Breaking Youtube with Slow Mo Glitter - The Slow Mo Guys
Gav and Dan (and Smee) make a video that is incredibly difficult to watch by using glitter to absolutely annihilate modern video compression. In order to give you a fighting chance, this video is uploaded in 8K (4320p50) to increase the available bitrate. Don't watch if you are prone to seizures from flashing!
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Filmed at 1000fps on the Phantom Flex 4K
Breaking FIshows with Slow Mo Glitter - The Slow Mo Guys
*Filmed before the world ended.

  • The Slow Mo Guys
    The Slow Mo Guys

    Real heroes watch this in 144p

    • Sean Gulley
      Sean Gulley

      Yeah its really terrible quality.

    • Caleb Carter
      Caleb Carter


    • Michael van der Gaag
      Michael van der Gaag

      I'd buy that bluray!!! even if it was only glitter

    • Shane Anthony
      Shane Anthony

      My resolution automatically went to 720p50 and I didn't know it till the end. And my eyes are STILL killing me! 😂😖

    • HungerGamesFan88

      it h u r t s

  • TheGustasso

    10:39 the most beautiful frame ins 144p and 4k

  • orange42

    Filming from side would be good

  • Alvin Jay dela Cruz
    Alvin Jay dela Cruz

    its so funny watching it in 4k then switch to 144p

  • Coon Pooch
    Coon Pooch

    This is clickbait youtube didn't break, thumbs down

  • Bob Builder
    Bob Builder

    watching this in 8k goes from the crispest footage I've ever seen straight to 144p in 2 seconds

  • Maqsimous

    Glitter is one of the worst inventions of mankind.

  • L Liddle
    L Liddle

    because of the compression, I wish there was a way to download a version from y'all's website in full quality. just an idea

  • TheBrickGuy7939

    Last video they were together!

  • Eloise Thorne
    Eloise Thorne

    the red looks like a sparkling cloud of doom edit: I spoke too soon, they all look like sparkling cloud of doom

  • Yuxuan Huang
    Yuxuan Huang

    you could leave a still image for a few seconds and the compression will be better

  • Piezku

    Fun Fact: FIshows detects videos that are uploaded upscaled to higher resolution and uses bitrate according to the real video resolution, which is the case here. For example 8k and 4k resolutions for this video are encoded using same bitrate, so they are same quality meaning 8k option in this video does not add any detail.

  • Freddi Green
    Freddi Green


  • Sean

    Publish on Vimeo at a much slower frame rate

  • Hanson Davis
    Hanson Davis

    When the slow mo kicked in, my resolution went down.

  • Mimi Chou
    Mimi Chou

    why does the thumbnail remind me of Little Mix????!!!

  • Ellen Herstead
    Ellen Herstead

    Beautiful 🤩

  • Recursion V
    Recursion V

    My RTX 2070 Super usage just went up 99% usage on 8K LMAO

  • Nawa Hikmawansah
    Nawa Hikmawansah

    Watch in 144p for maximum results Edit:my eyes now starting to hurt



  • Amaracea

    FIshows actually REFUSES to play this in ANY quality besides the highest one. Like it actually won’t change.

  • Ind7 Karu7
    Ind7 Karu7

    0.40 cat cat cat cat cat catcatcatcatcatcatcat

  • Jonathan Rowe
    Jonathan Rowe

    Makes me anxious for some reason 😂

  • William Thompson
    William Thompson

    kinda wish they had included an uncompressed lossless version in the description

  • Korkee Konrad
    Korkee Konrad

    Still picking glitter out of his cracks i bet.

  • Callum Inglis
    Callum Inglis

    I miss Dan :( (and you too Gav!)

  • Manuel B. Camacho
    Manuel B. Camacho

    0:55 you checking if you still have it on youself?

  • anon

    6:16 my legs after sitting on the toilet too long

  • IndyStry

    @GAV !! You should have used the super shallow depth of field shot you tried here at 11:32 where they all appear out of thin air but with a modification. The spot where you are dropping from, make that pitch black, have a powerful light looking sideways through a slit so in the falling path of the glitter there is thin plane of light and then shoot the same way. Have your focus be exactly where the light plane is. So when you playback, you won't see the particles or the shimmering at all as they fall, until suddenly they all enter the plane of light and show out of nowhere! That would be dope, try it!!

