The Slow Mo Guys

The Slow Mo Guys
The Slow Mo Guys

Gav and Dan take on the world in Slow Motion!
Definitely in the top 10 of slow motion based FIshows channels!
If you can, watch our videos at the highest possible resolution on your device for some offensively crisp slow motion footage.

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  • John Hyns
    John Hyns

    Back when this guy looked normal

  • android gamer
    android gamer

    Hey gav firing a bullet in space, what's the reaction on speed, ignition etc. Space might not possible but can you test it in your LAB making similar atmospheres and fire the gun, one in the atmosphere and the other outside at same time.

  • vishnu prajapati
    vishnu prajapati


  • Chaeyoung is OpPAr
    Chaeyoung is OpPAr

    I literally clicked on this because of Dynamite

  • Unownshipper

    13:35 Somewhere in Austin, right at that moment, Barbara suddenly felt an immense sense of pride.

  • Arzhang Sadeghi
    Arzhang Sadeghi

    Hi, Three months ago I asked a simple question, where did you buy this submarine model ?? was it so hard for you to just reply it???

  • Shadow Scale Cosplay
    Shadow Scale Cosplay

    That was actually impressive

  • Suraj Hamal
    Suraj Hamal

    What is the science behind this????????

  • Fix iT Rick
    Fix iT Rick

    Didn't your electronics teacher ever tell you that speakers run on smoke? If you let the smoke out, they stop working...

  • j pineau
    j pineau

    I've seen this as well as other videos they've taped in their back yard and I dont think anyone should walk barefoot in that yard

  • leszek chacel
    leszek chacel

    That will be nice to see on your channel

  • leszek chacel
    leszek chacel

    Hi can u do hammer steam bottles vacuum

  • Melon Mouse
    Melon Mouse

    Thanks, this helped me a lot with animation

  • Ricardo Lopes
    Ricardo Lopes

    "Years" is an expression or fact? How long would it take a bullet to run this 15(?) cm at this 10 trillion frames per second speed?

  • Jester John
    Jester John

    Imagine if your computer was 1 trillion fps

  • Goldstandart88x X
    Goldstandart88x X

    The BMW 😐 why?

  • Kingston Shine
    Kingston Shine

    4:33 POV: your watching the ps3 engine testing

  • Kingston Shine
    Kingston Shine

    We need to find a way to exploit gravity to have the pool be on the wall and use this as a weapon

  • LightIsBored

    Gamers : are you kidding me that’s insultingly low

  • ruthlessluder

    What does it sound like above water? Is it loud?

  • mokhtar tba
    mokhtar tba

    how many times that speaker burned sir and is that sound can be danger at our ears ?

  • Ulan Baglan
    Ulan Baglan

    Похож на плазму.

  • Kayden Martin
    Kayden Martin

    That would mess you up point blank


    I got blueface babbed

  • JerryThe L
    JerryThe L

    Two British lads trapping each other

  • JerryThe L
    JerryThe L

    I am the person watching this from ten years ago and now I am back to watch it after ten years :D

    • Nora Samy
      Nora Samy


  • Dulcie Holmes
    Dulcie Holmes

    *THE GIRLS:18+ ARE* SEXYMIX.UNO FIshows: THIS ID FINE SOMEONE: SAYS ''HECK'' FIshows: BE GONE #однако #я #люблю #такой #рыбачков ..u #垃圾

    • Taken


  • Ashley Henry
    Ashley Henry

    The six avenue early grin because kimberly naively unfasten pace a knowing voyage. zippy, puzzling heaven

  • Moon Cat
    Moon Cat

    POV: you turned up the volume when he said there was a volume warning

  • 607

    Do you know why the horizontal resolution is fixed on the Phantoms?

  • 607

    This is amazing. And so very different from the previous video, which was too! This is one of the channels on FIshows I've been subscribed to the longest, and I'm not considering unsubscribing.

  • streaky

    You would assume the warping (or at least the amount of it) would probably be an optical illusion, but this proves that clearly not to be the case. Interesting.

  • Andrew Lambert
    Andrew Lambert

    To little gunpowder. Do a real test instead or are you a bunch of cowards? Wont give you a like.

  • Rania Noor
    Rania Noor

    Wow 😯

  • Grant Armstrong
    Grant Armstrong

    What? I why? How?

  • WS'camel


  • Haruka Edomond
    Haruka Edomond


  • Constance Reed
    Constance Reed

    *THE GIRLS:18+ ARE* SEXYMIX.UNO FIshows: THIS ID FINE SOMEONE: SAYS ''HECK'' FIshows: BE GONE #однако #я #люблю #такой #рыбачков ..u #垃圾

  • Michael

    Is that an American Accent when he counts down?

  • Harshvardhan Agarwal
    Harshvardhan Agarwal

    Arjunas Assemble..

  • Ayush V
    Ayush V

    The Video Starts at 2:16

  • Сергей Ничеготакого
    Сергей Ничеготакого

    О, Господи, какой же бред!

  • Paul Rogers
    Paul Rogers

    Truly beautiful stuff.

  • G MAP
    G MAP


  • Wacypro_gamez

    Poor little Honda :( those are actually quite nice.

  • Leftfield Larikin
    Leftfield Larikin

    Ahm get with the times Destin

  • Oscar Salazar
    Oscar Salazar

    The impolite ray socially stamp because gray arespectively disagree modulo a maddening comfort. sturdy, capricious snow

  • L Lauritzen
    L Lauritzen

    Where dan

  • Oscar Salazar
    Oscar Salazar

    The mellow aluminum ecologically introduce because spaghetti endogenously polish at a early string. tidy, frequent throat

  • Just another axolotl
    Just another axolotl

    0:28 come on you guys know better

  • Lenin Luna
    Lenin Luna

    We need these for the US and load with the COVID vaccine... Target: anti vaxxers

  • Fs20 rp roblox
    Fs20 rp roblox

    1:39 wow 😯

  • Comyar Dehlavi
    Comyar Dehlavi

    Watch this in reverse

  • 2BitBread

    6:16 look closely and you can see what looks like a corpse

  • Toxic Wolf1134
    Toxic Wolf1134

    Yall should make a slow mo of a car doing a burnout get a close up to see if the rubber particals and asphalt can be seen

  • Luca Medori
    Luca Medori

    At some point you should do a video with the new camera crushing a obsidian ball in a hydrolic press

  • Supra Sama
    Supra Sama

    And I watch it in 2021 ? How are you sir

  • Collin Rogers
    Collin Rogers

    to be fair, it doesnt get more american than a big gun.

  • KO '
    KO '


  • KO '
    KO '


  • Astrocookie

    What happen if a human is in the center ?

  • Dark Rider
    Dark Rider


  • Peter Belikh
    Peter Belikh

    It's not about a sharpness but about a hardness of ceramics. That ceramics is harder than glass. That's the point of how it works


    4:50+Sssssssssmokin’!!!!!!!!!! 💨 thanks mate, great post, very entertaining and scientific info in one. ❤️👍🏼