The Slow Mo Guys

The Slow Mo Guys
The Slow Mo Guys

Gav and Dan take on the world in Slow Motion!
Definitely in the top 10 of slow motion based FIshows channels!
If you can, watch our videos at the highest possible resolution on your device for some offensively crisp slow motion footage.

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  • Andy Benning
    Andy Benning

    Loving your stuff, please can you recommend a camera that shoots 300fps on a small budget?

  • Timothé Proust
    Timothé Proust


  • Ivan Espinoza
    Ivan Espinoza

    The boorish zoo expectably whirl because vermicelli elderly approve despite a vast girl. industrious, wasteful squid

  • Gareth Hughes
    Gareth Hughes

    They did this so dangerously and stupidly xD Love to see them try to do this properly.

  • Gayatri Charan
    Gayatri Charan

    Next month is my exam... N God knows why m watching this????...

  • Andri Memes
    Andri Memes

    POV: u got pumpkined

  • Jake The Best 1996
    Jake The Best 1996

    1:28 3:33 4:54 5:20 6:46

  • Imagine Me
    Imagine Me

    Most beautiful scene 4:27

  • Pyrros

    i was just wandering i still doesn't figure out on what happened to Dan

  • Sadaboutspace Imhereanyway
    Sadaboutspace Imhereanyway

    It as cool as I’d hoped

  • Dark Phoenix Animations
    Dark Phoenix Animations

    0:05 I live in England too. I know just how you feel.

  • Luigi Mario
    Luigi Mario


  • Ertugrul the warrior
    Ertugrul the warrior

    A crane with giant Ball

  • EdmoreGamingTech 1000
    EdmoreGamingTech 1000

    i cant believe you run a crt tv to a powerbank my head

  • Lachlan Chester
    Lachlan Chester

    "it sounds absolutely impossible" well dan you are correct

  • Mya

    so if u think abt it non-newtonian fluid is similar to the affect on items from wind? cuz even if u rolled something, anything that’s rolled, it can be rolled at the same speed. doesn’t necessarily mean it’s heavier or lighter. right?

    • Mya

      and gravity. wind and gravity that make it similar too non-newtonian fluid

  • Mya

    is this why things float in the air? cuz of the force of the air back on what’s being thrown?

  • Mya

    they’re just air bending

  • That Asshole Neighbor
    That Asshole Neighbor

    I feel like there is a monk somewhere in the world who can actually throw it clean through the glass!!!

  • Mya

    this is engineering? i never rlly understood what it was till now

  • Mya

    jesus was that like a billions lens?

  • Mya

    correct me if i’m wrong but, this is similar to how liquids move in space?

  • DA7545

    Nobody cares which one of you wins your competitions. We want to see the perfect shots. Should have set up a bench and bench rest for the shooter. to hit the thing more consistently. Both would have hit .

  • Mya

    they are both very camera shy. it’s very cool that they’re showing every one rather than not doing it at all.

  • Sqoou Too
    Sqoou Too

    If it's oxidizing the aluminum, does that mean the smoke is mostly Iron?

  • Kurtis Todd
    Kurtis Todd

    You guys should team up with Demolition Ranch for a video

  • FearKratos4442

    Orange and purple balloon paint on dan

  • Tornabro08

    beamng drive irl

  • Pulse Playzz
    Pulse Playzz

    I think you we all know why you came to the comments

  • CatOfLouisWain

    Milk in tea... absolutely barbaric

  • David Robinson
    David Robinson

    Heyyyyy where’d my guy Dan go😭😭😭

  • My Dude
    My Dude

    Now do a boxer hitting one of those balls that bounces fast back and forth.

  • Sarah Omar
    Sarah Omar

    Such nice eyelashes,!!

  • Senpa1 beats
    Senpa1 beats

    мамикс в Америке

  • Lewis K
    Lewis K

    You're getting a thumbs up from me for catering for your international audience

  • hite


  • Doxie Lain
    Doxie Lain

    I love your dives into the subjects that interest you.