  • Jason Benias
    Jason Benias

    This was the first time I got to actually watch 4K and I was not disappointed. And yes you should absolutely sell prints from not only this bit, but you could honestly sell prints from any number of your segments. You should also make a Blu-Ray of your greatest hits.

  • SpectralFps

    Me after watching this video and finding glitter everywhere in my bed


    my eyes malfunctioned, anyone elses ?

  • Anonymous Worm
    Anonymous Worm

    10:47 Christmas in a nutshell

  • Ethan Lindstrom
    Ethan Lindstrom

    That doesn’t break FIshows, it breaks my eyes.

  • Darius Keevon Baten
    Darius Keevon Baten

    I'd love it if you guys could take each slow mo clip from the most artistic videos like this one and create like a 30 minute or hour long compilation video. I'd love to be able to play a video like that in the background while I entertain dinner guests. Even if it was a silent video and I could just play my own music while the compilation plays, would be amazing. (I know lots of people play the Planet Earth series muted, with playing their own background music. Same concept.) Does anyone else think that this would be a cool video and would be willing to pay for it?

  • Sarang Sheth
    Sarang Sheth

    This should get rid of any dead pixels you may have on your screen.

  • Oldschool Gamer
    Oldschool Gamer

    "like confetti and snow" i see you have watched Tom Scott's video

  • 빠보아나

    9:46 when i rub my eye too hard that it takes me to another galaxy

  • Jaycup

    Why does this guy look like a Great Value Q?

  • Nathália Isabella
    Nathália Isabella

    I feel like there's glitter on me now

  • Nathália Isabella
    Nathália Isabella

    It is not that compressed here in 1080p...

  • Priyen Vekaria
    Priyen Vekaria

    Now...You should recreate this....With 3D VR.....It'll look awesome With 2 phantoms 4K

  • Michelle Kohler Art
    Michelle Kohler Art

    Netflix tv show!

  • The World's Onion
    The World's Onion

    it looks so good in 8k

  • Ellie Cofield
    Ellie Cofield

    0:24 Kitty!!! 🥰😍❤️

  • andrew simons
    andrew simons



    If that video has a slow motion montage of all the shots you did with this glitter idea, I would pay for that.

  • Snoutie

    When I watch this in 8k I get 70% gpu usage

  • TheRrrims

    why is my screen on fire?

  • CoolJRT

    What a boring video. 15 minutes of faffing about and you didn't even film it falling vertically between two panes of glass

  • Triever Studios
    Triever Studios

    I have epilepsy. Why am I watching this?

  • kevmv1

    This is the perfect experiment to do in a hotel suite

  • Leafyr Oakfyst
    Leafyr Oakfyst

    I came for all green glitter drop.. I am extremely unsatisfied and disappointed! 😠😡😒

    • Leafyr Oakfyst
      Leafyr Oakfyst

      And youtube doesn't even have a video of it... 😢

  • Dan D (Exycsymyr)
    Dan D (Exycsymyr)

    The blue glitter makes me think of being in the most wonderful shower.

  • Emily Waddle
    Emily Waddle

    10:38 in 8k is what broke mine.

  • Christoffer Bergdahl
    Christoffer Bergdahl

    Is there anyway to get a hold of the original?

  • Treakie

    This is so mesmerizing in 4k!

  • Jaxxie Hey Willow
    Jaxxie Hey Willow

    Enjoyed watching that

  • Wade Hawley
    Wade Hawley

    So, I’m back.... this is the first video I’m watching on my new 65” 4K tv.. so much better 😁🙏🏻 thank you

  • ballmilk

    5:53 I took a screenshot right before he said this for the reason to make it my background

  • Patrik Schwarcz
    Patrik Schwarcz

    4:47 Dan has one red glitter on his forehead :D

  • StoneAgeSkillz

    Guys, Build an air powered glitter canon, like confetti canon, but for glitter. And shoot it at camera.

