haha, "holding up a plate of doom"

  • Bluefox 6679
    Bluefox 6679

    This is just beautiful


    They look like the guys from dr strange with the circle of sparks


      The second after I made this comment I read at least 20 other comments like it

  • sunil sarswa
    sunil sarswa

    4:03 bring your face closer to the screen

  • Gamer's Empire
    Gamer's Empire

    no goggles.... dumbasses

  • Isophex music&masks
    Isophex music&masks

    dr strange

  • Nova

    This whole video feels like a dr strange reference

  • KingJamDonut

    So they recreated the portals from Doctor Strange.

  • 976_Manish kulkarni
    976_Manish kulkarni

    The second last shot looked like a comet movin around dan Love your videos

  • dan west
    dan west

    The reference to Dutch angles in Battlefield Earth at 5:23 !!!!! :D :D :D

  • Gesu

    The new touhou game looks great

  • King Celestial
    King Celestial

    Why do I never get a like on my comment ever.

  • Chant Shiff
    Chant Shiff

    Nah bois iPhone for life

  • Prod. Kevin Hues
    Prod. Kevin Hues

    Shot with Night Sight on the Google Pixel 3a

  • Anxious Blobfish
    Anxious Blobfish

    6:24 does Gav say "you are so cute, you were having so much fun"? 😂❤️

  • ¡Cuba!

    It would be awesome to see this in VR

  • Talon “Talon315”
    Talon “Talon315”

    Title: *Spinning a Million Sparks - The Slow Mo Guys 4K* 8K : Am I a joke to you?

  • Rob Fowler
    Rob Fowler

    I understand that its not uncommon for a brand name of a product to supplant the CORRECT name of a product but its kinda stupid to laugh at people who don't know your local or regional brand names. Would it be appropriate for me to tell you to "Fetch the Elmo" and then laugh at you when you show up with a red plush toy? What?? You don't know that is a particular type of projector? hahahsahahahaahahahahahah! Why not show a little more grace than that?

  • Dayton Coates
    Dayton Coates

    2:40 I think I know the inspiration for Dr.Strange portals

  • Speedcuber975

    Next time can I suggest that you do from top down?

  • Chris2008

    1:45 The SloMo Guys predicted the pandemic and the consequent fashion of 2020 already all the way back in mod 2019.

  • Uday Kiran IAS
    Uday Kiran IAS

    should have dropped it from a height ...that would've been better i think xD.

  • RAGE _Alpha
    RAGE _Alpha

    It looks like diwali.

  • Bloodreaper

    Ok so u counted up to million sparks?

  • S A N J A Y .R
    S A N J A Y .R

    Dr strange 🔥

  • Tyler Durden
    Tyler Durden




  • Tejas Tare
    Tejas Tare

    If this was how god created the world, by throwing stars in the galaxy in this same way..❤🙌

  • Jenson Osborn
    Jenson Osborn

    2:40 dr strange

  • layne travis
    layne travis

    "baclava" is Greek Turkish desert)

  • zykeveyin malone
    zykeveyin malone

    Honestly this looks so cool in 4K

  • Michael Flynn
    Michael Flynn

    Who's your fave , Gav or Dan?

  • Volt Vortex
    Volt Vortex

    Slow Mo Guys song fishows.info/post/p46cfKSvdqy7o9U/videot.html Link to “We’re All Heroes in Slow Mo” by The Gregory Brothers This is the channel trailer for the Slow Mo Guys that is posted as “unlisted” for some reason, but it’s so awesome!

  • Well Mefisto
    Well Mefisto

    06:47 That lonely source of light in the middle of darkness reminds me of Grave Encounters movie!

  • Snadaaahhh

    "Right its time for bed, I'm getting tire....*Spinning a Million Sparks - The Slow Mo Guys 4K * Ooooookaaay."

  • 6574_Siddhant_ Kadam
    6574_Siddhant_ Kadam

    watching in 8k doesn't do justice

  • Joshieboy1998

    I actually watched this at 3 o’clock in the middle of the morning and on Snapchat 😂

  • Joan Ayats
    Joan Ayats

    Hey guys, do you know what a "correfoc" is?

  • MemeCream

    Dan looks like he’s about to rob a bank

  • pmackni

    Balaclava, baklava. I mean, aluminum, aluminium. I can see how they thought "Oh another Brit that doesn't know how to pronounce things," since we obviously speak proper English and Brits jus' speak alo' o' poppy, don' they?

  • Super Sad Legend
    Super Sad Legend

    Dan is the Human Torch!

  • caleb price
    caleb price

    dr strange be like

  • Refresh

    Baklava is actually a dessert

  • Bélé Bagel
    Bélé Bagel

    Hwo else got a Google pixel ad before the video?

  • Ian Perryman
    Ian Perryman

    I finally got around to watching this .... really looked like a lot of fun. Not sure if anyone else mentioned this in the comments .... at about 1:29 in you talk about Balaclava's ..... A friend of mine lived near Balaclava Ontario (en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Balaclava,_Grey_County,_Ontario, goo.gl/maps/4ekC81GwgAPDkE636). Always enjoy your shows.

  • Seth Cawthern
    Seth Cawthern

    Whenever I get a new monitor, I come back to this video.

  • Dan Witzke
    Dan Witzke

    In all fairness to Americans, balaclava and baklava are very similar words, and we don't really say balaclava here, we usually call them ski masks.

  • Lucas Loh
    Lucas Loh

    defense dome

  • Arslan Ahmad (ArslanTheMan123)
    Arslan Ahmad (ArslanTheMan123)

    Use the iPhone 11 Pro, not the Google Pixel 3a. IYI  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Yaxye Ali
    Yaxye Ali

    2:40 dr.Strange: Dormamu, I've come to bargain.

  • Speraly

    2:40 who else thought this looked like dr.strange and his portal thing

  • Eren White
    Eren White

    It wud ease my heart if i know these guys make back ground wall papers They capture the most spectacular images

  • Shubham Jaiswal
    Shubham Jaiswal

    at 5:16 it looks like a spaceship is travelling through space

  • Adam Kelly
    Adam Kelly

    I love the sense of wonder in your voices while describing the sparks. Hang on! Tape the camera ... to the fan?!? Hahahaha!

  • Hil Rido
    Hil Rido


  • MediaSock

    3:44 That's how the milky way would look like if the black hole at it's center vanished.

  • Brett 567
    Brett 567

    Epic would've been cool if you put them further in the fan to so they went up aswell

  • Jeska

    Balaclava = A type of head covering Baklava = A type of pastry dessert

    • Trenchslayer101

      Jeska have my kids

  • NiVi OoF
    NiVi OoF

    Do this in spin rig it will look dope