Slow Mo Molten Thermite in Water - The Slow Mo Guys
Gav shows the visually amazing moment where 2000° thermite lands in a tank of 20° water.
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Filmed at 1000fps on the Phantom Flex 4K
Slow Mo Molten Thermite in Water - The Slow Mo Guys

  • The Slow Mo Guys
    The Slow Mo Guys

    Covid travel restrictions still in place between the countries young Daniel and I reside in. We shall be reunited... One day. 😔 - Gav

    • cvpuga

      Wheres the other guy?

    • Twig 46
      Twig 46

      good, because its not the same

    • Miktecrep

      Why show things which are already slow?

    • Live for Gaming
      Live for Gaming

      You will be reunited guys you are insane🙏🙏

    • Arham Shah
      Arham Shah

      I perfect the backyard videos!

  • Sqoou Too
    Sqoou Too

    If it's oxidizing the aluminum, does that mean the smoke is mostly Iron?

  • CassandraShadowheart

    Tell mio i want green thunder back. Best flavor ever

  • Ozil Gzbsj
    Ozil Gzbsj

    The probable ptarmigan chiefly transport because tachometer phongsaly fax amongst a gaudy knife. responsible, childlike greek

  • Natasha Glaze
    Natasha Glaze

    4:15 Shoutout to the truck driver.

  • K.O.T.U

    I love how slow mo guys always get to the point and don't stretch things out. What i mean by it, they introduce themselves and they don't stretch the introductions out for 2 minutes. They say what they're gonna be doing (obviously) and what they're expecting. Maybe show the process of how they're setting the equipment up and tell us about the camera they're using. Then they film the slow motion and just...boom

  • Fazeen I
    Fazeen I

    The icy sun additionaly wish because room technically trade amongst a round pillow. exotic, smiling spider

  • meem33

    Alternative title: *how an looks explosion underwaters*

  • Chara

    This is how to do sponsors properly lol

  • Jose Pablo Gómez Cadena
    Jose Pablo Gómez Cadena

    3:13, put the video in 8k and take a screen shot, result: BEST WALLPAPER EVER

  • Manolo Orz
    Manolo Orz

    very interesting and entertaining but seeing you without dan makes me sad

  • mangosweet7

    0:42 💀

  • NabiL

    I don't think my body will like industry chemicals

  • Maureen Johnson
    Maureen Johnson

    If it weren't for your eternally messy hair and the name bar, I wouldn't have known it was you. Clever beard disguise

  • Keven Grenon
    Keven Grenon

    Actual footage of me having a diarrhea.

  • Impulse

    What happen to the other slomo guy?

  • Assault Corgi
    Assault Corgi

    Where is the other guy? You guys didn't have a falling out I truly hope. Because I searched up the restrictions and there are barely any.

  • ASMR James
    ASMR James

    Lol, the MIO stole the show

  • ASMR James
    ASMR James

    06:36 RIP

  • Korkee Konrad
    Korkee Konrad

    MiO should be hella happy with that ad in the end. Made me actually look for it online.

  • Ronin

    ohhh is this the stuff that brought down the world trade centre? jk

  • RTV Ghost221
    RTV Ghost221

    Why is it only gav??

  • Kasper Christensen
    Kasper Christensen

    Those thermite goggles actually suits Gav. Along with the rest of his outfit they make him look like a mad scientist from a superhero comic book :)

  • Sebi Alex
    Sebi Alex

    DO ONE, ICE AND THERMITE you should do one with thermite and ice! Thermite explodes soon as it touches the ice, would have been nice to see that in slow motion

  • Minty Fresh
    Minty Fresh

    What do you mean filming f-16 or did I hear that wrong

  • Obi Wan Kenobi
    Obi Wan Kenobi

    *Insert rainbow 6 quote here*

  • Bao Vuong
    Bao Vuong

    loved this, this could be a moving wallpaper

  • LTrotsky 21st Century
    LTrotsky 21st Century


  • bla bla bleh
    bla bla bleh

    Reminds me of the WTC.

  • Reo Salmon
    Reo Salmon

    i hope you charged MIO an arm and a leg for that promo, unbelievable!

  • Qasim Mustafa Ali
    Qasim Mustafa Ali

    where is Dan?

  • DarthDavid 227
    DarthDavid 227

    The most realistic thing about this video was the fumes going right into his face, while he was crouched XD

  • Geoff Drew
    Geoff Drew

    This is nano thermite in real speed.

  • Augenhaber

    What means: "Wo'oh" or "90° Shuh'er" ??

  • nelson spaulding
    nelson spaulding

    I have been wondering, what happened to the other guy?

  • Ramad Jones
    Ramad Jones

    Congrats Mio. You got me to watch an entire advertising segment with this wicked and visually pleasing bit of marketing. Bravo.

  • Dr. Dave Salisbury PhD., MBA
    Dr. Dave Salisbury PhD., MBA

    Great video footage! I am just straight amazed!

  • jman415

    How is SloMo Guys only at 14mil subs lol 🔥

  • Nanyu Busnis
    Nanyu Busnis

    0:35 Do *not* underestimate idiots with a garage.

  • TH3mrBROWN

    Jet fuel doesn't melt steel beams, but thermite sure does.

  • Weston Forced-last-name-display
    Weston Forced-last-name-display

    I miss Dan so much. Keep it up Gav!