  • Anna Devereux
    Anna Devereux

    my internet is not good enough for this video LOL

  • Tiger magic 2004
    Tiger magic 2004

    This broke FIshows

  • NeRethil Wolfsson
    NeRethil Wolfsson

    Gav: It's like an explosion of fabulous. Dan: So, me when I come into a room? Me: Excuse me, I'll just steal that.

  • Digs Fossils-n-Knives
    Digs Fossils-n-Knives

    Turn them into NFTs and make millions. If you do I want 10% for the idea.

  • Jill

    I don't care how much you prepaired for glitter cleanup, it will still haunt you for a min of 5 years. Regardless, it's totally worth it!

  • danieljackson22

    Not to bad in 8k

  • Alan Fitzpatrick
    Alan Fitzpatrick

    WOW!!! The blue at 5:50 reminds me of the Sun sparkling on a beautiful blue lagoon at midday.

  • London

    I tried watching this video in 8k and somehow it put itself into slow motion even though the phantom hadnt even been set up yet

  • Ruby Wilcox
    Ruby Wilcox

    So fun! I love this one! Hope you guys didn't end up with glitter lung or anything.

  • Luminty

    The difference between HD and 8K is impeccable. As soon as I changed it, it started buffering every second and my computer fan started running.

  • Mr person
    Mr person

    I watched it in 144p

  • Sean Gulley
    Sean Gulley

    3:10 does anyone else hear the rimshot when he drops the board. LOL

  • Donut Max
    Donut Max

    im watching in 144p due to youtube suffering

  • sammysampi09

    the sound in 3:11 is halerius

  • Fire_Punch

    10:19 Gav invented NFTs

  • Zach Frazee
    Zach Frazee

    My eyes hurt

  • jezzaqc

    Don’t just sell the frames as paintings! Convert them into jigsaw puzzles!!!!

  • Tammo Gaming
    Tammo Gaming

    this has 8K yet is still blur

  • Galaxy Gamer 101
    Galaxy Gamer 101

    I’ve never been more happy in my entire life

  • Susi Sorglos
    Susi Sorglos

    I have got a fairly powerful Laptop, it did crash while watching at 8k (although my additional monitor can´t cope) , while watching at 4k twice, while watching at 1440 it stopped briefly two times. I think I need an 8k monitor AND your DVD... *g* Now repeating. At 144p.

  • Benowario

    literally anything below 1440p is awful lmao

  • Jake Garza
    Jake Garza

    10:49 with 144 px and I keep seeing Luigi and Mario flashing across the screen.

  • J Hort
    J Hort

    12:00 when they start to talk. also the light and the sweeping XD but the end. you could see little specs of glitter all over the two of them.

  • Maya

    He looks like Anderson from BBC SHERLOCK

  • Albert Abed
    Albert Abed

    NFT anyone?

  • Mishka Davani
    Mishka Davani

    Simplynailogical eh

  • Rishen Reni
    Rishen Reni

    10:41 Compression at its best

  • Caleb Carter
    Caleb Carter

    watch in 2x speed

  • teenage drama queen
    teenage drama queen

    i think i have a migraine but i think that's what was SUPPOSED to happen? idk

  • Ex Mil in MA
    Ex Mil in MA

    This is so satisfying

  • Patrice Degré
    Patrice Degré

    my eyes hurt so bad looking at this

  • Ezra Yarmush
    Ezra Yarmush

    Individual frames as NFT's

  • Todd Howard
    Todd Howard

    I watched each one in each resolution and at 8k I had to plug in my laptop and turn on the cooling technology to watch it without it stopping every second. all in all 5/5 video, well done.

  • blob mouth
    blob mouth

    gosh i hope this was biodegradeable glitter

  • 44th President of the USA
    44th President of the USA

    Im watching this is in 2160p50

  • Hunter “[Moldy Stir-Fry]” Romanski
    Hunter “[Moldy Stir-Fry]” Romanski

    Your eyes are bleeding, the algorithms eyes are bleeding, my eyes are bleeding....

  • Archamedies616

    cat timestamps 0:08 to 0:12 (table) 0:18 to 0:24 (table) 0:31 to 0:46 (bottom of ladder) 1:12 to 1:14 (under ladder)

  • championchap

    I really would like to see some still frames of this