Spinning Ink out of Pens in Slow Motion - The Slow Mo Guys
Using the scientific force known as "the spinnies," Gav and Dan make some splatter paintings using a drill. Gav asked Dan to get some cheap, knock-off felt pens, but he went full Crayola. This video is not sponsored by Crayola. Follow us on Instagram! instagram.com/gavinfree/
Filmed at 1000fps and 28,500fps on the Phantom Flex 4k and the Phantom V2511
Spinning Ink out of Pens in Slow Motion - The Slow Mo Guys

  • aiden pratt
    aiden pratt

    Makes me wanna drink the pen juice

  • Ajdid Abdo Lux
    Ajdid Abdo Lux

    Go to 3:37 and start a meditation minute

  • LazySmurf

    Destin is the hero of the slow mo community

  • Jasper Master
    Jasper Master

    You should combine the pen drill with the wind tunnel

  • Eetsu

    Historians in a million years: As you can see in this *A C I E N T A R T I F A C T*

  • Kiroshike

    i'm pretty sure i've heard this sound somewhere else 4:04

  • Proud to be a Christian
    Proud to be a Christian

    Jesus loves youu

  • Enderpony

    I can smell this video

  • Toenail

    Modern art☺️🤌

  • Artemis Patterson
    Artemis Patterson

    One thing. Those are markers...or pens I guess.

  • Michael Gentile
    Michael Gentile

    now thats art ALSO 8K IS A THING??!?!

  • Tyzaleon Castor
    Tyzaleon Castor

    This is art

  • Wet Harmonica.10
    Wet Harmonica.10

    This is what I pay my internet bills for!


    It is So SaTiSfiyINg\

  • Its A Me Mario!
    Its A Me Mario!

    thought it said peEs

  • WickedVixen

    me: ok now a complete cube of canvas around this thing on an oscilating fan.

  • 3nfy

    Is this an episode of Dexter they didn't show?

  • outerrealm

    The hole is to allow air in to replace and displace the ink flowing out, otherwise there would be an airtight suction working against the ink flow

  • Junaet

    modern art be like

  • Ddayknight sauce
    Ddayknight sauce

    *british accent starts to gets stronger*

  • rolls Royce
    rolls Royce

    The quiet kids class room but all in red

  • Jeff Xu
    Jeff Xu

    6:40 why didn't you wear a mask?

  • Vaibhav singh
    Vaibhav singh

    pure art

  • pookks

    I kinda read the title wrong

  • Thomas

    gav was never seen again after this one

  • Kyle Klatt
    Kyle Klatt

    If you see Dan looking like this in the next video youll know what happened *Pandemic*

  • iphollect

    Now that's war paint guys great job!1!

  • EV4N21

    i flick ink on my friends desk all the time

  • Hinata Naki
    Hinata Naki

    “That looks so obvious” Me who can’t notice anything:

  • shit ass
    shit ass

    my god i havent seen gavin in a hot minute

  • ritu Raj
    ritu Raj

    You looks totally like my brother like twins he shoked when I show your image to him.also me shoked I think what my brother is a youtuber.👍🏼

  • Angelo Romanes
    Angelo Romanes

    i read the title wrong . . .

  • Jam Sandwich
    Jam Sandwich

    I imagine the holes are for Choking

  • Andrea Salazar
    Andrea Salazar

    i mean yes we wantes revenge but not like that

  • Denisa Spinu
    Denisa Spinu

    0:00 general Kenobi (o////o)

  • mika r
    mika r

    I’d buy these lol those canvases look so dope

  • Candy Sweeetz
    Candy Sweeetz

    my dad used to shoot skewers at kids in military school, kids are jerks lol

  • Relish1🛡

    I believe its to make them last a shorter amount of time, and dries them out when lids are off. Kind of a "put the lid on or buy more" type of capitalisation

  • bacon hobo
    bacon hobo

    American: that's badass British: that's lovely Russian: markers draw themselves

  • David Williams
    David Williams

    And here you can see theses majestic creatures in their natural habitat.

  • idurrani7

    his face be looking like the skyrim face texture glitch

  • The Child
    The Child

    I only clicked on this to make sure they weren't copics

  • Gerald McGoose (OddSquad)
    Gerald McGoose (OddSquad)

    The handy bay cytopathologically chew because handsaw joly empty inside a dysfunctional state. anxious, adamant cup

  • Ks G
    Ks G


  • ØmgLølGamer

    I actually tied a piece of string to the end of my almost-dried-out highlighter hoping to get the ink to the tip. I swung it around and it did not end well

    • ØmgLølGamer

      ps. I did not leave the cap on and ink flew everywhere

  • Morgan

    2.5k people didn't like this video wow how come? that was really cool I gotta try that just the marker and drill I wish I had the money for that camera :(

  • Mystic Runes
    Mystic Runes

    3:16 5:05 6:45

  • Its Jake
    Its Jake

    i missread pens for smething else

  • Carolina Carvalho
    Carolina Carvalho

    It made me really anxious that they didn't bother to wear or mention wearing protective glasses >.