  • Patriot1

    WHOA! Your reaction is as interesting as the Apple exploding! You closed your eyes waay later than the Apple exploded - really cool video

  • Megan Dale Tan
    Megan Dale Tan


  • Let's Just See With BB
    Let's Just See With BB

    Did you ever get ants?

  • Alejandro Armenta
    Alejandro Armenta

    Wow!!! This is amazing!!!

  • kris Betancourt
    kris Betancourt

    1:44 sounds like an explosion from half-life


    U just got coconut malled😂

  • Calvinmirko

    Me in 2050 complaining that my phone only records 90,000,000,000,000 fps

    • Astronomical Brain
      Astronomical Brain

      Pathetic, I complain that my phone only records 134,792,501,927,581,735,798,992,001 fps

  • Incog Nito
    Incog Nito

    🤣😂😂 Shaolin punks.

  • Bridgett Thornton
    Bridgett Thornton

    That’s also why women live longer than men

  • Bridgett Thornton
    Bridgett Thornton


  • jacky chan
    jacky chan

    Do fireworks under ice in slowmo!!

  • DarkHxcker_Studios

    What has this channel turned into

  • Nico

    More machines in slo mo!

  • PlayStationGamerBoy 3000
    PlayStationGamerBoy 3000

    5:02 what is this music called it sounds so good.

  • promic

    we need you to tell us what color is this train

  • 2012dxb

    10 trillion is 10, 000, 000, 000, 000. Can't keep up with our national debt.

  • 8-Bit Modern
    8-Bit Modern

    Is it me or does that look like an ear at 3:10



  • TocabocaKelsey


  • Macaulay Shaw
    Macaulay Shaw

    Do we actually move really slowly in the world, but our perception gives us the illusion that we moving faster?

  • Edgar Beltran
    Edgar Beltran

    POV: you came from them pumpkin memes

  • mattia mercante
    mattia mercante

    Hi guys, what do you think about a tribute to Michelangelo Antonioni''s Zabriskie Point? Should be interesting to record the slow motion explosions of the same / similar objetcs that the he flmed in 1970. What do you think about?

  • Edward Joscelyne
    Edward Joscelyne

    Here's an idea that will get zero views in the USA, a cricket ball on bat in slow mo. I'd also love to see a spinners ball hitting the ground and moving sideways.

  • WelshWolfie

    At 8:10 when it says it looks curved because of the rolling shutter, look at that compared to the small HD screen on the phantom

  • Beautiful Sinner
    Beautiful Sinner


  • 【 Green Juicy 】
    【 Green Juicy 】

    bacc when hazbin hotel didnt exist

  • ikxM mass
    ikxM mass

    Yo lemme buy that klipsch speaker you have

  • diksha kour
    diksha kour

    Padreep ke sirr p chadna ha nerod

  • lincolnaha

    who here is from tik tok because you got pumpkined

  • TCG Productions
    TCG Productions

    4:12 *Everyone Liked That*

  • Hussein Jaweed (488husjawe)
    Hussein Jaweed (488husjawe)


  • Jackotherstar

    The 5 he drew on the wheel was the weirdest way to draw a 5

  • Asku7

    I ones saw my granddad do it perfectly

  • Alexander Kozyrev
    Alexander Kozyrev

    I like the fact that Dan has Leatherman Wave and uses it in some videos.

  • RightNow! !
    RightNow! !

    한국인 있냐??

    • JJ102

      있으면..! 그냥 조용히 감상 하세요.

  • Mr. Readfolio
    Mr. Readfolio

    Dam so it it's pressurised and there is a sense in it and it gets in your eye you can pass out and get eaten alive right.

  • Percival Flores
    Percival Flores

    How about laser reflecting through different mirrors? Please make a video on that.

  • Sage Grohs
    Sage Grohs

    I just wanted to see a slomo starship pai



  • Mauro Mujica
    Mauro Mujica

    You guys should make a plane turbine slow mo video!

  • MrStratbat

    No I don't like ad's or users that use them,goodbye...



  • TheSealOfTheRose

    There are people in the world who would be grateful to have this food 😡