  • James Wallace
    James Wallace

    I miss Dan

  • Bouchedag

    that "Dark" shot would make a awesome wallpaper tho

  • Callum Goldring
    Callum Goldring

    wow this took a long time to watch

  • Ganesh Ram
    Ganesh Ram

    the morning after I eat a bunch of hot sauce with my dinner

  • mojo

    incredible 😳

  • Simsider

    So easy a caveman could do it

  • U G
    U G

    It looks like the thermite is pooping

  • Yolk

    Random person:How bright is thermite? Gavin:yes

  • buttafan

    What about Super nanothermate ... eh? zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • Twig 46
    Twig 46

    5:00 can i have the one on the left as a screen saver? i would buy a screen and put it on my wall as a kind of living picture. soo pretty

  • Carter Manning
    Carter Manning

    you have a bared?

  • Dr Gunsmith
    Dr Gunsmith

    Yes that how they took down the twin towers 9/11

  • Tom Bates
    Tom Bates


  • mme725

    Sponsor Segment: The Slow-Mio Guys :P

  • Miktecrep

    Starts at 2:44

  • Dаv


  • NIKONGUY1960

    Between this and the Lock Picking Lawyer, who needs Netflix.

  • M James
    M James

    I love MIO. I'm drinking Strawberry Watermelon MIO right meow. Regular water tastes bleh.

  • Kurt Feierabend
    Kurt Feierabend

    That was a really cool video! And I liked the Mio Ad as well.

  • Km Scheid
    Km Scheid

    So, did the heat melt the sand in the bottom? Are you talking 2000 degrees celsius?

  • Hit That Jam! Sloooooowly
    Hit That Jam! Sloooooowly

    Where is the non slow version of the bucket?

  • LilRowdy

    S P I C Y M I O

  • no name
    no name

    I was absolutely shocked at how quickly that bucket became molten and fell... I've literally used similar buckets as little coal forges to forge knives and they've lasted through anywhere between 4-8 forgings before the sides gave out.

  • Serksta V
    Serksta V

    911 buildings had thermite pouring out the sides

  • Rogue Fountain
    Rogue Fountain

    You guys made a literal lava lamp!

    • Rogue Fountain
      Rogue Fountain

      @Dafydd Rees-Jones yes, search your feelings you know this to be true.

    • Dafydd Rees-Jones
      Dafydd Rees-Jones


  • Dobyns Media
    Dobyns Media

    This is also a recreation of guest from hot ones going to the bathroom after the show @First We Feast

  • Matt Lockington
    Matt Lockington

    Where's Dan?

  • Jeremiah Johnson
    Jeremiah Johnson

    I love Mio.

  • Ninosław Brzostowiecki
    Ninosław Brzostowiecki

    That's it? You say you could watch it ages after you remove it within a minute :(

  • Nicholas Oh
    Nicholas Oh

    The wrathful himalayan jointly empty because thermometer uniquely plan till a forgetful kayak. breezy, open tower

  • markeldamgaard

    Gavin looks like bigfoot.

  • Oscar Alanis
    Oscar Alanis



    Proper lava lamp..l9l

  • ImShimas

    Wheres Dan?

  • Noumaan Malik
    Noumaan Malik

    Where is dan?

  • ChubbyCupcake

    Viewers: "How bright is thermite?" Gav: "*Yes.*"

  • A Wol
    A Wol

    I bet some guy from a military bomb maker follow these videos with keen interest.

  • Kris G
    Kris G

    7:08 '...i can watch that for ages' , yea watch it frame by frame lol

  • Gede Septian
    Gede Septian

    hnnn ... slow mo ads~

  • Yegor Svirsky
    Yegor Svirsky

    Gavin explaining science stuff with ambient music in the background gives me big David Attenborough vibes

  • FalconPunch1978

    So this is the stuff they used on 9ll huh? interesting.. This can be used to help us understand why the fires at ground zero (under the ruble pile) burned for MONTHS.

  • Dominic Kelly
    Dominic Kelly

    6.30 remind anyone of anything?

  • Liquid Mike
    Liquid Mike

    if you made the hull of a boat hot enough to boil water, couldn't you then travel faster than any boat?

  • Angel Jackson
    Angel Jackson

    The rigid kick qualitatively bare because flat immediately wriggle plus a recondite hourglass. economic, thankful limit

  • Demonetized

    I love how tasteless water is

  • Tre harris
    Tre harris

    Looks like that would feel great if that feel on your skin

  • i_is_anonymous

    Liquid nitrogen and this composition of thermite?

  • Max Salvail
    Max Salvail

    so that's how those twin tower ....

  • Badr 313
    Badr 313

    4:42 Feels like Battlefield 5

  • Christopher Hilliard
    Christopher Hilliard

    Thermite verse dry ice

  • Dio Brando
    Dio Brando

    Looks like a battlefield trailer

  • Tim Ruble
    Tim Ruble

    What would happen with colder water

  • Divi Kumar
    Divi Kumar

    Where is the other slowmo guy???

  • Ray Chen
    Ray Chen

    According to some sources, molten iron will react with water and produce hydrogen gas. I think most of the bubbles are water vapor but there could be some hydrogen in them. Source:

  • Drunk ninja
    Drunk ninja

    behold what did collapse twin towers 9_11

  • Facklig Anyheter
    Facklig Anyheter


  • Masdargames

    This is how PS5 start menu theme was made..

  • TürkMavzeri

    sööv fa

  • Kevin Mcdonagh
    Kevin Mcdonagh

    This might be dumb but he said no gas is released and it's just steam.. So how are the fumes toxic if nothing is released.

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