    • Carolina Carvalho
      Carolina Carvalho

      Until like way far into the video

  • Pineapple


  • Nick

    This is so relaxing

  • Patrick Ugga-Booga
    Patrick Ugga-Booga

    3:43 looks like artillery if paintball was played by toy soldiers

  • Navah Weiss (Nahilla)
    Navah Weiss (Nahilla)

    This is actually stunning art

  • TheLazy Complainer
    TheLazy Complainer

    I know what I'm doing in school UvU

  • Faith Paraboo
    Faith Paraboo

    Is… is this why humans throw up on roller coasters?

  • halo_msc

    *i misread that.*

  • Voke

    Art be like

  • The commenter I use this account to comment
    The commenter I use this account to comment

    I did not read Pens wrong. I did not read Pens wrong. I did not read Pens wrong.

  • Arden Rhynerson
    Arden Rhynerson

    I don’t know why I love this channel but I feel relaxed when I watch it

  • Craigy2818

    I'm disturbed at the splatting sound effects... They remind me of things.

  • Jack Gibson (Jack Gibson's Twin)
    Jack Gibson (Jack Gibson's Twin)

    I read the word "pens" wrong and then I got really scared


    Wow! Phineas and Ferb are all grown up. Good thing they still make cool stuff in the backyard. Wait a minute where is Perry?

  • Wacky Astra
    Wacky Astra

    Y’all should make a one hour version of this for night or something

  • Flexbus

    Girls every month:

  • gull K
    gull K

    I see they are running out of ideas for videos

  • Victor Mon
    Victor Mon


  • aditya sharma
    aditya sharma

    this video is basically oooooooo oooooo yeaaaahhhhh oooooooo thaaas awwwwwseeomeeee

  • Tawhid Khan (Abir)
    Tawhid Khan (Abir)

    Wish I could do this for a living :(

  • Taquishaqondarius

    If only school was this interesting, then maybe it would be bearable

  • im a dog
    im a dog

    i am so unbelievably amused and happy

  • Jayanti Gupta
    Jayanti Gupta

    Why drops are so satisfying 👽

  • Nevo

    I read the title wrong

  • C InfDef
    C InfDef

    Should've angled the pends but otherwise cool

  • Read more “c”
    Read more “c”

    You should sell your painting at a auction

  • ‎

    Hello everyone, this is _YOUR_ daily dose of Internet


    I can smell this video.

  • Fareed Abi Farraj
    Fareed Abi Farraj

    Speed of snake Try shooting a snake with a bullet and see what happens Ofcourse choose a venomous snake to shoot🙈

  • Eliot Hall
    Eliot Hall

    this reminds me of somesort of portal efect.i feel like if someone had made a round portal this would be a pretty great teachnique to use to make a gliching\worlds crashing in on eachother.

  • John Rey Escueta
    John Rey Escueta

    The title though don't read it fast

  • Dhananjay Manikandan
    Dhananjay Manikandan

    The holes in the pens are for air to go in/out. Cause it would be a vacuum and get stuck norm.

  • Red Foxes Are Cool
    Red Foxes Are Cool

    Modern art is worse then this

  • Queen Hamster
    Queen Hamster

    The holes on the markers are in fact for emergencies but not those kind of emergencies lol, they’re for if someone were to choke or “swallow” them then they would be able to still breath, I think..

  • Костя Трошков
    Костя Трошков

    Еб@ть вы красавчики) Гав, Верни Дена на канал!

  • Kirby

    for all who want to know the reason those pens have those drip holes is for air to get in, they cant pressurize them so the use external pressure also known as our atmosphere. and yes i'm a bit late to the party but nonetheless, there you go.

  • mix

    Abstract painters be like "Shut up and take my money"

  • Nam Joo -hyuk
    Nam Joo -hyuk

    "when i was a kid i was caught doing this stuff on my teacher"....ufff

  • Official Prince Govia
    Official Prince Govia

    Can Someone Pleaseee Tell Me The Name Of The Music That Starts Playing At 3:55

  • Aeryn

    0:37 I'm dying at Gav's face and reaction

  • Cayde-6

    And thus spin art was created

  • Avi Prokhorov
    Avi Prokhorov

    they should sell this art

  • ZoltanG23

    We used to do this in like 1st grade arts class lol

  • jumpieva


  • Harshika Drall
    Harshika Drall

    That canvas will be sold for 10 million

  • Adm Gaming
    Adm Gaming

    2:10 - circulation

  • denki_ Kaminari._.
    denki_ Kaminari._.

    Why did I read "p3n1s" instead of pens😭🤣🤣💀

  • Kollol

    theholesin the markers are so if a kid swallows them it can still breath until its operated

  • Saundarya Iyer
    Saundarya Iyer

    i read that title VERY wrong

  • Chickenkiddyman

    Can I get a hoiyaaa

  • Ramen :D
    Ramen :D


  • Sumit Mazumdar
    Sumit Mazumdar

    That's a great t-shirt design

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