Spinning Ink out of Pens in Slow Motion - The Slow Mo Guys
Using the scientific force known as "the spinnies," Gav and Dan make some splatter paintings using a drill. Gav asked Dan to get some cheap, knock-off felt pens, but he went full Crayola. This video is not sponsored by Crayola. Follow us on Instagram! instagram.com/gavinfree/
Filmed at 1000fps and 28,500fps on the Phantom Flex 4k and the Phantom V2511
Spinning Ink out of Pens in Slow Motion - The Slow Mo Guys

  • Dogukan Atlihan
    Dogukan Atlihan

    pollock would be proud

  • Dr. Dave Salisbury PhD., MBA
    Dr. Dave Salisbury PhD., MBA

    I cannot help but think how cool this video would be at slower speeds!

  • Fazeen I
    Fazeen I

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  • The Potato
    The Potato

    That's how I pee. actyally, how I HAVE to pee.

  • Janes Fair
    Janes Fair

    The hole in the end of the marker is to allow airflow. Without air release the ink couldn’t come out of the marker tip.

  • Ari Heinonen
    Ari Heinonen

    The instant pointillism ...

  • Shadowhunter The Nightwing
    Shadowhunter The Nightwing

    Slomo guys: happy little lines! Bob ross soul: You have learned well

  • HungerGamesFan88

    did you add the sploosh sounds?

  • Jack Turner
    Jack Turner

    Of all the times not to wear goggles.

  • TJ Buchanan
    TJ Buchanan

    So... is the canvas for sale? Makes for cool wall art 🖼

  • harleyrdr1

    I’d make a tube of paper, reach through it and bring it back through as it spins. Maybe wobble it a bit. When you flaten the paper out it should be nice wall art! 👍🏻😁

  • Daniel Shevchuk
    Daniel Shevchuk

    U guys should sell portraits for a living

  • StreetWorks

    Hi guys! Amazing ! My special request - can you guys do a macro slow motion on an ink jet printer head printing words ? That will be amazing. Do mention me and my channel if you love my idea ? I love how those ink squirt out. But it will be fun to see ink and amaze many how our daily ink jet printer prints .!

  • Venomous Venom
    Venomous Venom


  • Dreamzrm 101
    Dreamzrm 101

    Next up: Spinning blood out of humans in slow motion 4K HDR

  • Kakyoin Noriaki RFID official
    Kakyoin Noriaki RFID official

    3:38 “i’ll take a potato chip, and eat it!”

    • Rainbow Angel
      Rainbow Angel

      Yes. Yes. YASSSSSS!!!

  • MT

    mi classmates and i had to buy our teacher new markers because of this

  • Kadmilos Somnium
    Kadmilos Somnium

    now I know what Im doing tomorrow

  • Yuvan Hardowar
    Yuvan Hardowar

    This would (probably will) sell for billions at the proper auction!

  • SanctusDemonus

    omg the two guys who seem super smart dont understand a flow hole.... i loled so hard. going back to 2nd grade here guys

  • Isaac Love
    Isaac Love

    Should do this with highlighters under a black light!

  • Ed Soderlind
    Ed Soderlind

    3 freakin d

  • Ed Soderlind
    Ed Soderlind

    bobs ur unkle

  • GroovingPict

    Difficult to get any liquid out of it if there isnt also a hole to let air into it to replace the liquid.

  • TTV GalaxyGamer
    TTV GalaxyGamer

    Dan still has the same lab coat from when I was 11 I’m 17 now

  • somebodey somethang
    somebodey somethang

    This is why they put advisory warnings on these

  • Nikki

    Gav "Uhhh you annihilated me." Dan "Ooooh, Wow, the fat pens are way better they let out do much more."...HAHA!! 🤣🤣🤣🤭 Compete disregard for how Gav got Plattered with ink.

  • Custom Firmware
    Custom Firmware

    k n o b h a a d

  • Victoria Eads
    Victoria Eads

    The little holes around the top are to keep the ink flowing evenly without creating a vacuum.

  • Pistachio

    I'd like to buy that art from you.

  • Chris Wu
    Chris Wu

    “Abstract art machine”

  • Marijn Mendes
    Marijn Mendes

    cencoring unnecessary words: pe**ing

  • 1derScore

    2:29 no 2:30 yes

  • sho Tor
    sho Tor

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  • jeffbalcombe

    Could you imagine if they were permanent markers lol

  • Peamey Chow Kei Tung 5a 4
    Peamey Chow Kei Tung 5a 4

    So cooooooooo L

  • Bizyyy

    I read "pens in" wrong

  • K-Lucky1 Broadcasts
    K-Lucky1 Broadcasts

    This should be a project in art classes. 🤣

  • Terran Chow
    Terran Chow

    I never flicked the pens at anyone but I guess I’ll give it a try😃

  • Elijah D'Arcy Dominguez
    Elijah D'Arcy Dominguez

    I didn’t know that was a pen

  • Michael Skinner
    Michael Skinner

    Most certainly bleeding into reality O.O

  • b9y

    You could sell the artwork for millions nowadays.

  • Bee High!
    Bee High!

    3:09 Uh I'd pay big money for that. Pls tell me u still have it

  • Simon Sabro Sørensen
    Simon Sabro Sørensen

    didnt know my monitor supported 8k noice i just looked at the vid settings thx lettin me know btw

  • Ian Clark
    Ian Clark

    dan took a hit for the team

  • alitozable

    'Slow-mo-guys-ed' needs to be in the dictionary

  • Ish Ish
    Ish Ish


  • Connor

    8k wtf

  • Shrimp Eyes
    Shrimp Eyes

    Fantastic sound design on these, Gav!

  • Khalid Muhammad
    Khalid Muhammad

    1 pound sterling for the paint?

  • Knowledge Bulb
    Knowledge Bulb

    A variation of this (especially where it's intended) as a sequel would be lovely.

  • PeeksFrmHeaven _
    PeeksFrmHeaven _

    Ok who asked

  • Jack Fones
    Jack Fones

    Why do I want to drink it

  • Immad Shahid
    Immad Shahid

    Oh the Beauty of Physics

  • Rahul Singh
    Rahul Singh

    artist getting an idea after watching this video


    Satisfying ❤️❤️❤️

  • Ethan Saraiva
    Ethan Saraiva

    I misread the title😳

  • Art Len
    Art Len

    This puts Jackson Pollock to shame-

  • Kirkendauhl

    I’m gonna guess and say the holes that the ink leaked out of are put there for the same reason that tiny hole in a coffee lid is there: when the liquid is escaping it tends to make a vacuum and those holes help the ink flow at a consistent rate. Could also be for emergancy airflow in the event of ingestion like the hole in pen caps are intended for.


    the pens did some noice artwork if i was there i would sell it for only $100000000000000000000

  • Addison Falcao
    Addison Falcao

    oh my my school computer just loaded 8k quality for this video this was great to watch with insane quality

  • Michał Janik
    Michał Janik

    You should totaly sell it as a piece of modern art

  • Mark Evans
    Mark Evans

    this. is. art.

  • Gioacchino Martino
    Gioacchino Martino

    No one: My brain: Watch it at 0.25x speed

  • Dog Town
    Dog Town

    A lot how about almost half the ink

  • Teedz Krem
    Teedz Krem

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  • N1njasoldier _
    N1njasoldier _

    if that is a pen what is a marker

  • Paranoia CuFF
    Paranoia CuFF

    that would be a nice painting

  • Kamalu426

    Close ur mouth😂

  • ChromiteHertz

    Oookay. Completely misread that title and was very confused and terrified for a second. Glad it's not that.

  • jazzochannel

    the holes are there for air to come in so the liquid can come out you knobheads.


    It is quite satisfying to see these pens squirt! 🥴

  • Mr. Poopsident The Unholy
    Mr. Poopsident The Unholy

    Splatoon 3 looks great!

  • Trent Blum
    Trent Blum

    Do it with a impact driver. It will go way faster.

  • joncraigjackson

    Can you give me the link for the purple one you used? To buy?

  • Aweeb

    1:50 thank me later

  • K M
    K M

    Show us how sound was done! This was very good. Thank you

  • Football Whale
    Football Whale

    I know what you read the title as...

  • Macintosh8888 Aka Ftwc
    Macintosh8888 Aka Ftwc

    It’s very n̶i̶c̶e̶ beautiful

  • Siddarth.P : IX-C : 31
    Siddarth.P : IX-C : 31

    U guys are amazing

  • Fahad Naqvi
    Fahad Naqvi

    Please make video of how much time body takes in feeling pain when injection needle go insides of our skin. How much time body takes in taking reaction of getting hurt by needle. I hope you guys understand and make a video on it. It will help in Medical science also. Please reply if you like this idea

  • Matt Baker
    Matt Baker

    This is what technology is for. Making people learn and laugh.

  • Din Ihf
    Din Ihf


  • Supiferous

    7:11 Dan's face texture glitched out.

  • Lucas Eichler
    Lucas Eichler

    Sell those to a museum. I bet you'd make a buck offa those.

  • Graf MKristo
    Graf MKristo

    Your foley is unbelievably good!


    You just gave some weird abstract artists another idea to make their art more weirder....😳

  • Pablo Clavo
    Pablo Clavo

    someone is going to sell this on instagram with the hashtag ART

  • vamshi ranga
    vamshi ranga

    Lest sell this art for million dollar to some idiot

  • Daniel E.
    Daniel E.

    i predict these guys have pretty nice screensavers on their devices.

  • Peter Herrington
    Peter Herrington

    Dan's "face fan" was the most I've laughed in ages . 😂😂

  • Amaroth

    Inking out pen is a bit weird name... It's not me. It's you seeing that.


    4:31 exact thumbnail scene

  • mistyc k
    mistyc k


  • humor

    better modern art then most in the art galleries

  • Jasper Bayless
    Jasper Bayless

    Art for sale?

  • shashank

    gosh that sound effect

  • Xiral

    The sounds in these videos impress me just as much as the visuals. I love slow mo guys

  • Steven Lovell
    Steven Lovell

    You could sell these as art

  • Revive

    Sells the paper for a million dollars

Paint Drill
2,5 milj.